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[NSW] Blackvue Dashcams + Power Magic Pro & Local Installation up to 30% off @ Bankstown Sound


Hey OzBargain! We've got something special to end out 2019!

30% off the entire Blackvue range, bundled with Power Magic Pro & Local installation.

Mod: Reworded title and description.

*DR750-1CH-32 $429.00
*DR750-1CH-64 $509.00
*DR750-1CH-128 $609.00

*DR750-2CH-32 $599.00
*DR750-2CH-64 $679.00
*DR750-2CH-128 $779.00

*DR900-2CH-32 $799.00
*DR900-2CH-64 $879.00
*DR900-2CH-128 $979.00

*DR900-1CH-32 $599.00
*DR900-1CH-64 $679.00
*DR900-1CH-128 $779.00

*DR750-2CH-IR-32 $679.00
*DR750-2CH-IR-64 $759.00
*DR750-2CH-IR-128 $859.00

The Power Magic Pro unit is what enables Park Mode and 24/7 recording, it also hardwires the camera to your car, making installation seamless and factory feeling.

If you're not looking for installation, just an amazing deal, let us know on Facebook Messenger and we'll shoot you over a coupon code to use on the site!

See you soon!

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  • +4

    Can vouch for these guys.
    I was doing a project near them for a year and they helped me out with a few little bits and bobs on my work vehicles.
    I'm going to take my truck there in the new year to get some goodies installed, might have to have a chat with them about dashcams too now.

    Place is always packed with cars too so must be doing something right.

  • How long does it take to install in a lexus rx a 2ch dash cam roughly?

    Similar pricing elsewhere but free install sweetens the deal.

    • Install in an SUV type vehicle, you're looking around 2 / 2.5-hours. Yeah, our install team is one of the best in the country! All independent auto electricians - keeps our work pristine!

    • Also, if you're not getting it installed, the extra deal we can give blows everyone else in the market out of the water!

      • DR750-2CH-32 $599.00

        How much is this without install? And with PMP

  • +6

    *DR750-2CH-32 $599.00

    Same product without installation $449. https://www.autobarn.com.au/me25391

    • +2

      Yep and just last month it was $419. Also with PMP included.

      I'd be willing to pay $499 if it included installation.

      • Where does it mention PMP included?

      • +2

        Sorry guys, not to sh*t on Autobarn, but their price is JUST the unit, no Power Magic Pro and no 'other' offer - like it says, if you can't get here for installation, or if you just want it cheaper, ask us on facebook messenger (link on the product page) and there are things we can do (but can't advertise).

        • +2

          Apparently all Blackvue from Autobarn come with PMP until Dec 31st.

          Keen to see what you can offer but dont have facebook. Could you pm me please.

        • +2

          FYI just got it from autobarn 900-2ch $599 with PMP.

          • +1

            @6on2: Yes I picked up a 900 2ch 32gb for $599 with free PMP too at my local Autobarn. The guy mentioned they've been getting shipments of PMP for free/1cent each, and he was willing to throw it in for free even though he wasn't sure if he was meant to!

    • +1

      The $150 price difference covers the 'free' PMP ($54) and installation.

      • That's correct!

      • Free PMP at Autobarn until the end of the year apparently.

  • When is this deal valid until?

    • Hey OzBargain! We've got something special to end out 2019!

  • Hey rep if we place order today when can we expect installation?

    • We're open for installation from tomorrow - just call the store from tomorrow morning and book :) (buy the unit first though to avoid missing out on the stock).

  • How would a 2 channel go with a ute? I'm concerned you'd lose too much viewing with the tray and it wouldn't be worth getting.

    • For a 2-channel, you'd lose a lot, but I've got one on my Colorado and am happy with what I can see!

      • Thanks rep, I guess being able to record something is better than nothing. I'm in the market for a dmax in the new year and whilst I live in the sticks, I have family in the hills area and will keep you in mind after I buy my ute

  • How much to install a DR750-2CH with PMP?

    • If you're local and on this offer, free. We can't speak to how much others would charge though.

      • How much do you charge for an install if I supply the parts though?

  • Damn, great deal! Wish you had a branch in Vic!

    • You can still get the offer, plus a little something more if you hit us up on messenger!

  • How much for just PMP, OP? Thinking of upgrading my old 1st gen model.

  • What would you recommend for a front and rear setup? Don't need the internal/cabin cam.

  • Sent you a message on FB, interested in picking up the DR900 2CH.

  • You can’t expand the storage I’m guessing?

      • +4

        I'm not sure that's entirely true - by complicated you mean you slot in another micro SD card? The only challenge is that it doesn't take well to all brands and energy drain.

        • +1

          Exactly, they need to be the right class, read/write speed and correct brands. Like I said, yes you can, but it's not a matter of throwing in any micro SD card in there.

      • +2

        You can, but it's very complicated

        It isn't complicated. There's a number of micro SD cards that are designed specifically for dash cams. They are much cheaper than Blackvue branded cards. I bought the one with the smallest card, then bought a larger capacity card that's compatible and slotted it into the unit. Worked out much cheaper.

        …the unit LOCKs the footage. Meaning you'll never re-record over something you'll need…

        The footage isn't LOCKED, never to be rewritten over. The camera itself tags the files and won't record over it but it can be deleted with a phone or computer (The setting can be changed so that it doesn't lock the footage).

