This was posted 2 years 6 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off In-Store & Online @ Chemist Warehouse


Found this in a box at Chemist Warehouse Mirrabooka :)

Discounts applied online, no voucher code needed.

*Excludes prescriptions, pharmacist only medications, multi buy promotions & gift cards.

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  • Found this in a box

    Which one?

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      And which Chemist Warehouse Mirrabooka? We have two within a few hundred metres, lucky us!

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        You might want to try somewhere in the KGB (koondoola, girrawheen, balga)

        • For those unfortunate enough to not be from around there, those are Perth's classiest suburbs.
          Real chardonnay sipping trust fund baby area.

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    To clarify, is this nationwide or just this particular store? It's not clear by the OP, at least for me.

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      To me it's not even clear it's CW

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    Saw this in my local store as well (QLD). So appears to be nationwide - 10% for 3 days (16 thru 18).

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    Hoax post? The colours and font don’t seem like they’re for CW

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      Try using those glasses in your profile pic…

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      You need Specsavers, not Chemist Warehouse

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    An employee in Chemist Warehouse has confirmed to me that the deal is true. Extra 10% from 16 to 18 in all stores.

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    What makes it "extra" 10% off?

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    Hold my vote and will neg if they increase the price again.

  • 10% off medicine too?

    • Read the t&cs in the photo

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      Only if you are 10% sick-er

  • Wonder if it's online as well or in-store only

  • what about online? or store only?

  • This is really Chemist Warehouse. I just drove past CW Parrmatta on Church St. They have a massive banner at the front saying 10% Store Wide Sale. I asked the staff, and they told me it includes all the current sales including the 50% vitamins (Blackmores, Go Healthy and a few others). But there are some exclusions like Pharmacist Medications, Multi buys and Prescriptions. I was told Baby formulas are also included.

  • Great, time to stock up on some GO Healthy Magnesium Powder and Cherry Sleep!

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      Not true. Classy Chemist Warehouse putting their pricey fragrances (Creed 100ml) OUT OF STOCK just for the sale.

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    Lol CW did it again, they hiked the price.

    Somehow the carousel on their website is still showing the old price:

    I highlighted the price, red is the sale price and black is yesterday’s price

    • LOL dearer than yesterday price even with 10% off…

    • There was a sale that finished yesterday.

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      Yep, another example, Bioglan Fish Oil:

      Yesterday: $13.99
      Today: $18.49 $16.64

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    Placed all my orders in the cart yesterday and the total was $390. Checked this morning for the 10% site wide and the total became $420!!!

    Well done Chemist Warehouse. You did it again .

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    I just got perfumes ~$150 yesterday in store 😡
    Can I return and repurchase the same today? Looks like they are all additionally reduces by 10% online.

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      Jack's in town so you're most likely going to be save 2-4% if that.

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    Prices increased for most items I added to my cart last night. They are up by more than 10%. Can't even buy now until the 10% thing is finished.

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    Definitely price jacked. Price for waterpik was $99 now it's $116 which makes it $104. $5 more expensive…

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    This is proof they price jacked:

    I'll submit to ACCC today.

    • They had a catalogue just finish? A new catalogue has started with different pricing - cw runs on a fortnightly catalogue…they didn’t increase anything, a sale finished - I went in today and got 10% off fragrance prices still so I’m happy

  • I find that chemist warehouse arent the cheapest anymore. Terry white and mychemist have better prices from time to time.

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    ACCC gonna have a field day with this.

    Boycotting chemist warehouse.

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    Far out - click on waterpik which says $104.99 and then when viewing item description says sale price is $130.49

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    Code useless most the items i wanted are all price jacked to more than 10%

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    I called their head office about the price jacking and the lady I spoke to was disgustingly rude.

    They tried to tell me the 10% is off RRP !? Talk about misleading

    Oh and as soon as I mentioned ACCC the lady got defensive.

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    Prices jacked up. Had a few items in the cart a few days ago. Have proof. It's more like 4% off for me.

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      I don’t understand why everyone is saying they jacked up the pricing? The previous catalogue finished on Thursday and it’s now a different catalogue that’s all?

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    Looks like sale items previously NOT on Wellness catalogue (ie items that are on sale, but not published in a catalogue) had their sales prices finished yesterday (a Sunday, which generally seems to be their sales end date), while the published catalogue is still ongoing with the extra 10% discount on top.

    The big ticket items that generally have everyday prices well discounted from RRP, look like are now just 10% off RRP, but I do also find items that generally not discounted much to be on better prices (e.g. QV range, and expensive items like breast pump).

    So do your homework and compare the prices for best pricings.

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  • so we have to wait 3 days for normal pricing

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    There was a catalogue that finished Sun 15 Dec, it's possible that the items that have changed in price today were in that previous catalogue.

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      On the bright side, 50% off Sukin and Maybelline starts today which stacks with the extra 10% off. A great time to grab the new Sukin natural zinc sunscreens at $11.22 each.

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    Very convenient that most of the Chanel fragrances are out of stock.

    10% off storewide, unless it's a popular value holding line - in which case we don't have any stock.

    • Lol do you realise what margins they work on that 10% wouldn't matter :)

      • Without a doubt the margins are huge - but so is the demand.

  • Had my cart ready to go for today. No change on some items (eg, Palmolive showergel still showing the same price but advertised as "10% off frenzy!"), although some colognes were actually cheaper (eg Calvin Klein Man down from $32 to $29). Inconsistent and False advertising. Tread with caution.

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    CW raises the price blatantly. They know they're monopolising the market with their reach. Not all consumers are stupid and gullible to their stupid so called sale frenzy. It's time for competitors like Amcal and Priceline to take on CW head on.

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    price jack

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    Didn't know CW were into the jacking business.

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    Pricejack Warehouse

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    I just happened to check the three products I was interested in and Amazon au has them Price matched gotta love Amazon

    • Do you contact them for price matching via chat?

      • no the prices just happened to be matched exactly to the chemist warehouse prices on their sale. Thought it was pretty funny Amazon always watching

  • Nasonex Twin pack before sale $33.74. With the sale that comes to… $33.74.

  • Really glad I stumbled upon this thread. The prices in my cart did not add up correctly, figured I'd check here in case others were experiencing the same. Didn't realise price-jacking was a "thing", especially with CW… what bullshit.

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      It's not a thing. The items were on sale, now they aren't.

  • Lodge to ACCC guys :)

  • I went to a CW store yesterday to purchase several items which were marked 10% off on line. Had to get them from the pharmacist but they were not scripts. She told me the price which did not include 10% off and when I questioned her she said it did not apply so I did not get the item. I then purchased something off the shelf and the staff told me it would get 10% off at the check out and it did. So either the pharmacist did not tell me the right thing or not all non prescription items would get the discount.

    • Had to get them from the pharmacist but they were not scripts.


      *Excludes prescriptions, pharmacist only medications, multi buy promotions & gift cards

      • OK, but why were they marked 10% off online?

  • Been watching two CK fragrances for a few weeks and it's one of the things that wasn't jacked. Saved $6.30, less another $10 from after pay

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