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Little Creatures Pale Ale 330ml - $36 Per Carton (24 Single Bottles) C&C @ BWS (Usually ~ $70)


Currently, Little Creatures Pale Ale is on special at BWS online for $57 a carton or $2 per single. That in itself makes no sense, since $2x $24 = $48.

However there is also a promotion where you can 'Mix and Match' 8 or more singles and a 25% discount will automatically be applied. So:

1) Confirm the price for Little Creatures Pale Ale is $2.00 per single bottle (I've found that BWS online prices can vary, but a quick check shows the same price in a few different states).

2) Add 24 single bottles to your cart. The discount of 25% should be applied, taking the price from $48 to $36.

Combine with 5% off WiSH eGift cards to bring it down further to $34.20. Cashrewards for BWS is also an option (1.70%).

UPDATE Some comments below indicate website ordering may not be working but app orders still going through. If out of stock, try changing store.

UPDATE 2 Until anyone can confirm otherwise, it appears this deal has expired. Product has now been removed from BWS website.

UPDATE 3 Unexpired due to multiple reports of people being able to successfully place orders in the comments (QLD, WA, VIC). However, it appears you may have trouble finding stock.

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    • Don't worry, Woolies is not like Coles. They honour their mistakes in the vast majority of cases. That said, no pick up confirmation for my order placed over an hour ago now. I plan to get it tomorrow.

  • Awesome just picked up 2 slabs, saw stock ran out while I was ordering at one store but the next block away was over 200.
    Cheers OzB!

  • Thanks, 48 tasty beverages are now sitting in my fridge. My only regret is not buying more.

  • It appears the error price had been fixed now. It's showing $4.50 in NSW.

    I'm having a problem viewing my cart in the app. Got 'Traffic Jam' message.

    • Try the website maybe? BWS app & ShopBack app showed $4.50 for me….$2 on the website.
      Prob is finding stock,

  • Nice - didn't want a case but got 8 bottles for $12 to pick up.

    Great deal

  • +1

    Yep. My local area in SA is showing $4.50/bottle now. Everywhere out of stock.
    Glad I got in early.

  • My local only had 12 in stock so I could only get those :( Never tried this beer before so probably best I only try 12 anyway.

  • damn.. no price here in WA :(

  • +4

    any good deal on a fridge that can hold 96 bottles of beer nice and cold?

  • Cheers OP! Worked for me through the app in Adelaide just now.

  • Thanks op. Just ordered 12 bottles for $18 through the app. Website wasn't working for me. Good deal.

    • Got a random security check too.. Had some free bottles in there from the app, hope it's going to go through alright

      • Yeah mine's been flagged too 😞

    • Me too. I realise probably as billing address is different to my CC billing address

      • Mines the same. I think it's because of the volume of orders

  • Funny, through ShopBack & the BWS app, I can’t get that $2 price,
    But through the website I can (if I can find stiock).

    I even logged in, added to my cart via website, then logged in via app or ShopBack & the price jumps up to $4.5/bt
    So found a bws metro, ordered, 2mins later, it’s ready to pick up!

    Loving these early 00’s beer prices of late.

  • Not working for me. The 25% discount is not getting added

    • +1

      Not available to all areas/states.

  • +1

    Nothing near me in Brisbane

  • Just picked up 24 at Chatswood Walk In, Springwood Brisbane for $36. Via their app. Unable to do it via a web browser. Pick up monday. Happy days.

    • +1

      So you didn't really pick up anything as yet… Just spent money to hopefully pick up Monday if it doesn't get cancelled by then.

    • You bastard !! That's my local had to go to Cornubia instead lol

  • Checked a few stores in Perth. Price is $4.5 per bottle.

    • Still shows $2 for me through the app. Store is set to Baldivis

      • Thanks mate. But Baldivis still shows $4.5 for me. I also tried to login. Still no luck. Not sure what I did wrong.

  • Thanks OP. Got 17 for $25.50 through the App. Pretty sure most of SA has been picked clean.

  • +3

    Hahaha Little Creatures just got OzBargained!! Love it.

  • +1

    werdplaya58 you are a champion!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, managed to get 24 for $36 on Safari in SA

  • Went through for me (Marsden Park BWS), now waiting for pick notification.. thanks OP…

  • WOW cannot believe a store near me had stock in Inner West Sydney! Just grabbed 2 slabs for $72!!

  • Just prefer 48 in Geelong. Hopefully, it'll go through.

  • -1

    The 4 cartons I got are June 2020 expiry
    Nice one OP!

  • Did anyone get a price match from another store?

  • Thanks legend!

  • My Order got canceled automatically after 5 minutes

  • +1

    I can't find any bottles for $2 at any stores… Not sure what I'm doing wrong

  • Anyone tried to price match at dans?

  • Got txt saying ready for collection at Blackburn VIC.
    Anyone get denied once they arrived?

  • Hope my local has fresh bottles

  • +3

    You, sir, are my hero. Thank you posting. Love from Newcastle.

  • Single bottles in NSW far north coast stores all seem to be $7.50 each.

  • Just picked up my carton from BWS…at least they honoured it and not like that other company that starts with B and sells mini speakers!

    • Or the company that starts with O that sells drones.

  • Managed to pickup my order (2 cartons). Guy said they've been cleared out, and that the standard is usually limit of 2 bottles at $2 in store.

