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[WA, VIC] Nintendo Switch Lite Console $219 @ The Good Guys (O'Connor / Highpoint)


The previous deal was marked as incorrect, however I purchased the deal from Good Guys in O'Connor, WA today for $219. The shelf price confirmed the deal at $219 (as per photo). When they scanned the product, it came up as $299 in the system, but they honoured the shelf price and paper advertisement price at $219.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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    Good for you man, the rest of the good guys are carnts

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      Are none of the other stores honouring this? I called the store before going in and they confirmed they'd sell for $219

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    Definitely a mistake in the catalogue, and it appears the mistake was not only repeated on the shelf; but honoured!

    $219 is about the price I’d expect this to be, considering there’s no dock included, and on way to ‘switch’ from handheld to TV.

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      I think $199 is a fair price for it. It would replace the 3DS which was also this price.

      When it launched there was an hourly replenished deal on ebay for $229, and they didn't even sell out. These hourly deals if they're good sell out within seconds. If you add to cart at 1:00:00, you are already too late. When they don't sell out by the end of the hour, you know it's not that great a deal.

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        Considering these still suffer the stick drift issues the regular switches do but can't simply replace the joycons I think people are avoiding the lite. At least, those who care enough to do a bunch of research.

        • well that would be a massive issue. You'd think they would have figured it out by now.

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    Lucky op

  • Did they change the shelf tag afterwards?
    Nice get!

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      Not at all, they said that's what they're selling it for so all good

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    I hate to be one of those guys, but two mistakes in a row like this looks intentional and warrants a look by the ACCC.

    It stinks like bait advertising to get you into the store.

    • Yep, as said before: fool me once…

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    Haha maybe they didn’t get the memo from head office about the misprint. Shrug but glad to see someone got the deal!

  • Should make it a sticky for The Sheet Guys .

    Maybe every 500 attempts one was successfully got lol and very nice Systems let them get the publicity lol .

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      you see a relevant topic and you feel the need to spend time commenting on it for everyone to read. great.

      you finish with "I didnt have time and didnt stop to ask about it" rendering the rest of your comment worthless, why bother at all?

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        You feel the need to make over 300 comments but never post a bargain. Why bother at all?

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        So someone else can try if they give a sht. Duh.

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    Can the lite be played/used on a TV at home?

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      No, the Lite has absolutely no video output functions at all.

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        Yep, it's hardware has no internal physical video line so even if docked (which it can't be unless the dock is modified), it will not even register the dock as anything more than charger

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          OK thanks.

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    • Good question, but no as others stated. Can play all the games and has complete portability though. The Switch Lite basically replaces the GameBoys. Eliminates the need to buy separate games for the home console and a portable game. Son prefers to take the Lite version when commuting / travelling.

      • I asked Nintendo fans if they expect to ever go back to making single screen handhelds about 10 years ago (I was not a fan of DS) and they said no chance. Dual screen is the future and the direction they are going. They'd never go back to single screen. I feel really good that they've finally made a successor to the gameboy and these amateur crystal ball gazers were wrong.

        It's just a shame the touch screen can't be integral to the experience (and in most cases is not implemented at all) due to it needing to be playable on a TV.

        • The internet's full of amateurs! Sometimes a good thing, not always…

      • Reminds me of the PSP, which I have. I gotta dig mine up. I have a few games for it too.

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    Is this the most wild plot twist on Ozbargain?

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      Would be interested to see how many others got it for the price, the O'Connor store definitely were selling it for the $219 price

      • The good, the bad and the Ozbargainer (2019 Christmas blockbuster)

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    Sounds like the Good Guys O'Connor are actually the good guys

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    Nice work, OP!

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    just grabbed on in Hobart, works.

  • Anyone want to buy one for me and ship it over to Melb? 8-)

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      have you tried getting one in Melb?

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        I ventured to Chadstone earlier, and after an hour decided enough was enough and went home. I'm too afraid to leave the house again!

        • Last time I went to Chadstone during the holiday period, I swore I wouldn't return unless it was equipped with a machete to cut a path through to my desired stores.

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      Ring the stores selling for $219 postage was only $8

      • Fair point!

  • Thomastown Vic is $299 so don't bother there

    • Chadstone and Springvale also $299. It is disappointing they have a catalogue item and charging people two different prices.

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    rang good guys o'connor just now as we are in the market for one

    but was put on hold for 20 minutes, they must be just really busy

    i'll try tomorrow if they have any left

    • Is this a Boxing Day only deal though? Am tempted to drive there for it too

      • i am vic so can't drive there was hoping to have it shipped but yeah that might be a problem if its today only

        • lol I'm in WA, am about 20 mins away from O'Connor

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            @moorey: 20 mins is just to get from the freeway to the parking lot in Chadstone.

