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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Global Version US $26.72 (~AU $39.30) | Xiaomi Mi Box S Global Version US $52.99 (~AU $77.90) Shipped @GearBest


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Global Version - Log in to apply coupon GBBAND4MI and remove shipping guarantee at checkout to ensure cheapest price.

Xiaomi Mi Box S Android 4K TV Box Global Version AU $77.90

Prices are GST inclusive.

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  • Thanks. Ordered 1 mi band 4.

  • Thanks. Ordered "International Version" from your link, not "Global Version" - maybe they mean the same product?

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    Not much of boxing day sale i paid $38 5 months back

    • Yeah, I paid $36 last month I'm pretty sure haha

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    Cheaper here for Chinese version if you have eBay plus

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Watch CN Ver. $36.90 @ ShoppingSquare eBay

  • Mi4 screen is extremely delicate, so minor fall will crack the screen….so you will end up buying new…it is worth spending more and get more durable watch.

    • Such as?

      • I am still looking for answer, but assuming something like Fitbit may have better quality screen glass.

        • My Fitbit Versa screen cracked almost immediately. It's been fine since. A clean crack. But I even had a crappy screen protector on it.

          My first fitbit died after a couple of years.

          There may be some durable fit watches out there but in my experience they don't seem to be built to last many years,and personally I think that's kind of fine as the tech within them will significantly improve within a year or two. Main thing to improve on is battery life, they run out quickly, but also the Fitbit Versa has some kind of music player built in but you have to pay for a subscription or something - I could be wrong, but my point is that IMO the advanced (phone like) features aren't fully evolved yet, but in a few years they will be.

          My point, buy a cheap to mid priced fit watch and expect to replace it at some point over the next few years.

    • Well if you dont buy it it will not break your bank right?

      • This band is pretty good 👌, except the fact that screen is not durable….if you can manage to use it with without fall then it is worth buying!

        Main issue is unlike mobile screen you can't even buy replacement screen..so repair is not the option.

        • TBH, I do not see any needs to use any fit tracker(for me). I am happy with my old watch.

    • Or spending less and getting a more durable watch like the previous model?

      • Not sure about previous model..mi 4 was my first smart watch.

        • I think the 3 was stronger.
          I got mine for $25.

    • How do you drop… a watch? 🤔

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        by not watching what you're doing. aint nobody got time for that.

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    Just started using a Mi Box S. I had some issues where it would lag after waking up from sleep, enabling HDMI-CEC has fixed the issue and I can use my TV remote to control all functions on the Mi Box S.

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    Good price. However, no option for Free Australia Priority Shipping.

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      Thats fake one mate..

  • Amazon has Global version and this is an international version, what's the difference please?

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      They are the same.

      • Cheers mate

  • Showing up as AU$37.75 for me without any code

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