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Brown Brothers Moscato One Cans 250ml X 4 $10.52 at First Choice Liquor


The above on the First Choice website says $20 or $19 (in order of 6) and the listing clearly states the price is for four cans ("Price Per 4 x 250mL Cans."). When you add it to the cart, only $10.52 is charged. Possible Price Error

Also works for the Moscato Rose … https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/sparkling/brown-brother...

If Click & Collect in order use code BONUS1K for an extra 1000 Flybuys points on orders over $20.

Also, some people might have the AMEX $10 cashback deal for purchases over $100 as posted here … https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/497486

Shopback looks to currently have 12% cashback.

I have never tried these, so no idea if it is nice.

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      OMG jv, add it to your damned cart!

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        I didn’t bring my cart.

        I’m at the beach

        • On the beach, but still beaching…

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    5% alcohol

    Are these watered down wine?

    • pop with 5% alcohol added

    • Moscato is a sweeter wine, the sweeter the lower in alcohol generally

    • Moscato is only partly fermented, so little alcohol and sticky sweet.
      Tastes not so much mixed with water, as mixed with syrup.

      Still better than pre-mix alcopop.

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    wowzers! not too sure if the deliveries would work if it's a pricing error, may cancel? good luck

    • 1836 people have looked at this product today. Don’t miss out!

      They gonna be busy tomorrow, one way or another! 😂

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    I picked up some Rosé flavor too (same price). Pic shows only a single can, but description says for 4 cans…

    Cart says "TM Special"

    (thanks OP)

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    Ummm I think you just ordered 1 can lol

    • +2

      Nah, it's 4 cans for $10.52 in both Rose and Moscato. You can double-check by trying to order to order the '6 for $19', it charges you like $63; ie. 6 4 packs.

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    So does it taste any good?

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    Cheers OP. Ordered 5 packs of Moscato one for C&C. Not a fan of the Rose one.

    • What does it taste like?

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        more of a dessert wine not too sweet goes well with most dishes IMO

    • +1

      Thanks for the tip, got 2 Moscato and 1 of the Rose

  • +1

    Just collected my order, Cheers OP

  • What's the regular price?

  • Cheers OP, Purchased.🥂

    • No longer working

      • Agree.

      • +1

        It's still working I just bought 2 x 4 packs click and collect for a total of $21.04

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          Ditto. Still working. Bought 2x of each type. Thanks OP.

  • What does it usually cost?

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      $20-$24 per four pack usually.

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    I thought this was a weird deal and then I looked up the price on a bottle of moscato. People pay 12 bux for that crap?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks op. Upvoted

  • Couldn’t get this to work. Always adds both to the cart at the reg price.

  • just tried it this morning & its charging me $20 a 4pack so looks like no longer working :(

  • It looks like the Moscato fuelled party is over as it goes into the cart as $20 now which is the regular price. Hope you all enjoy it! Marked as expired.