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Chunghop K-390ew Wi-Fi Aircon Remote - $32.00 Delivered (HK) @ huixang2 eBay


Yes, this is the normal price from this seller however these are the exact same units available locally for $119 and the same units Banggood & Aliexpress are selling for around $10 more plus these are a lot cheaper than buying an AC with Wifi built-in so I personally consider these a bargain.

Bought a few exactly a month ago today so I was very pleased when they arrived a few days ago. Boxes were a bit beaten up but contents all perfect. Took about 10mins to setup with most of that purely down to finding the programming code to suit my AC (a new, cheap generic Kelvinator Split made by Electrolux) but once found the rest was easy. WiFi setup was a breeze and it all just worked first go… even when switching Wifi off and using 4G via my phone, it took less than a second for the instructions to leave the Genius Remote App and reach the AC itself! Just perfect.

I obviously have no idea how long these will last but from all reports these are well worth the $119 price tag when buying locally so at nearly a quarter of that these promise to be excellent value. Note that these will be supplied with a non-AU Power Supply but as it's just Micro-USB I recommend just using an old phone charger & cable or other USB supply. I have set mine up using a Powerboard with USB sockets with and old Micro-USB cable and it's working perfectly. Wifi capability only activates when the Remote is in its supplied stand which of course needs to be in rough range of the AC to be able to control it but it seems to be very powerful and will easily bounce IR signals around a room so it shouldn't need to be right underneath it. The Remote even has a small white LED torch built-in too which is a nice touch if used from a bedside table.

Basic video of App operation seen here. A very inexpensive way to control your existing or brand new AC locally or remotely! Enjoy :)

Note: 2x AAA Batteries are required but not supplied. Also note that due to the festive season I assume they'll take longer than 4 weeks to arrive if ordered now.

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  • so you leave this plugged in nearby and then control via app?
    How hard is it to set up for your aircon?

    • Yes. They replace your existing AC Remote so they can just be used as normal either handheld or in the stand but they can also be setup via Wifi and controlled via the App as per the YouTube Video above. Also, as per the description above it's very easy to setup.

  • What’s the build quality like? Might be worth it for $32.

    • Build quality is very good… equal to if not better than the original remote supplied with the Kelvinator AC. The small stand is literally just that, a stand but it's finished off nicely and does it's job perfectly.

    • I have one and the build quality is fine, except for the dock.
      Sometimes when you pop the remote back on the dock it doesn’t register and doesn’t charge.
      If it’s not charging than it won’t connect to WiFi so no app support.

      • These don't charge via the stand. These use regular AAA Batteries as per the original AC Remote or most universal AC remotes. When in the stand the Remote is powered via the USB cable but when removed from the stand the Remote switches over to the inbuilt batteries.

  • Can it work with Google Home?

    • Nope, I have one and gave up on it after about 1 month use. It now collects dust in my cupboard.
      Unless they have brought out an update in the last 3 or so months that enable it.

    • Doesn't look like it sorry eug. Maybe someone could code up a bridge between the Genius App and the others one day (if they haven't already)

  • this looks quite awesome, do you know if one remote can control more than one AC? the website indicates one remote per unit

  • Can it actually do complex Google Home integration? For example if room temp is 30 degrees and I tell Google Home to "set AC to 20 degrees", and it will turn AC on, changed to cool mode and set temperature to 20 degrees? Or it's just another IR remote with Wifi? If it's the latter, I can just buy the $14 Tuya unit on Aliexpress and do basic Google command.

    • I’m now just rocking an Tuya IR blaster until I find a better solution.
      Love the idea of this remote, just doesn’t 100% deliver

      • I have 2 x Tuya IR blaster for my two older AC. It can't do complex control like the newer LG ThinQ AC I got, but for the cheap price I can't complain. The more expensive Sensibo Sky is much much more robust so I can understand, but looks like this isn't.

      • Why do you you consider Tuys IR blaster better than this Chunghop K-390ew?

    • These are just basic remotes mainly designed to take the place of the original remote but with the added convenience of Wifi. I'm sure anything is possible and there may be a way of bridging the Genius App with Google/Alexa etc. but by default no. Either way, these are still good for those who don't have a house full of automation (& don't particularly need or want it either)

  • Can they do a sleep timer?
    (my Fujitsu has it but new Panasonic does not)
    Would love that button.

    • Yes timer setup is in the app, note it is not timer in the aircon. You need to have this remote plug in and point to the aircon, the remote will send ir code when timer activate.

  • Got one for few years, work great. Wifi only activate when plug in or on the stand.

    Hint: Need to register for an account. Use the QR code in the manual for the link to the app (Chinese app). I search for the app and download the wrong one (English ver). Many hour of frustration before I found out that it a wrong ver.

  • Can this display show the room temperature and report it to the app?

  • Who use remotes these days, Broadlink IR/RF + Google Home/ Amazon Echo, turn on your dumb AC to voice control ;)

  • Just got delivery eta as Feb 11 😳

    • Yeah, they purposely over-estimate to manage expectations. My ETA included Jan which was 8-12 weeks from the day I ordered however the package arrived in under 4 weeks. Christmas will add a week or two to your order but I'd say you should get yours late Jan-ish.

    • Don't worry, it'll still be plenty hot by then.

    • Arrived today…

      when in the dock for wifi how line of sight does it need to be to send the IR signals to the AC?

      The only way I can work is to lean it 45 degree angle on a bench nearby and tape up the remote to the base so it doesnt fall out.. this is ridiculous.


      any better ideas?

      • I have mine on my bedside table which just so happens to be pretty much directly below the AC unit so it works perfectly however I did test it from the other side of the room while in the stand and it still worked fine. Maybe the IR receiver in your AC has a narrower field than others? Does the original remote work from that same location & angle?

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