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BUPA Health Insurance - One Month Free after First Month Plus 2 and 6 Month Waiting Periods Waived


One Month Free after paying for the first month. Also 2 and 6 month waiting periods waived on selected extras.

Full T&C at the bottom of the page if you click through.

Combine with the AMEX 12% back deal if you have it saved.

An Eligible Bupa Health Insurance Policy is any single, single parent, single parent plus, couple, family or family plus selected
combined Hospital and Extras product or packaged product issued by Bupa, but excludes:
(a) Hospital only products;
(b) Extras only products;
(c) Ambulance Only products;
(d) Any Hospital product combined with Orange 50 & Orange 60 Extras products;
(e) Overseas Student Health Cover; and
(f) Short Stay Visitors Cover.

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  • bupa's got to be the worst amongst the top health insurance providers.

    compared to medibank, they do not offer fortnightly payments for tourist visa's until a month is over, medibank does

    they do not refund the amount paid for the insurance if it is unused, medibank does

    you cannot claim or dispute a claim after your cover is over (happened to me where the medical test sent directly from the labs was rejected, meanwhile the agent said they never got anything). then when i found out they did reject it, they said oops you are no longer under cover so we cant do anything

  • What’s people’s thoughts on signing up, going to the dentist, Getting new glasses and then cancelling after a couple of weeks?

    • i think thats brilliant

    • Extras limits reset each calendar year, if you don't have cover for the full year they'll pro rata it and charge you. At least that is my understanding when looked into this a few years ago.

  • I couldn't find which extras are selected extras for the 2 and 6 month waiting periods waived.

  • Just because I was curious (I have no intention of signing up to private health cover!), I entered in my details for a "1 minute quick quote".

    The results:


    And none of them list which extras are covered under this particular special of "waiving selected extras 2 and 6 month waiting periods".

    Let's try and make it as confusing and as difficult as possible to check prices! What a joke. Private health cover is for chumps!

  • The amex 12% expired 6th dec IIRC

    • Yep. I would have seriously looked at this otherwise.

    • I saved it while it was active and got an email confirming I'll get the cashback after signing up yesterday even though it shows as expired in the amex app. The cashback lasts until 6/6/2020.

      • Nice unclear email from Amex.

        Your BUPA offer will expire soon. Just use your Card ending in 41001 to make your purchase by 06/12/2019 to receive your credit. This offer is valid online or in-person at BUPA. For more details, see the Offer Terms below.

        T&Cs include:-

        • Offer only available to customers joining Bupa.
        • Offer valid for payments made by 06/06/2020 online at Bupa.com.au, via phone to Bupa or in-store at Bupa locations.
        • Please ensure you select a billing cycle that will enable you to make a payment by 06/06/2020.

        Which might logically be assembled as join by 06/12/2019 to get 12% back on payments made by 06/06/2020. Amex isn't always logical however.

        Hopefully you get the credit within a couple of days - please let us know if you do.

        • cashback received

          • @ObnoxiousaAndRude: Thanks. Some of the Bupa T&Cs don't fill me with confidence but I'll look into it and probably give it a gamble, including 6% CashRewards cashback.

            • @the splingee: Applied online via CashRewards and with the HSBC-Bupa code entered, and direct debit against Amex credit card.

              Nothing received from CashRewards yet (initial tracking may take a week), and credit card hasn't been charged yet so nothing received from Amex either.

              • @the splingee: Received the 12% statement credit from Amex.

                Still no tracking notification from CashRewards yet (plus they are behind on other cashbacks).

  • By any chance, anyone made a comprehensive comparison of the 43 options? This is so confusing. My understanding is that you can have packages with:
    - basic/bronze/silver/gold hospital. You don't want to risk hospital with basic cover, so it's at least bronze
    - extras orange/budget/your choice/top. Some have combined limit, some have just few extras, some have your choice of 4 extras, some have all extras. Some of them have some kind of loyalty thresholds
    - some extras are combined with 50/60/75 cover, which depending on the above is either a % or an maximum amount
    - some packages are dedicated to singles: basic/bronze/top
    - some packages have some specific exclusion for pregnancy, handy if you're a man for example…

    Surely they could come up with an excel spreadsheet or a guided quote with more than just 4 inputs.
    Tl;dr: their comparison tool is a joke and I've got a headache

    • By any chance, anyone made a comprehensive comparison of the 43 options?

      I only looked at the least expensive options so can't help there.

      • extras orange

      Note that Orange 50 and Orange 60 are excluded. That drops a couple of options off the list …

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