Smart Watch Recommendations

Looking for a watch for the wife for running/cycling/workouts/casual use. The features she would like are:
* Time (duh)
* HRM/distance/energy
* GPS location tracking
* music (via bluetooth headphones)
* maybe alerts, but not totally necessary
* stylish (think Samsung Galaxy rose gold watch)
* NFC would be nice for Google Pay, but not totally necessary

Also, I thought LTE would be handy, meaning she could run/cycle without having to take her phone (willing to pay the $5/month fee from Telstra), but I've heard rumours that they're not really worth it. Any LTE versions other than the Galaxy Watch (bloody expensive, saw no deals during the recent sales, and allegedly only works with Samsung phones), and also not really interested in an Apple watch).

Any recommendations?



    Fitbit versa 2?

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    Ben happy with my Garmin forerunner. Not sure what the current version is like, mine is a few years old now.

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    Have a look at the garmin forerunner 945, should tick all the boxes but might be a bit big for her wrist @ 47mm. Best thing about it would be week long+ battery life.

    An alternative would be the fenix 6s which is smaller @ 42mm, a lot more stylish (can get rose gold), but also very expensive.


    I think I might just go with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm 4G. Not cheap, but allows her to leave her phone at home (albeit after paying and extra $5 a month to Telstra). Still not totally decided, but other than heart rate, not much point her having a smart watch if she still needs has her phone on her. At least this means she can ride/run without the hassle of the phone.

    Any other LTE watches to look at (other than the Apple watch)?

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