Best Wi-Fi Connected Smart Garage Door Controller

I am looking for advice from others who have added a Wifi Smart garage door set up to an existing electronic garage door.

I have a Urban Garage Door GDS 800N /1000N.

I have done extensive research and am struggling to find a compatible Smart garage door system. I have a Smart Home set up with Google Assistant, but most importantly would like to be able to view the status of the garage door, be that open or closed through an mobile app when from away from home.


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    I used OpenGarage as it was cheap.

    • Wow, nice. Was the set up relatively straight forward?

      • Yep, Velcro it to the ceiling of the garage, plug it in to the motor and mess around in the app for 5 minutes to pair the two.

  • I did this:
    I use a workaround with Google assistant (I created routines in Google assistant which turns off the switch and turns it back on when I say open/close garage door) as this module turns on the switch and then it needs to be turned off for next operation.
    Only thing you can't tell using this is the status of your door if it's open or closed when you're not home.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. I would really like to be able to check the open/ closed status in an app. I’m always second guessing myself as to if I have closed the garage door or not.

  • I did this.. 2 for $35.

    TOOGOO WiFi Switch Garage Door Controller for Car Garage Door Opener APP Remote Control Timing Voice Control
    Sold by: Xproject6666

    Works really well, 2.4ghz only.

    My D-Link VIPER 3900, 2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Modem Router didn't pick it up, had to turn off 5ghz then it connected to the 2.4 ni worries.

    Anyway its also google, alexa, and ifttt compatible.

    I tell google to open or close garage x or garage y and it works very well, can tell from anywhere if either garage is open or closed.

    • Wow there was nothing like this two years ago!

    • 2 for $35 is cheap, the price now is $35 each. Where did you source it?

      • Was on Amazon, Sold by: Xproject6666.

        When i looked it up to post here, my previous purchase page showed the detail said 2 x 35, i took that as the total, but yes sorry that was each so it was $70 for the 2…

    • Great, I will check it out. I understand your 2.4ghz/ 5ghz frustrations -
      I have a xaoimi robot vacuum that only works on 2.4ghz.

  • I have the ismartgate (gogogate) installed and setup was very easy. Very happy with it, still I think the app can be little better. Its expensive than others but has Apple homekit support as well.

    I have also installed the wyze cam in garage that gives me visual and control of the garage door with ismartgate.

    Edit: Posted the link twice, now removed.