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Panasonic 55" TH-55GZ100U OLED TV $1596 (C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Great price for those looking for a quality OLED TV.
Goodguys will also match themselves in store.
Also avalaible in the 65 inch.

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    this or the c9?

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      C9 if you are into gaming.

      • lol overwatch

  • I was at JB on the weekend and saw a couple of Panasonic TVs. I was shocked at how good they looked, I just presumed that they were a Chinese shell of their former selves, but honestly, the PQ was very good!

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      These and LG are the best you can get right now

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        There isn't much choice for oled - the brand which was cheap has some big tradeoffs (began with a?)

      • It's not this model which is good it's the gz2000 which is good.

        The C9 only just pips the GZ2000. Out of box experience was given to the GZ2000 however you get added features with the C9 like HDMI 2.1

        • Yea broken down simply, if they are around the same price, then C9, if the GZ is significantly cheaper then get pana

    • Unlike some other Japanese brand names, Panasonic is still involved in making TVs even though the OLED panel is made by LG.

  • Is OLED good for Xbox and/or pc connected to it for games/streaming/browsing?

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      If you want to get burn in. Please don't connect a PC to it. Even heavy gaming would do it

      • Lol, it will be a nice excuse to not spend the cash and get a Hisense r7 instead

        • the R7 are good to game on…? :O

          I cant seem to find the hz anywhere but i do see the smooth motion 200 if that even means anything?

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        Burn in is very difficult to actually do, specially from gaming. rtings burn in test shows red logos running 24/7 are the only real life issue that can cause concern.

        • Rting hasn't done a burn in test on a C9.

          • @DisabledUser319612: The C9 is less prone to burn in than all previous models. It's been improving since C6 which was prone to burn in without much effort.

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              @noise36: Well I'm not finding out for you 😂

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      Yes. Its gsync compatible so works well with a late model nvidia GPU

  • It's so hard to click collect this. No way am I wanting to gamble shipping to Darwin when the store has 6 of them. So stupid. That's the only reason as to me not getting it

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      Price match in store

      • Can you actually do that?

        • Shops don't match their ebay shops, they'll say something along the lines of eBay subsidising the discount. YMMV though.

        • Depends on the store. I rang around and the stores around Sydney said they could. Terms are better if you buy in store.

  • no stock for pick up

  • I have yet to get Good Guys to price their Ebay store. What's the secret?

    • eBay is chipping in…

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      Just ring and ask. It worked for me.

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    2nd best oled after C9 this TV has better black reproduction " it does not crush blacks on grey dark sences" than the c9, but the c9 has better UI , Gsync and hdmi 2.1

    • "better UI" is subjective unless you can tell me how it's not?

      • Panasonic has been using the same UI for 9 years it's not very clean or effecient for 2019, changing settings is much slower because they are more hidden within menus, compared to C9

  • If you do not care about gaming in my opinion this TV gives you a slightly better picture than the C9 for video playback, but as a overall package the C9 wins because of the extra features that it has.

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    Just to reaffirm. The C9 shouldn't be compared with this model of TV.

    The comparison should be the GZ2000 vs C9.

    People are also saying the C9 and B9 are the same TV. They're so far from the same it's not funny, the nits, RAM and Chipset are totally different. It's why the C9 is worth the $500 more. You'll also get further support with the C9 than the B9 with compatibility of apps down the line. This is due to the C9 having more RAM and quicker UI.

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    • So the comparison should be gz1000u vs b9?

      • Yeah or the gz950. The gz2000 is where it's at.

        But the professionals voted and all chimed in, the C9 was the overall better TV of 2019.

        I can also see why, it's phenomenal.

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    My review in owning the C9 and GZ1000:

    LG is on par with Panasonic for PQ only if you professionally calibrate it ($500 or so expense). Panasonic's is great out of the box.
    LG might be better for future proofing if you game, due to HDMI 2.1. There's no evidence of any next gen console games that will take full advantage of it but (120Hz @ 4K).
    Panasonic's remote compared to LG is like comparing Tim Tams to Black and Gold chocolate biscuits. It simply feels more durable, and the backlight on it is awesome.
    LG OS feels more 'cartoony' and Panasonic looks more 'professional' but this is subjective.

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    For what it's worth, I bought one of these a few weeks back and have no regrets whatsoever. Stunning picture and the picture settings out of the box are really good. The audio is nothing special, not bad at all but nothing special however after adding a cheap Yamaha sub to the sub out on the TV it sounds pretty good. Compatible with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ too which is a bonus. I'm not a console gamer tho so this didn't factor in my decision. Smart TV functions are ok but limited, has a configuration specifically for Netflix as standard which looks pretty damn sweet however for must other smart stuff I still prefer my Shield. Would buy again without hesitation

    • How much did you pay for it?

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        $1,660 delivered from appliance central

        • How do you rate appliance central? Would you buy from them again?

          • @SavingsAccelerator: Yeah no problem at all, arrived in about 4 days for memory

            • @thunda: I've always been a bit skeptical about them but after a bit of research, I figured that they're aligned with betta electrical so they appear like a legit business. Was a bit concerned about the customer service as reviews have been mixed.

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                @SavingsAccelerator: As I didn't have any issues I didn't really need to communicate with them at all, but the order was processed rather quick and I had no issues so I'd recommended them