  • Picked mine up no problems. They had a bunch of them lined up waiting for customers to pick up lol

  • Love a good beer deal. Thanks OP

  • Got 2 ctns for pick up Monday. Now showing no single bottles on the App for me.

    • Ha ha. Is it still worth picking up the 2?you'll get thirsty and have to down those 2 before you head back home empty handed.

  • Went to pickup my order and was told it was deleted and i "should" get reimbursed.

  • Didn't work on Windows with multiple browsers (Chrome/Edge) can find the price, it does work on Mac OS X with Safari.
    However many Stores now show "xx available cases" but when checking out (pick up or delivery), show "unavailable".
    A few stores however still have it available. Manage to buy 4x cartons. Let's see if I can pick it up or not…

  • +2

    I think they're onto it, cant even bring up the product on their website now.

    • Yep, I noticed that too. The party might be over.

  • Missed out again, $5.30 per bottle

  • Rocked up after ordering at 2.09 my order didn't show until 2.39 they called head office and it went to their system after that said the orders were a bit slow, grabbed a case cheers op

  • Got pickup notification 24/24 supplied. I'll get it tomorrow.

  • Cheers for this OP, I ordered earlier (but after the first few posts about running out/higher price) and managed to pickup at Lunch time - this is in country WA so a great price.

    When picking up they said it was a national mistake and was closed down after my order and I'm the only one which went through - the dude serving really wanted to get the same special but it had ended!

  • All 330ml Little Creatures Pale ale related products have disappeared for me now at my local store. Doesn't say no stock they're just gone from the site.

  • +1

    They literally deleted the line from the website to stop us from cleaning them out

    • Yep, I have now updated this deal as expired.

      • I'm seeing it's back again but not on the app

        edit: please downvote my original comment

    • Seems it's out of stock near you, so not displayed.

      I can see if search for it on Gold Coast & can order single bottles @$2 ea.
      Just no single bottles left near me.

    • Yeah obviously got scared… surprised they didn't do a HN, keep taking orders, claim it was a pricing error and sit on your money before refunding.

  • +1

    Been an hour and a half and still no pickup message yet.

    • +1

      I picked up a case without receiving the text. Ordered pretty early on though.

    • +2

      Don't worry about the pickup message I just rock up and tell them I have an online order and they just push them through on the pdas

      • Just went in and got 2 cartons like you said! Never got the ready text but she happily gave me the cartons and laughed about the error and how her store had been cleaned out haha.

  • they have suspended the product

  • I secured a carton. I've never had this beer b4, so I hope I like it!

    5.2% is a good sign though.

    • Mixed reviews on this beer with some saying it is crap and others praising… Maybe different batch or close to expiry…

      • I wouldn't call it crap but some batches are better than others. Well worth $36 and an upvote even though I missed out.

  • +3

    Just picked up a case. The guy said cases have been flying out at some stores and someone in head office f**ked up, the $2 a bottle offer is meant to be in-store only with max 2 per customer "if the customer is wearing thongs or something". "Way, way below the input price."

    • I'll be sure to wear thongs when I get around to collecting..

    • Damn, they won't being making that mistake again. I'm salty I missed out.

  • ended up with 4 cases.

    someone gettin fired over this one…

    • +2

      I hope not… That would make it a lot less Christmas miracle-ly.

  • Managed to collect 2x 6 packs for 18$. They had a a bunch of cases at the counter looking like there honouring lots of orders.

    Wish I ordered more! Cheers op.

    • Next time order 2 cases and you can always cancel it afterwards.

  • +1

    Product hasn't been removed from BWS Website - just do a search.

    Still can order over 24 @$2/bottle at some stores!

    • Which state are you? Seems to still be vanished in QLD.

      • QLD - found on Gold Coast by searching "little creatures"

        • Hmm QLD - Brisbane here - so perhaps you are right. I'll keep it marked as expired as it's seemingly very difficult for most to find the original deal.

  • +1

    Picked up without text message confirmation. Took some meandering but got there in the end. Also saw multiple cases on counter presumably for click and collect.

  • +1

    Picked up my order - despite it not being 'ready' - still isn't 60mins later. Waaaaay outside the 30mins it takes normally.

    Were a whole bunch of cases by the cashier waiting to go.

    Will keep an eye on this thread - I feel a lot of cancellations are about to strike.

    Also glad to be part of this - feels like it's about to go off. Propose we give a badge to the first person who quotes legislation when their order is cancelled.

  • Earlier today I was busy purchasing a ticket from Kloot deal and came back to find this deal. Placed an order and picked up😊
    Been a busy day.
    Love OzBargain!

  • +3

    Thanks OP. This is actually my favourite beer. Picked up 72 beers (3 cases) at $2 each. Like others in Canberra, I didnt get the extra 25% off but at $48 a case I'm still happy. :) Cheers.

  • I got an order confirmation email which says I can pick up after 3.37pm today, but no "order ready" email or text. I can't get there until Saturday so I hope they don't cancel my order.

  • Damn missed it!

  • +1

    Missed out on this one, DAMN IT!!!!!!

    • +1

      it's still working for some people, give it a go

      • Will do. Cheers!!!

  • +2

    Deal is still live guys. The product went down for a bit but I just ordered another one this minute.

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