Where Can I Find Christmas Jumper or Tshirt Instore?

Hi all,

I have been invited to a Christmas party just now and wondering where can I find a Christmas themed tshirt in Melbourne?

I have already looked in Myer, Big W and Target in the city but couldn’t find anything.


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    Try Kmart or Best & Less. I find it hard to believe you weren't able to find a Christmas t-shirt in Big W or Target.

    • thats what I thought too that I should be easily able to find it but unfortunately I can’t. Not in Melbourne CBD Target and Big W at least.

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        Did you ask any of the staff?

      • Kmart near you? I would head straight to that shop if I needed that.

  • If it's for a one-off occasion and you don't mind pre-owned clothing, head to an op shop i.e. Vinnies or Salvos. They usually have plenty of this kind of thing.

    • thank you thats a good idea. I only need to wear it once :)

  • My daughter got her Xmas tee from Cotton On.

  • I'm having this same dilemma in TAS, tried Cotton on (2 stores), Myer, target, etc. Nothing yet :(

  • I bought an Xmas tshirt at Big W in Canberra a few weeks ago, where they had heaps of stock, so maybe try another Big W if possible?

  • Lowes

  • Saw one male xmas tshirt at Kmart, Boronia today - It was Happy Crustmas with a pizza slice picture.

  • Lots at Kmart. Not sure if you are male or female, I only know where to find female ones LOL!!

  • Best and less have a ton

  • The Reject Shop

  • I'm pretty sure I saw some Christmas themed Hawaiian shirts for $20 at Lowes. Jay Jays have some Christmas tshirts, but I didn't like any of them.

  • 1/2 days before Christmas and a lot of stores will already be sold out.