            I miss Perth.

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              20 mins is just to get from the freeway to the parking lot in Chadstone.

              Correction: The freeway is the parking lot.

              Welcome to the world's most livable city.

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                @lostn: There's no bargain good enough to compensate my lost time in just getting parked at Chadstone.

              • @lostn: Not anymore it's not. Vienna's taken over

                • @moorey:

                  Not anymore it's not. Vienna's taken over

                  Correct. It got demoted when the panel of judges experienced our freeways first hand.

            • @freakatronic: chadstone would be insane today

              i live close to moorabbin dfo so i'll try there tomorrow

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                @Bargainlife: Chadstone is insane any day. I try to avoid that place.

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                  @lostn: lived in melbourne for 15 years and been there once lol

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        deal valid till 01/01/20 as shown on the tag

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          Good point, overlooked that one. Will give it a go tomorrow

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    The system still says $299 but in store tag is $219.
    Bet they will change it by end of the day at essendon dfo.

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    No deals on the switch this Boxing day which sucks.

  • Is this the real life?

    Is this just fantasy?

    Freddie (circa >1991)

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    Bought one just then. Still a lot of stock.

    When scanned said $299, however honoured the price tag. Lady at the counter said they were selling them all day …wonder why ;)


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      nice one

    • Good stuff!

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    Confirming I grabbed this for $219 At Cannington, thanks OP

    • Good to hear! No probs, about time TGG stuck to their catalogue…

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    Just picked one up. Can confirm they have a heap of stock in all colours.

    They are acknowledging its a price error and still selling them for $219 no issues. They're selling quick apparently though so get in now if you want one. They shut at 1800.

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    Available at highpoint vic too

    • (profanity) im at Westfield kill me

  • Will BigW price match?

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    Anyone successful in NSW?

  • No luck at Robina TGG

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    No longer honouring at O’Connor store. State Manager found out and has blocked all further sales at cheaper price :-(

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      bloody State manager

      • Hmmm is the state manager an ozb members? I wonder..

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    Just picked up one from GG Osborne Park (WA). I asked the guy whats the price because the shelf says $299 and the catalog (which I grabbed when I entered the shop) says $219. He confidently said its the catalog price and someone forgot to update the shelf price. So I grabbed one and went to counter to pay. The woman scanned it and said $299 please. I told her that price is incorrect as they are in your catalog for $219 and showed her the add. She said oh sorry that's $219 then. She also mentioned to some guy behind her there are a few prices not coming down correctly (are we missing on some other bargains??). He didn't give a shit.

    • TGG are great at not getting business

    • haha "He didnt give a shit" gota love that.

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    Got one at Midland, WA for $219. Shelf price had $324 but had the special ticket price of $219. Confirmed with sales first and checked out $219.

    Now to return my Amazon one ($246 after shop-back cashback) which I can't seem to cancel because it is "shipping soon"

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      Get onto live chat - they can likely cancel it for you if it hasn't yet shipped.

      • Thanks mate but decided to give one away to family :) But good to know if I need to cancel future Amazon orders last minute.

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    Hi all, just a heads up, there’s proof that some customers are getting it at the original advertised price over others. I would recommend those who are really keen on this deal contact GG head office first thing tomorrow and ask for the advertised price which had been honoured to others- otherwise, this could likely fall under price discrimination.

    Don’t back down, the more that contact GG and do this the less the likelihood of them screwing us this way in the future.

    Remember, your talking points should be that they had “publicly advertised the price” and that the “publicly advertised priced had been honoured to others”. “What makes me to different to them?”

    If those who have receipts kindly share pics of the transaction (minus whatever private details), this could be used as further proof and assist this cause.

    • +1

      this was my plan of action if they said no

      but thanks for the clear talking points

      • All good, I further suggest everyone report them to the ACCC and to Fair Trading with the same talking points. They did this two times in a row, and that’s not appropriate.

        • Also, the end date for the publicly advertised price was not listed as ending on the 27th of December. I don’t think it’s fair that they suddenly decide to put an end date to the promotional price they honour for others.

        • Why? I actually like price errors. Would you rather some chance of getting it for $219 or no chance?

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      THIS is the best way to kill a deal and horrible advice.

      Most the time if there is a price error or grey area on a price, a staff member or store manger may honer it, once you bring it to the attention of head office, if the price is unintended or not enough profit then they will send out a memo. This will mean all staff and store managers will be aware of the issue and know not to honer the cheaper price, they will update the tags in-store and may even have a disclaimer or "price correction" in-store, usually at the counter explaining the mistake and stating the correct price with an apology.

