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ThinkPad E495 / 14" FHD / AMD Ryzen 5 3500U / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM / $711 Shipped @ Lenovo


The ever popular E495 is back. These units are local stock and will therefore ship within two business days. Customisation is not available on existing hardware config, so adding RAM etc can only be done after purchase. 3 year on-site warranty is 50% off for this promo ($135 extra). Apply eCoupon TA-BOX495 at checkout for the discount. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5:30PM weekdays) with any questions. Ends 11:59PM AEDT Dec 31, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. A Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy :)

The E595 for $727 is available here.

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU
  • 14" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
  • 256GB SSD M.2 PCIe
  • 8.0GB DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz
  • 329mm x 242mm x 19.9mm (1.75kg)

Use Cashrewards for 3% cashback on ThinkPad E Series. Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

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This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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  • +22

    I'm working on my E595 and E495 form the last deal right now. Brilliant. Quality is good, boots very fast with the m.2 drive. I did not realise it has a holder to add an SSD. I had a spare 1TB samsung Evo I had as my mass storage for footage when I walked the Camino de Santiago earlier this year, so that went in. I got 2x8gb corsair vengeance sticks https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/506070 so I have matched the original Samsung ram (1 stick from each machine) and put them both in the E495. The corsairs are in the E595 with the SSD. I also got a Samsung 1TB Evo plus or whatever m.2 and transfered the system.

    Boot time has dropped by 1 second with these mods - probablly the drive.

    The original drive and ram are Samsung. Screens are great. Battery life good. Plenty of USB connections. Sound is pretty good on the inbuilt speakers. I'm happy with them stock and even happier with one pimped video editing.

    In case you are wondering, the E595 is the 15.6" version which has a number pad on the keyboard, otherwise both identical.

    • Thanks for your feedback ShipShapeRC, would it be easy for someone who is pretty ordinary with tech to install their own addition 1TB drive in after purchase?

      • +1

        It’s not hard and you have heaps of videos to reference from on YouTube.

      • +3

        Lenovo also have their own videos for removing/replacing components, see Parts Removal and Replacement Videos - PCs and Smart Devices (switch to the ThinkPad tab, then jump down to the "ThinkPad E590, E580, E585 (20KS, 20KT, 20KV, 20NB, 20NC)" section), looks pretty easy.

      • Yeah a Phillips head, a guitar pick and a you tube clip. You will done in a few minutes. I finally used my fancy mini plastic pry-bars I got from Aliex ages ago. The screws stay in the case too when they are loose. Unlike my dell's which shed screws like wildfire.

    • May I ask what’s the battery life like?
      Can it holds Office Word editing for 6 hours?

    • Thanks for the info.

    • +1

      I must be one of the few that dislike these laptops. I have the E595. Absolutely hate the keyboard - both the way the keys press and the layout. The screen flickers occasionally or doesn't render a browser page properly. The battery like if quite poor. It says 5 hours on charge but you get about 2.5 and that is with normal applications running like browsers, word etc. The wireless connector is flaky when at a distance. It says connected but really it has dropped out. I wont buy anther Lenovo again. But… for ~$700 what do you expect I guess.

      • +4

        If you have the Realtek wifi card, complain to Lenovo. Someone on Ozbargain has said they got a tech out to replace with an intel wifi card. We've been liaising with Lenovo. They've agreed to send out a new laptop with the intel wifi card in it and then to return the one we currently have with the realtek card. Don't need to return the other one until we receive the new one. Alternative was to send a tech to our house. Keep talking to them. They have been helpful.

    • what's the difference between 595 and 495 from your own daily usage? Just the size? I am wondering which one to choose for Mrs

  • Thanks TA. Any deals on Ideapad L340 15 or 17? TIA

    • Are we able to rock on chat and get a custom code?

  • I'm waiting for a 11% cashback offer before I pull the trigger.

    • +7

      As much as I'd love to help, unfortunately Lenovo will not be passing on any increases for the remainder of the year.

      • +1

        No worries, thanks for the heads up.

  • +1

    These are great devices for the money!!

    I'm using the prvious version E485 (14" Ryzen 5) which replaced the Thinkpad E420. While the quality and everything is great, there's some tremendous throttling happening somewhere. Day to day programs are fine but when working on AutoCAD and Sketchup (both small projects, nothing complex), it takes a while to load up and sort of freezes when it autosaves, more so with skethcup than autocad. Surprising thing is it used to work fine on the odler laptop.
    It is connected to an older samsung monitor via HDMI-DVI is that matters.
    Also, the VRAM seems to be at 60% always..even when there's no programs open.
    I've added an extra matching RAM stick and a 1TB HDD.

    Anyone has any suggestions?

    • +1

      Have you got an Antivirus installed that is taking up the processing power?

