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BlackBerry KEY2 LE Android Smartphone (Atomic Red/Champagne) $399 Delivered @ Amazon AU


- DISPLAY: 4.5" (1620x1080) 434PPI, IPS LCD 3:2 aspect ratio with Gorrilla Glass 3
- CONNECTION: 4GDual Sim (4G/4G) Engineered to work seamlessly on Vodafone, Optus and Telstra Networks
- PROCESSOR: Qualcomm SDM 636, Kryo 260 Octa-Core 4 x (1.8GHz) + 4 x (1.6GHz)
- BATTERY: 3000 mAh with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
- MEMORY: 4GB RAM +32GB ROM (Expandable up to 256GB)
- REAR CAMERA: Dual rear (13MP+5MP) with Dual tone LED Flash, HDR, 4K Video recording at 30fps
- FRONT CAMERA: 8MP fixed focus, selfie flash via LCD display and 1080P video recording at 30fps

Yes… BlackBerry still exists, in case anyone wondering.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • This is a type of fruit, a lemon.

    • +3

      would go well with my apple then.

      fruit salad yummy yummy

  • -2

    Who the hell would buy a Blackberry?

    • +15

      People who prefer physical keyboards? There are quite a few out there who don't like typing on a touchscreen.

      • -14

        Can probably count them people on one hand?

        • +8

          Must have a lot of fingers!

            • @GiggityGiggity: How the hell do you remotely use Emacs from a phone without a real keyboard?

              I mean, surely the main use for phones for the vast majority of people is remotely administering Linux boxes? What else would you use a phone for?

              Iā€™m personally typing this right now from a lynx session on a VPS.

    • People for whom most of their phone use involves typing and SSH server administration on the go?

  • Tempting, if only the LE had keyboard gestures though :( An upgrade from my KeyOne would be nice!

    • +1

      Not much of an upgrade. The non-LE version has more ram and slightly quicker CPU… not that it matters - who games on a BB?

      • Yeah honestly would have just been nice for the red color though :') all black finish KeyOne still rocking here until it dies.

  • +1

    a slider would make this mini size

    • I was (and still) hoping for that. The PRIV would have been nice @ half the length.

      PS - the RAZR seems good for now.

  • Didn't American Presidents use these? (from movies I have watched)

    • +2

      President Francis Underwood did

      • +1

        And look what happened to him.. both in real and reel life ;)

  • Champagne is available as well for $399

    The regular KEY2 is down to $599 also

    • Is the regular key2 worth the difference?

      • Hard to say as I've never used a KEY2 LE to compare it to my KEY2 performance wise. 64gb vs 32gb, 6gb ram vs 4gb ram, SD 660 vs 636, 3500mah battery vs 3000mah, touch sensitive keyboard vs no touch. From what I read the LE is a good phone but certainly a drop in performance compared to KEY2, not having touch capacitive keyboard would be frustrating for me but if you aren't used to it then you wouldn't miss it. They LE is a bit lighter/smaller though.

        I guess it depends on your budget, what type of user you are and also how long you are planning on keeping the phone. For me 32gb storage is too low, I find the touch capacitive keyboard quite important as I'm used to it and I keep my phone for as long as it lasts so I wouldn't consider the LE. If you are just wanting to give the physical keyboard a go or are a casual user or plan on replacing your phone in 6-12 months then the LE is probably good enough.

        My KEY2 is going strong 14 months since purchase. Compared to my keyone that started to struggle performance wise after a few months.

        • Hey Hamza, did you exhibit any issues with the space bar? A small portion of Amazon US reviews indicated failure/issue with space bar after a few months.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser128384: No issue here. A year or so ago I had an issue where the G key wouldn't register sometimes, unless I pressed it hard. It fixed itself after a few days somehow.

            I wouldn't worry too much buying from Amazon in any case, they are good with warranty.

        • Sounds like I should go the key2. Do you know what os updates it will receive until?

          • @CyberGenesys: Probably stay on Android 8.1 with Security Updates whenever TCL feel like it.

            • @DisabledUser128384: Key2 2 red edition has even better specs voor samen price

              • @Diegoarmando: Yeah, I picked up the Red edition and it's a stunning device. Sadly mine had a defect with the keyboard coming loose..

                I still suspect even the Key2 won't likely get Android 9 let alone 10..

  • Which apps does it have?

    • Pretty sure it's android app store

    • Fruit ninja

    • Android 8.1 (Oreo)

  • Bahhhhhhh humbug to touchscreens…keyboard all the way.
    This not bad but travel on keys could be better.
    And any app from playstore plays ok if not super demanding.
    But the kicker with BB is the killer security suite that actually works.
    For this price it's not bad but won't be for gamers or lol under 60 …lol
    Please don't have me for loving Black Berry phones….:-)

  • Ok so if I was a real keyboard die hard would this be a decent buy coming from a g5 plus?