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Google Nest Mini (Charcoal/Chalk) + Mirabella Smart Plug Bundle $69 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W


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  • Where's the deal?

    • Free plug?

  • Heh. 69.

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    wth is Google Nest mini? I thought once upon a time, it was called Google Home mini?

    • Yes it was now it called nest mini. The whole home family is switched to nest.

    • It's an upgraded version with better sound and hardware for Google Assistant onboard, so faster command.

    • Home mini = original v1
      Nest mini = new v2

      There’s plenty of YouTube videos comparing the two. TLDR is its better sound, has a mounting point for hanging on a wall and can do some processing locally rather than relying on cloud.

      • But same assistant wise so home or nest doesn’t really matter.

        • Depends what you use it for. I didn’t think it would make a difference to me but having half decent speaker on it vs what the original home mini had makes a huge difference when you use it for music or even just interacting since it gets much louder and has a bit of bass. Even better if you put them into stereo pairing. Obviously no match for <insert more expensive or dedicated audio device> but it does the trick for playing children’s songs.

          • @jace88: If you don’t use it for music then getting the home is better cause cheaper and basically the same functionality

            • @Doovik: I found even the better speaker to be useful even when interacting with Google Assistant. But yes you're right if you want the cheapest speaker option then Home Mini. That being said, a lot of us got the 2 Nest Minis for free from Telstra.

              • @jace88: I got the home mini for $19 off eBay plus on Black Friday. The assistant is the same and don’t need the speakers so didn’t mind getting 1st gen over second

          • @jace88: You can always bluetooth pairing a more expensive speaker/speakers set. I use Edifier R1700BT or Yamaha Music Cast on my Hub/Home Mini for max Boom Boom.

            • @Bigboomboom: Ironically enough I have my pair of Nest Minis sitting underneath my TV and home theatre system.

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