      • I do, Avast, but I've had the same one on my previous one. But I'll troubleshoot with that turned off. Thanks for the suggestion.

        I also have a desktop with Ryzen 5 (but with RX 570) and that thing flies through everything compared to the E485.

        • +2

          dont need avast, just stock Defender and Malwarebytes imo

    • +5

      You can download Ryzenadj and tweak the settings to get a lot more out of this build. Also check temperatures as if it's athermal issue then may be worthwhile doing a repaste of the APU for lower temps.

      • Thanks, I'll try that out.

    • My E420 is still going strong! Doesn't look like I'll be replacing it soon. Just here to upvote Lenovo.

      • Mine is too. Still works perfectly except for the screen. Tried replacing the screen but new screen showed same symptoms. Backlighting is dead and it seems the controller is on the main board.

    • +2

      Have you tried updating the BIOS? I bought the E595 from the Cyber Monday/Black Friday deals and out of the box performance was pretty disappointing. I intend to use my laptop for basic work and light gaming and after a bit of snooping around the out of box BIOS capped the CPU and GPU of the 3500u to a measly 12 watts. I updated the BIOS to the latest one that Lenovo has for my laptop and has fixed most of performance issues. So try updating your BIOS?

  • Bought this in May 2017 with 16Gig ram for around $900. Two and a half years later it’s still going strong! No regrets, highly recommended!

  • x395 please

    • @tightarse No love for the 2-in-1 laptops? I am waiting for a deal on X395 and hopefully something on Boxing day!

  • +1

    Bear in mind we are 35 days away from CES 2020 where the chances of AMD announcing their Zen 2 APU with Ryzen 4000 series with their 2020 laptop lineup.

    • does that include ryzen 6 cores for gaming orientated laptops? intel still have stranglehold on the mid-upper mobile market.

      • +1


        To answer your question. The chances of 6 cores or more are highly likely. These new Renoir APU will be based on Zen 2 Chiplet thus I'm waiting next year before buying a laptop.

        • nice, I'll probably wait as well unless crazy boxing day deals come

          edit: wtf I just read they will have 6 cores + gpu equivalent to 1050ti/1650 for a nice discount.

    • first i'll let everyone else straighten out the bugs and issues in first 6 months

  • +1

    Backlight keyboard?

  • What’s the screen brightness on these like? And battery life?

  • +3

    Was so close to buying one of these last time until I realised they have the Function key where the Control key usually goes. Such a dumb layout decision.

    • +3

      Configurable in BIOS if you wish to change it.

      • +2

        But the physicals keys stay the same with a small ctrl key and larger Fn key which is annoying for gaming or typing

      • +2

        Sure, but the Fn Key is also smaller than a Ctrl key usually would be. Might seem nitpicky to some but unfortunately a dealbreaker for me.

  • +2

    Thanks for the deal TA.

    Any chance of a deal on the E595 15.6" version like last time?


    • +8

      Yes. Hopefully in the next few days. Just waiting on Lenovo signoff.

      • +1

        Excellent. I might wait for that one. Cheers.

      • +1

        Boxing Day special….50% please :)


      • I'm really keen on a Y540 deal! I was looking at the config with 9750H / 1x8GB / 1660 Ti / 512GB / 300 nits screen during the Black Friday sales and it wasn't quite getting low enough without a valid cashback to use with it (since the code wasn't listed on cashrewards :( ). Any chance on a config like that (or with 2x8GB) in the next few months?

  • Good price and its great that it lasts through the boxing day sales.

  • Happy with my E495 from the last deal. It's a bit heavier than anticipated but good for the price!

    • It "feels" heavier than my old laptop but it's actually a good bit lighter, It's just it's soooo thin. So feels heavy for such a thin item even though it is way lighter.

  • +1

    Thanks TA, any chance on a deal for the T series?

  • -1

    I want to channel my inner JV and say that it's not boxing day or something and get a few hundred downvotes, but the deal is solid.

  • +1

    Just a heads up, I saw a Ryzen 5 3500 (?) laptop yesterday with 8GB of ram, but only 6GB was usable in Windows 10. I assume the other 2gb was used for the Vega 8 APU.

    • +1

      It needs a dual channel ram upgrade for sure as per reviews.

  • +1

    Purchased 17 inch E595 laptop from Lenovo. With in 3 months crack appeared in the right edge of laptop screen with out any hard use , they replaced it this time for free next time its chargeable . My advise is DONT BUY .Laptop speed is very good but battery is average

  • Looks good. Wonder if we can get delivery by the 25th :)

    • -1

      takes 30 days , they will accumulate all the orders and then manufacture .

      • +2

        No. These are already made and will ship within 2 business days. Please read OP.

