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Eggs, Tomato & Toast $5 (Was $11.95) @ The Coffee Club


Fuel up at The Coffee Club from this Monday, 16th December til Friday, 20th December with this bargain brekkie!

$5 Eggs, Tomato & Toast!*
(usually $11.90)

Our Eggs, Tomato & Toast is the uncomplicated crowd favourite with two eggs cooked your way and grilled tomato served on ciabatta!

You can customise your dish by adding sides like sautéed mushrooms, bacon, avocado or a delicious golden hash brown - make it your way!

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The Coffee Club
The Coffee Club

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    I'm so glad they didn't bump up the price of this by including one of their (iffy) coffees.
    At this price it's actually reasonable.

    • Worth it?

      • +1

        Well I mean, there's barely any breakfast deals around the $5 mark, so it's good value for what you get.
        However - have you been to the coffee club before? Their reviews are.. mixed.

        Personally I believe their food is made for old people without tastebuds. It's eggs on toast. It's not that fancy.

        If your local cafe does this for $5, I'm sure your local would do it better. But it turns out my local cafes charge $10+.

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          It's eggs on toast. It's not that fancy.


          You can customise your dish by adding sides like sautéed mushrooms, bacon, avocado or a delicious golden hash brown - make it your way!

          Nuff said

        • "Personally I believe their food is made for old people without tastebuds."

          This +1000
          I feel like every single franchise coffee/cafe is the same. Always full of oldies. Always terrible coffee.

        • Personally I believe their food is made for old people without tastebuds.

          Thanks, I will be using this from now on for all these hipster cafes selling smashed avo and lettuce bowls for $15 each.

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    I never get the idea why people pay for this kind of foods. Its much better and cheaper you make it at home. A fine dining for special occasions or fast food during work break I can understand. But if you got time to go to a cafe for breakfast, why not make it at home??? 2 egg 1 tomato 2 toasts. All organic from local will set me back $2 maximum.

    • +13

      cos ppl are busy and forced to work slavishly ridiculous hours merely to subsist in our ridiculously broken late-stage capitalist system so they have to go pay for basic services such as this rather than have the time and freedom to do it at home as per your recommendation.

      • +1

        Will literally take me less than 10mins to do all that plus if you want fancy. Avocado cost $1-$2 each. Add king oyster mushroom and 2 bacon. And a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice. That's my $5 breakfast at home everyday. That's maximum 30mins breakfast including put all dishes in the dish washer for me and my wife. I feel going to a cafe order at the table and wait for the food gonna take longer than that.

        • +5

          I generally agree with you, but your missing the social aspect.
          I cook bacon, eggs + avo at home and it tastes ok, even better when the same is cooked by my +1, and better still when it’s cooked at a cafe :)

          • -2

            @Coops1: What social aspect? You eating pouched egg grilled tomato and toast in a cafe.

            • +2

              @nico8amy: Breakfast/brunch in general at local cafes - meeting friends, having a chat, having a coffee, having some food. That’s the social aspect.

            • @nico8amy: More social than eating it in your kitchen.

        • @nico8amy I agree, you could make it much better at home, but I doubt you could make it for $2 using organic ingredients, as you've suggested

          • -3

            @prhino: It's doable depends on where you shop. Buying these at supermarket will probably cost $4-5 a meal. My point is paying $5 for these in a cafe is neither time nor money saving.

            • @nico8amy: Yes, spending money is the very definition of not saving money hahaha

            • @nico8amy: Why go to an organic egg, just have your own chickens, a few pigs and a wheat threshing machine, with a goat or cow and in no time you save even more. Ditch the phone and get a semaphone.

              In fact give up Ozbargain and make everything yourself

          • @prhino: Organic eggs alone are $8-9 a dozen

            • @UberIsCool: What is this organic shit! Please define organic!

              • @No ONE: Pretty simple, organic eggs are from organically feed chickens and no chemicals are used

            • @UberIsCool: But can you put 2 organic eggs half organic tomato and 2 toast for under $5 PER MEAL at home? And what ingredients will the cafe use when they slash their price by more than 50%?

        • Add in your power costs, rent, furniture, utensils, hourly wage rate etc and you're getting closer to the mark. Eating out is about one or more of: convenience, socialising, having the work done for you, socialising, and hopefully enjoying the food. $5 for the dish is basically a loss leader to get bums on seats.

    • +1

      @nico8amy Curious but would you go to a bar and pay $10 for a beer, $15 for a whisky? Sure you can buy a bottle and stay at home to drink it but some people just enjoy 'going out' and socialising while doing those things even if there is a financial cost to do so

      • +1

        I want to be in a bar though. I do not want to be in the old person's home that is coffee club.

      • Yes. I will go to a bar paying for a $10 pint of Carlton. But that's for socialising and that's also a price some ppl choose not to pay and I'm not drinking in a bar every single day. My original post specifically pointed out I don't mind special occasions when dining out even forking out $200 a head sometimes. My point was $5 ($10+ when not discounted) for a simple breakfast that you can make at home and enjoy with your family is just a much better and cheaper option for ME.

    • I don't get why people negged you. you have a pretty valid point.

  • Fuel up at The Coffee Club

    Is it cheaper than 711 'copter?

  • +2

    Would never pay $5 for a toast with egg and tomato.

    • +5

      You'd probably pay $15 for a cocktail at a bar or $30 for a 200gm steak at a pub though.

      • Unlikely.

  • +1

    Damn that normal price of ~$12 is bloody insane though.

  • Tobies estate always has $3 eggs and halloumi and bacon sliders. So $6 for better meal than this.

  • +2

    Had a take-away coffee recently from Coffee Club at Westfield Knox. Drank less than half then threw away. Awful coffee.

  • Hey OP where did this voucher come from?
    (in case they ask)

    • +3

      It was linked to the Coffee club app.

      But given above comments guess you will need to produce a seniors card before the boomer mafia will let you sit down.

      I wonder what Gen z will think about Macca's meals in 30 years time…..

      • just had a look - not showing up in the app for me

  • +1

    Coffee just plain bad, like warm watered-down milk, not sure whether there is even a coffee component. The whole chain now owned by a Singaporean conglomerate, food stingy and overpriced imho.
    I'm sure they're fighting to compete with the likes of Cafe63 and Good Bean, up here in Queensland at least. Put the scissors through my membership card ages ago…

    • +1

      They are Thai owned actually.

      • +1

        I think the point remains that it is another aussie company sold off to an overseas interest to make money with likely very few of the same values we hold here.

        • What values would they be? Ripping off workers? Using battery eggs and sow stalls? Far king the environment at every opportunity? Giving our resources away to multinationals for sfa? Forging information and signatures, and providing bad advice to investors?

  • The CommBank app has “$5 off if you spend $15”
    So three toasties for the price of two if you have someone to share with or you just want three haha

  • +1

    Well i just had it and they allowed me to add $2 small chips. The chips even had chicken salt! Great brunch deal for $7 total.

    • Did you have to show the voucher?

  • Are there only specific times you can use this or is this served all day?

  • I visited one of their locations today to be refused as I was unable to produce my vip/member card. Took my business elsewhere but pissed as my email said the below and it makes no mention of having to bring your card with you

    Terms and Conditions: $5 Eggs on Toast is available from Monday 16th December to Friday 20th December only. The offer can only be redeemed upon presentation of the barcode, either printed out or displayed digitally.