AmEx Points or Qantas Frequent Flyer Points: Which Is Better?

Hi all,

Wonder if any of you can offer advice.
Here's my scenario:
- I've been using Amex essential card for year. Have been earning 1 point per dollar spent.
- I have always enjoys the little perks such as Amex fashion week or November's Opal run (ie: get 50% refunded when I spend $50 or $20)
- I just started new work, and this new work is flying me between Sydney and Melbourne once a fortnight or once a month. Knowing this, I know I will be accumulating Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, and Qantas Status Credit quite quickly.

Now my question is: Should I move my Amex card to one that is Qantas Amex, where I will be earning Qantas points? Or should I stay with Amex points?

Amex points and all its perks I am familiar with. I even time my CityRail Opal top-ups accordingly.
But should I go full in with Qantas?

What are some of the perks of Qantas Frequent Flyer Points? Can I get credit to buy things with it? Or is it purely flights and seating upgrades only?

Or if any of you have a better suggestion, I am all ears.

Thanks in Advance :)

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  • Qantas points - you can buy things through the qantas store as well as flights and upgrades

    Are you paying for the work flights yourself or are they being paid on your behalf?

    You can still get the AMEX fashion week and general cashback offers whether you have a membership rewards card or a qantas card.

  • I just like how widespread Qantas points can be earned and there's usually a few things I'm happy to redeem for (both flights and stuff).

  • +1

    Amex recently devalued their points and their value is now only marginal.

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