        • +1

          Make sure you are home when they deliver. Mine spent a week in the depot because it missed the first time. DHL irritated me on this. They say you must be there 9-5pm yet mine was attempted delivery at Weds 5:38pm and I had left after sitting around all bloody day waiting for them. Then they would not deliver until Sat in their system. Then they did not deliver on Sat as they don't deliver to my area on Sat - even though it was an option in their system! Monday at 8am they said the trucks had already left for my town that day so next day. Then I finally got it Tuesday late afternoon. City folk should be fine.

          • +2

            @ShipShapeRC: I had a similar appalling experience with DHL. Firstly though if it's a custom build like mine Lenovo only provide a tracking number from China to Australia. When it hits our shore DHL take over but Lenovo don't give you the DHL tracking number. I waited for a few days after it arrived in Sydney and still nothing so rang Lenovo and sure enough they gave me a DHL tracking number. Then I saw that apparently DHL attempted delivery but no one home so they left a card. That was absolute BS as was at home the whole time and there was no card left. I reckon it was a lazy driver running late so just reported this in. So it went back to the depot. As i didnt have a card I had no contact number so I had to track down the correct DHL number as there are multiple (ask for Supply Chain) and they said they would redeliver next business day which was Monday but they didn't do that for 3 days. I finally asked Lenovo to make a complaint to DHL about the BS I got from DHL and how that has ruined the whole Lenovo buying experience. I would never use DHL clowns ever.

            • +1

              @enjunuet: Yep Fedex rock

            • @enjunuet: Chiming in to say similar thing happened to me. Ordered this same laptop on the 11/11 day sales, and first time DHL 'tried to deliver' there was no notice that they were delivering that day (the Lenovo tracker said it would arrive the day after), but I'm pretty sure I was home at the time indicated on the 'missed you' card. Anyway, used the DHL site as per the card to rearrange delivery (had to wait an extra 48 hours) and when that day came I was at home ALL DAY in my apartment. 5pm rolls around and no delivery. I walk down to mailroom aaaaaand you guessed it, been carded again. Ended up just driving all the way to Derrimut to pick the damn thing up. Screw DHL

        • Yeah another vote against DHL. They are weird. Lenovo's tracking number only seems to cover the path from their office to the DHL depot. It says 'Delivered' as soon as DHL got it. Then the waiting game starts until you get a 'we missed you' card. Turns out there are multiple DHL divisions, this one is DHL Supply Chain. They are separate from DHL Express. Tracking on the regular DHL site doesn't work, you need to go to cview.dhl.com. The card won't mention this but they automatically will try again next day, even though I asked them not to. One positive: their tracking on CView is really advanced, you can see the location of the driver in near-real time.

          • @Kontiki: That sounds almost identical to my experience. Seems like they pull this trick a lot so they can report delivery attempted but really just charging for a service they aren't delivering to Lenovo. It's a scam and I would urge anyone who isn't happy with DHL's service to request Lenovo lodge a complaint on your behalf to DHL as Lenovo are the customer.

            • @enjunuet: In all honesty they did try to deliver at my place (saw them on CCTV) but my problem with them was mainly after that. Their card says "call this number to rearrange", when you call them they tell you they can only rearrange delivery 48 hours later. Then, without warning, they try the next day (not 48 hours) wasting everyone's time including their own.

              Couriers need to reinvent themselves, this 'you need to be home all day' model is outdated. If only they would accept parcel lockers or parcel collection points.

  • Also got one of these in the first deal, upgraded to 16GB RAM and added a 1TB SSD. Been very happy with it. My only issue is the screen is not very bright.

  • +4

    Do yourself a massive favour and get another 8gb stick of ram and replace the e-waste garbage that is the realtek wifi card..

    • by sounds of it, some user here got the whole unit replaced with intel wifi version free of charge?

      • Nice one then.. for the $18 it cost me to replace the realtek, i didn't really care..

  • Is this a good option for a school laptop?

    • What is school's requirements for the laptop?

    • Got one for my son. He loves it.

  • Great deal! Any chance that the base E14 might get a deal TA? I think I'd prefer it, but very hard to justify the $300 difference at present!

  • Thanks for the deal TA.

    Any chance of a deal on the Y540 15" deal?

  • Purchased this a month ago. For the price it's amazing.
    Battery. Lasts easily 6-8 hours for word and browsing
    Lcd. Sharp for every day use. Brightness needs to be 60% above to be useale indoors. Screen would struggle outdoors but at home and in an office would be fine.
    Performance. Zippy for all home browsing and like uses.

  • Thanks TA.
    Will you be posting an E490 deal soon also? I've been eyeing off the E490 for some time.


  • +1

    For those subscribed, here's the E595 for $727:


  • Any deals with intel processor ?

  • Hello, is there a deal for the S530?
    What are your thoughts on the S530?

  • +1

    Lenovo site showing as out of stock. A pity.

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