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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB 4G $1061 / 512GB 5G $1359 + Delivery (Free for eBay Plus) @ Mobileciti eBay

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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  • great prices.

    note10 plus 256 for our staff is 1104..

    • -2

      Which organisation?

      • EPP price

      • Guessing jb Hi-Fi by his profile

  • Time to apply for price protection?

    • what price protection?

      • from the Latitude card

    • Does it work for eBay?

  • After a new phone, is now the right time in lifecycle to get the note 10+? Or wait for next gen?

    • S11 coming out february 2020, im in the same boat as u

      • +1

        just wait the 2 months, you will get a better deal either way

      • +1

        Will there be an s11 note?

        I’ve been missing s-pen functionality since throw Ingenous my note 4 into the bin after having a motherboard issue 3 times in a row

        • There is always a note that comes out about 6 months following the s release.

        • There may not be a Note11

            • @CVonC: Maybe because of rumour S11 will be named S20 instead, so naturally there would be no Note 11 but Note 20 instead.

    • +3

      Yes, if you wait any longer you're wasting time and might as well wait for the Note 11+ which will be out in 9 months time.

      Best time to buy is the moment the price drops straight after release. I bought the Note 10+ for $1104, not regretting this at all. Finally seems like a phone that will last more than 2 years due to the currently excessive 12GB RAM + 256GB space + SD card potentially 1TB).

  • Great prices

    If only it was 2 weeks ago when I bought mine, but couldn't wait my s8+ was dying.

    • Always have a cheap backup phone, as a spare. That’s what I do. 😉

  • +1

    What's the difference between the "OPT" and "VF"?

    • +3

      Optus or Voda branding. The description says they're network unlocked though.

    • +1

      Optus or Vodafone unlock I think

    • Thanks! Makes sense now.

  • +1

    Only if these were dual SIM. Sigh!

    • They are on the 4G model aren't they?

      • The carrier-branded ones aren't.

    • They’re a hybrid SIM. Which means that u can either have the micro SD card or the 2 sims in it. If u think you’re going to use at least 300gbs internally, go for the 512gb model, which is 5G. At the moment, 5G is not that great in Australia, and wide spread.

  • Will officeworks price beat possible?

    • No. Because Mobileciti are a ‘grey importer’ like Kogan are. But Kogan are more respectable. They both sell the ‘international’ version and no local support, nor warranty thru Samsung Australia.

      • It is not grey ! It is local with 24 months Samsung Australia warranty

        • +1

          I know, as I can read too. But just be careful. Because I’ve known a few people who have brought from them in the past, and got jipped.

          But if these are actual Samsung Australia stock with warranty ones, well… they’d be a good buy.

  • Hi All
    Are there any deals on none branded Note 10+ models? How come the branded ones are cheaper even though they are unlocked? Just curious.

    • +4

      Branded ones are not Hybrid SIM and have carrier Software

      • Aren't the 4G ones hybrid dual SIM?

        • Not Carrier Branded ones

          • @WoodenSpoon: God what a way to break the deal!

            • +1

              @CVonC: Sure is. Could live with that branding but the way they cripple the phone features. That's a no for me.

            • +1

              @CVonC: thats true. stopped me from consdiering this deal. would love to see a huawei p30 pro deal.

  • +3

    Just bought one thanks OP

  • Carrier brand Samsung’s VOLTE and wifi calling is locked. Buyer beware.

    • I've got Telstra S8 and that allows WiFi calling.

      • Put it voda or Optus sim and will not work. That’s why they are cheap

        • So as long as I'm with Telstra, it should be fine for Wifi calling?

          • @he11bent: Get the Telstra variant or unbranded if you on Telstra if you want wifi calling. Mixing different carrier phones with different sims you lose volte and wifi calling. Unbranded is the exception eg from good guys. That’s why these carrier branded ones are cheaper because the carrier settings are burned into the phone rom.

            • @gunso: oh seriously? That I didn't know, I went to JB try to price match earlier. They didn't accept Ebay with code, and the deal is worse than it was 2 weeks ago, it's now $60/month and only a $400 credit compared to previous $500. Left a bit peeved and decided to wait till the 11 series, least I'll have more money in my bank account now lol

            • +2

              @gunso: Can you flash unbranded ROM and make all features unlock? XSA ROM

          • @he11bent: Make sure it’s the 700mhz frequency that Telstra 4GX use. That’s if u are going to be on Telstra.

            When buying a phone or tablet (with a sim) thru a ‘grey importer’ make sure u get the device that’s compatible on your country’s networks. That’s why sometimes the phones don’t work, and many think that they’re getting a good deal.

