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Anki OVERDRIVE Fast & Furious Edition $99 (With Unique Coupon Code) @ JB HiFI


Received this by email . Code appears to be targeted.Whilst stocks last - 50% off currently priced at @199 .

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  • "This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid for instore and online transactions until the close of trade Tuesday 17th December 2019, offer cannot be extended. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offer."
    Anyone have a spare? I didn't get the email.

  • Yep, Codes are unique. If anyone needs one let me know. First in first served.

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    9216JOEM3TNU4B for someone in need

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    Have a spare one if anyone wants it - 92DDVRX6P82IOR

  • Damn I bought it at $150 last week 🤭🙄😡 but I was happy as that was even 50% last years price of $299!! - PM me for code.

  • I have a code…

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    Saw this for $75 at JB (Forrest Chase, Perth City) last Wednesday evening. Might be an in store promotion.

  • PM me for code.


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    Hi All

    Just in case anyone wasn't aware. Anki, the company that makes these, are out of business. This means there is no ongoing support for the apps. If you have any issues then you'll not get any support.

    It's a big shame as I really wanted to get my kids the Cosmo robot but pretty soon it'll be a paperweight.

  • 92F8C2GGFIN2NU

    • Thanks for the code. I was after one of these and missed the $60 deal.

  • 92VM500P0DBLQG

  • 92DWWVC5QZW1T4

  • These guys demoed at Apple’s WWDC a few years ago.

    I’m guessing these are just not what the kids are into these days…

  • 9246PSVGITS5LL

  • Has anyone here bought 2 and placed them together to increase track size? do two of the same care work on the same track? i got one "for my son" when they were on sale at Aus Geo for $60. Wondering if I can combine..

  • 92U440VVE0PBE7

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    FYI. For those that don't already realize. The Anki company has gone bust and no longer exist. This toy uses a smartphone app for the controllers so theres no guarantee that this toy will keep working when they shut down their servers eventually.. Might be expensive landfill in 6mnths!

    • This set should be fine as the app carries a lot of the data - not sure its that reliant on cloud-based data. Anki servers will keep running until at least September - about the attention span kids have for most toys anyway!

  • 92JD4TL2IEQ37H reply and let others know when used, so they don't waste time on it.


  • 92VONBDNG20030

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  • Thanks for the codes, everyone!

  • My code 92ZOS5GAOUWRCM

  • Take mine


  • 92LOWJZ7UC1C4S

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    i bought a slot car set a week ago, i looked at this but i'm not keen on my kids using a smartphone to play with toys. We've got heaps of lego and i'm not happy that technic is starting to use an app on the phone. How will lego support this in 5/10/30 years… I'm 42 and i have 2 technic sets from 30 years ago which can still be played with perfectly well today.

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    • Thanks compadre - much appreciated. I usually get all the JB offers in my inbox but haven’t spotted this one in there - perhaps it is fairly targeted. Had been looking for one of these at a decent price - perfect. Thank you.

  • 92U11GPTTOF32X

  • 925ZOR8XX7RCHT

  • Here is my code for someone to use - 927IFDRRL0DBCK
    Please reply below if you use it so others know it is used! Thanks :)

  • Thanks for posting your code Australianjim, I have just used it.

  • My code is: 92Q7X7O1G6NN1F

    Please reply to this comment once code has been used.

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    Anyone grabbed their copy yet and care to comment if they've had time to setup?

    Wondering if some extra track is worthwhile? Size of this kit looks pretty good, and prices for additional sets are steep in comparison to this deal…

    … But I'm kind of reluctant to purchase a second starter set given it's not clear how long this product will live on for. They will eventually pull the app from app stores, and if you change your phone, you're done and dusted…!

    • I reckon you'd be able to download and keep the app as a install file. Maybe even open source options might appear?

      • Thanks mate. Good point. As long as remains stable on future OS, that could work. Hopefully an open source version will eventuate if/when the time comes. There’s a team trying to do the same for the Anki Vector robot at the moment.

  • Can you buy 2 sets with 1 code?

    update: FYI, you can't.

  • Not much stock in store, and they won't deliver

  • Hi anyone have a code I can use? Thanks in advance.

  • For anyone looking to pick up an extra vehicle or two, EB Games currently has the Thermo (supercar) and the Freewheel (supertruck) at $23 each as part of their Christmas sale. This is a good price as far as these go.

    I grabbed one of each to add to the activity on the track - all still boxed in preparation for Christmas.

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