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ELANATION is THE destination to learn sport. On Elanation, learning sport is fun, social and rewarding. Whether you’re a cricket, tennis, scooter, football, basketball or gymnastics fanatic, or looking to learn something completely new, there is a sport and skill for everyone to learn and champion on Elanation.

We make it easy for you to discover, learn, challenge and share. All you have to do is watch a sport skill video from our pro athlete coaches, practice the skill in the real world, record yourself accomplishing the skill, then share it with your friends, family and the rest of the global community. You can watch and share how you improve over time, by recording your progress in a new video each week and challenge your friends to give it a go. Why not try and champion the Boomerang, Bomb ‘n’ Drop, Crocodile Snaps, Happy Crab, Sweep Shot and many more. There are so many skills that are guaranteed to excite you.

- Easy to follow exclusive instructional video lessons from pro athletes and coaches
- Discover and learn 15+ sports and 100’s of skills on the GO, anytime, anywhere
- Progress through a series of levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced
- Share your sporting progress with friends, family and the community
- Accept and set sport skill challenges
- Track progress and watch how you’ve improved over time
- Compete against friends in weekly leaderboards*
- Connect with friends, watch their progress and give encouragement
- Customise your profile with cool avatars, flags and images

- Create and manage your family from one easy to use the account
- Involve the whole family by adding them to your account
- Follow along and watch your kids sport skills progress videos
- Track and encourage their health and fitness progress*
- Share their progress easily with family and friends
- Receive weekly email progress updates

Getting started is easy, just download the Elanation app, create a parent and child account, then you’re ready to start discovering skills, setting goals, competing and learning sport on the GO. Why not download the app on all your families devices, so you can all stay up to date.

Download & start learning today!

- Alexandra Kiroi - Australian #1 All Rounder Rhythmic Gymnast
- Dylan Morrison - World Number 2 Scooter champion, Scoot Fest World Cup winner
- Melissa Barbieri - FIFA World Cup, Former Australian Captain, representing Australia 86 times
- Belinda Woolcock - Australian Open Tennis participant and accredited coach
- Madeline Hills - Australian Track and Field Olympian
- Keely Froling - Australian Basketball player for the Opals
- Jeffrey Tho - Gold medalist, Commonwealth Games Badminton participant
- Natsuko Mineghishi - World Karate Black Belt champion
- Nikki Croker - Broadway Dancer, West Side Story
- Scott Edwards - Netherlands Cricketer player, Twenty20 International and World Cup squad.
- Chloe Rafferty - Australian, Melbourne Stars Cricket player

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    learn sport online, making screen time healthy.

    We tried that line on our oldies when we were kids….it didn’t work then, it won’t work now.

    • Hi Supabrubba,
      Thank you for your comment! There are so many kids trying new sports activities from our app and they love it!
      Best of all, their parents are giving it a go too. Why not give it a try with your family! ⚽🏃‍♀️🤸‍♂️🛴

  • Downloaded Android app.

    All it was … was a screen icon that was non-responsive.


    • I got a sign up page which had to be completed. Had to activate account from email, then login to see content. Watched a couple of videos - they're about a minute long. App looks like it could be useful. Thanks op

      • Hi Repposh,
        Thanks for your comment and checking out the Elanation app. There are so many sports skills for you and your family to enjoy! Hope you have an active Christmas break. See you in Elanation!

    • Hi Hello007,
      Thank you for your comment and feedback. We will investigate this now, appreciate you letting us know. Could you let me know what kind of phone you have and android version. Thanks in advanced.

  • Hi Elanation,

    My 3.5 year old daughter enjoys this. This app definitely gets her moving and challanged the sedentary lifestyle associated with screen time.

    Some problems i might see is the form you have might not have listed all skills or all sports - so a bit of flexibility might help - maybe.

    Brilliant. Love it. Other ideas including: celebrity cooking challange - eating chilli challange


    • Hi Albertagung,
      Thank you for your comment and so glad you are enjoying the app.
      Yes our goal is to use technology for good and get kids moving all over the world, so I'm glad to here it got your daughter up and moving!
      Love your ideas.. so thank you for sharing!