      If you really want this, go to the store and try your best, speak to the manager there if you have to or try another store, at this point, there are receipts out there, so try price match at competitors as well.

      And you may be right about the ACCC stuff in theory but the reality is as much as you complain, it's a long process you'll need to document your complaint and by the time anything happens that may help with a lower price, there will be another deal/the item will depreciate it's typical RRP.

      TLDR; If you notify head office it will kill the deal for everyone, deal with the staff in the store and try your luck there.

      • I agree, contacting head office direct will certainly kill this. The only strange thing here is that either head office was shut/unreachable today OR they let it slide. Going by all the past GG price errors I would be willing to guess that they were closed. This will probably be closed up by the morning so won't be surprised to see stores getting another notification to take down incorrect prices and to not honour the deal. We can all hope though so let's see.

      • +3

        I agree, as someone who used to work for the ACCC. Pulling the ACCC card is about as effective as saying "I'll call the cops" when you're having a civil dispute with your neighbour.

        The ACCC simply won't care about these sort of civil disputes where it's marginal at best whether there's a criminal case at all. The retailer knows this and won't give two hoots if you start threatening them.

        Think about why a retailer would want to honour this price. It's if they think you'll be a repeat customer and they'll earn more from you in the future so that it's okay to take a loss on you today. Try to act like a nice and amicable person and more often than not, you'll get these sort of things honoured.

        This whole "stand your ground" thing is nonsense. You have no ground. The price isn't supposed to be honoured. You need to give the store manager or sales rep a reason why you're the guy they should give a discount to.

        I've personally seen price errors before and I've gotten them honoured just by being a regular customer the store reps know and by just being a decent person and not trying to pressure them into an uncomfortable situation. The only place where the "stand your ground" bullshit works is behind your keyboard.

        • But JB did this trick last year and cancelled orders just days before Christmas.

          This Good Guys/JB is notorious for doing this. I understand at the moment the Consumer laws can't make them honour the pricing but they should make it law.

          Every Christmas time they use it as a publicity stunt.

          • @DisabledUser319612:

            This Good Guys/JB is notorious for doing this. I understand at the moment the Consumer laws can't make them honour the pricing but they should make it law.

            Unfortunately that can't be done. Advertised prices are invitations to treat and are not contracts. You can't force someone to sell you something at some price.

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    Guys I pulled the ACCC card but be mindful of what people are saying on here , GG issued an Australian wide apology and apparently on the ACL website that holds up under one form or another but there is nothing in stone about honouring an advertised price error, play on the heart strings of the sales guy/store to win the battle here. Happy to be proven wrong but I’ve been looking into this most of today and where the retailer/selling had a written notice of discrepancies then it isn’t liable. The guy in store was nice enough about the error but the Thomastown store had apologies galore up so they have covered themselves good and proper. Good luck to whoever snatches one up though

    • Does the ACCC have any rules against a retailer making the exact same price error twice to bait people in and then call it a price error?

      • +1

        I used to work for the ACCC. The ACCC does not make any rules, just like the police do not make any rules.

        Rules are made by the government, enforced by the ACCC/police…etc.

        To answer the question directly, no, there are no rules against this specifically. It might fall under other things but it's marginal and will have to go to court, where it's up to the lawyers to fight it out and a judge to decide.

        • +1

          He meant guidelines. One such as if a retailer advertises wrong prices on every weekly catalogue is acceptable or not etc. Will ACCC take such retailer to the court or should a consumer pay out of pocket to take the retailer to the court. I think we want to know the functions of ACCC in regards with protecting consumers being tricked by receiving the catalogues and walk into the stores to find out prices are wrong and the retailer hopes consumers pay RRP in this store instead of visiting it's competitor and buy the same item there at RRP.

          • @wtfnodeal: As a consumer you should complain to fair trade who investigate individual complaints.

            • @Clear: So ACCC has no functions in retailers scheduled price errors? It will be a new interesting strategy to lure consumers into their stores and try to sell them at higher prices much like what mytrip.com is doing.

              • @wtfnodeal: ACCC do not investigate individual complaints.

              • @wtfnodeal: Not individual complaints, no. They do have a team who look for retailers who behave badly and crack down on them. Kogan and MSY are examples.

                To be fair to TGG, it's extremely unlikely this is intentional. They've done far more damage through the negative publicity, printing of retractions, losses in actually honouring the price in some cases…etc. than any gain they would have made in "getting people in their stores".

        • -1

          I used to work for the ACCC .

          That why you use to work there as no clue on no brainer LAWS I found in 1 min :