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Penrite HPR5 5W40 6L $46.39 or Nulon 5W30 6L $43.72 @ Supercheap Auto


Not a bad price for Penrite HPR5 and/or Nulon fully synthetic varieties

Works out equivalent $38.65 & $36.43 for 5L equivalent for Pnerite and Nulon respectively.



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    Just in time. I'll be needing to change the oil in both cars over the Christmas break, plus I get an extra 10% off SCA gift cards with my work's rewards program. Thanks OP!


    Which oil is better?


      This is better.

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      They are different grades so you can't really compare them.

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        I'm not an expert on oil by any means and I regard both as good brands. If I had the choice, probably Penrite, and only if it doesn't really matter if your car can accept it or not. In my case, my car can take this right up to 15w-30/40 so it really doesn't matter.


          Yep I guess if your car can take either grade suitable for your climate, then I would go with the Penrite HPR5 too. The HRP5 is officially MB229.5 approved, which is one of the most stringent long drain approvals an oil can attain. The MB229.5 list is a who's who of very expensive oils from around the world (https://bevo.mercedes-benz.com/bevolisten/229.5_en.html), so HPR5 is keeping good company. Nulon don't have any official MB approvals.

          There used to be the excuse that "they are small Aussie brands so they can't afford to get official approval, but the oil still meets the spec - I promise".

          Then Penrite put their money where their mouth is. Nulon hasn't done that. One can only assume why.


            @stumo: Is the Castrol Edge on par with Penrite HPR5?

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              @placard: Look on the list, there are a few different Castrol Edges there. I worry though that the Australian Castrol Edge is inferior to the same named European Castrol Edge - That used to be the case a few years ago. Maybe someone can chime in with an update on that? But when they are the same price I would go with the HPR5 every time since there is no uncertainty.

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