            PS. I always get my Samsung phones brand new on in the pre-order. So I get the bonus gift. And when buying in Australia, u get the 2 yr Samsung Australia warranty. I never buy phones 2nd hand. But I either off load them in the Samsung Trade-up scheme (which I did on my S9+ 64gb to get the Note 10+), or sell them on to friends that trust me. As I always look after my devices.

    • I had a Vodafone sim and now Telstra, both had the VO4G sign. Kogan and catch did not however.

  • +1

    Just out of curiosity why is the s10 never on sale? Seems like everyone is trying to clear the note off.

    • -4

      Clearing excess inventory. Goes to show note 10 not that popular

      • Highly doubt that just from the general consensus being that it's the best phone of 2019.

    • +1

      You must've been asleep during those S10 deals, there have been way more S10 sales in the past than Note 10s.

      Doubt Note 10s are being cleared off, almost all past Note 10 deals sold out fast. There is more demand for Note 10 than any other phones.

      • I saw the s10/s10+ using Samsungs education/business program emails. But theres not really any other sales without going though that way.

        • Quick search in previous deals shows there were Amazon, Harvey Norman and BigW deals in December alone. Even more in the previous month.

    • +2

      $92 x 24 = $2208

      $2208 - $1061 = $1147 ($47.79pm)plan only


  • Worth the upgrade from a Note 9?

    • +1

      Only if you want to keep up with the latest and the greatest. Good price to upgrade to a current flagship.

  • Note 10+ or Oneplus 7T?

    • +1

      note 10+

      • +1

        I was thinking the same until this deal was posted then popped on this. If a OP7T deal was posted before this then I would of went with that :)

  • +1

    Can someone advise if any of these are the dual SIM versions?

    • Yes, they are. Actually, Hybrid SIM.

  • I think there’s something wrong with me. I bought the Note 10+ 5G after preordering it with Telstra and I hated every second of owning it. Mediocre battery life, 5G suffered just as bad if not worse from capacity issues in the CBD as 4G does (I work at Southern Cross) and found the medium and low light photos quite poor (outdoor daylight photos were amazing though). In screen fingerprint scanner was hit and miss, Bixby still trash, Samsung trying to tack on their own App Store and bloat ware is still clunky.

    Returned it and got an iPhone 11 Pro Max and have been much happier with camera and definitely battery life (I’m talking at least 12-24 hours more battery life). This was coming off having many Samsung phones in the past - I at times miss the pen and some of the customisable functionality, but don’t regret changing phones.

    All that being said, at the $1300ish price point it’s a hell of a lot of phone for your money, it just didn’t meet my expectations.

    • It's the weakest note in years and probably the best iPhone ever.

      • LOL @ ‘the weakest Note in years’ 😂🤣😂

  • What are peoples thoughts? I have the note 8 and was looking to upgrade but im not sure. My current note 8 finger print scanner doesnt work and i have a black blot on the side screen which the phone still works fine. $1,000 odd is the cheapest i have seen it do you think its worth it?

    • I'm on a note 8 at the moment too with the same black dot. So glad it didn't go bigger. Haha glad I wasn't the only one haha

      • with the same black dot.

        Is this a common issue on the Note 8 or something?

        • Mine is in near perfect condition - except the usual battery wear. Have updated the theme on my Note8 to that of the Kylo Ren Note10+ theme to extend its life for a year or two. :P

    • Upgrading from Note 8? Yes, especially if you use the S pen a lot. Using the S pen as a remote control for the Note 10 is a really nice addition when watching videos and taking photos from a distance.

      Plus the bigger battery capacity and larger screen are all significant upgrades from Note 8.

      Upgrading from Note 9 would be a more case-by-case basis.

    • Going from the 8 to the 9 was a considerable leap forward for me so I'd say you'll be happy going from the 8 to the the 10. No expandable memory though.. I'm staying on the 9 because of that.

      • +2

        Yeah i think too i have had it over 2 years so not too bad and annoyed my finger print scanner doesnt work and have to put my pin all the time. I think it does have expandable memory so not sure where you saw it doesnt 😁

        • To be honest, I just assumed it wouldn't as I saw it offered with descent internal memory (512mb) but i now might have to consider this deal myself 🤔

          • +1

            @mikmac: Yeah im still unsure but then again im like why not been 2 years so not too bad for $1,000 cheapest i have seen them and jb wouldnt price match

    • I've just upgraded my S2 to an S6… so my Note8 must survive (in pretty good condition) for a while yet… but damn that's a great price.

  • Using the same code on their eBay store s10e will come down to $719.10 free shipping. Could be a great deal too!?

  • So people agree its worth the upgrade?

    • No. Maybe if unbranded and below $900. Will wait until February after Galaxy s11 released.

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