      • +2

        it's very complicated.


  • Does this also double as a reverse camera? My wife's reverse camera has stopped working on her car.

  • Do you do mobile install as well?

    • We could organise something - but that wouldn't be included as free installation as it'd be done by a contractor.

  • +7

    You can't say 'Free Power Magic Pro and Free Installation' of you're going to complain that Autobarn dashcams are for the unit only and not with installation and PMP… that's not really free, it is just part of the package. You should change your title, quite misleading.

    • We weren't complaining, just stating that their deal vs. our deal isn't apples to apples?

      • +2

        Just saying you shouldn't say 'free' when in fact it's a part of the price…

        • Good deal Rep, ignore the naysayers.

          I might get something myself.

  • +8

    Ps autobahn is way cheaper!

  • Do you have any reversing camera? Do you post to Victoria?

  • Nevermind. I missed the extra tab for specs.

    Is there somewhere I can get an easy comparison of all the different models?

  • Wish I was in Bankstown

  • I got mine installed by Bankstown Sound & Marine last time. it was fantastic only took an hour and half and still works to this day.

  • I was looking for the thinkware u1000. What's the blackvue equivalent? DR900?

  • Yeah nah - should neg the deal as autobahn in cheaper…

  • +23

    Where's the 30% discount? This is nearly the most expensive out there. If you're bundling install in the price, then it's not really free install.

    • -5

      Don't forget free PMP.

      BTW: I think your neg might get revoked. While it's not a deal compared to other places, it is a discount compared to their original price

      • +1

        PMP is $50..

      • LOL. Why the downvote?

        Do I need to include /s for some of you?

        I agree with @ninjadefuse and upvoted his comment.

  • +3

    Free? No.

    Bonus/extra? Yes.

  • While the deal can be worded better, this is still a bargain if you're looking to install a dashcam. Hardwiring a dashcam, especially dual channel is easily $150 for labour only. Great deal OP

  • +2

    Has anyone tried messaging them on Facebook to see what this 'sweeten' deal is? Is it anywhere close to autobahns deal?

    Not gonna message them on Facebook to find out.

    • You might have to turn on your PM if you want an answer

      • +1

        Don't understand why these 'sweet' deals have to be PMed, but I will if other users feel the need to share it privately.

        Don't understand why the company doesn't just post it up. Soon other companies will post deals with 'great' discount, but require you to message them via facebook to find out what it is…and once you do get in touch, find out it's like a 5% discount, but now they all your private info

        • I messaged them from a previous deal and if you arnt close to take up the installation, they give you a code to take up to $120 off the price.

          • -3

            @danb: Sorry to disappoint guys, but it's not an Illuminati type thing, it's just an extra special thing that we're doing for those who can't get in and take advantage of the installation… like the original message says. Nothing cloak and daggers, just don't want the entire world knowing from the get-go!

          • @danb: Thanks. Looks like this deal 'might' be good…only if you want the 'free' installation.


            DR900 2ch 64gb plus free PMP is $879 from these guys, minus $120 for the 'sweet deal'. So a total of $759.

            DR900 2ch 64gb from Autobarn is currently $660 (which should include free PMP, if not it's $52 for a total of $712).

        • Everyone gets different discounts that's why :)

          • @jOhn-e: Yeh but this is the 2nd person who has confirmed with me that it is a $120 discount. I doubt other people are getting larger discounts, but I would like to be proven wrong.

            I will be going into Autobarn tomorrow to confirm the free PMP. And if that's the case….they will need to be offering $220 discount to even match Autobarns price…

            • @iamconstipated: I dropped by the local Autobarn this morning and checked with two of their staff, one being the manager.

              Both said no to free PMP.

              • @logistics: Thanks for that, I will be going into my local one in a few hours and check too. so Worst case scenario for me…it is still $47 cheaper at Autobahn, best case scenario it is $99 cheaper.

              • @logistics: Just came back from my local store. Picked up the Dr900 2ch and the guy did throw in the PMP in for free!

                They had some DR750 which had the sticker on the box for the free PMP, and I asked him if it applied to the DR900s. He said he's not sure, but mentioned that they've been sent them for free or for 1c each and he would throw one in for free!

                He didn't even scan the PMP/put it though as a sale.

            • @iamconstipated: Will confirm, the discount is $120 for two channel and $60 for one channel…

  • +1

    Cuz rates?

  • Installing is pretty straight forward. Just watch a couple of Youtube vids and you're on your way. The only part difficult was tucking the excess cable from the rear dashcam.

  • Hey rep,

    Already have a 750 2ch.

    How much for a PNP install? Car is a Hybrid, battery is in the boot.

  • Which one is front and rear? Does it also act as an reverse camera

    • No it doesn't act as a reverse camera.

  • Local store sold out of 750 32gb. They do come with PMP but they were out of those also. Guess I will wait for the next sale.

    • You have other autobahn stores nearby? My local one in QLD had a few 750, and about 10x PMP which they were throwing in for free to make the sale.

  • +2

    Cheaper elsewhere.

  • Not even free shipping on a nearly $500 purchase? Seriously?

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