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5L Karlsberg German Lager Beer Keg $26.99 @ ALDI Special Buys


On sale 1 January 2020 in selected NSW, ACT, VIC and WA stores while stocks last

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    A head bangingly good deal?

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    Thought the idea is to drink before the New Year?

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    Whilst listening to the album Back in Black

    • Have a Drink on Me :D

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      Bon Scott was the best. Brian Johnson not so much

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    not to be confused with Carlsberg, this is called Karlsbräu anywhere outside of Germany.

    • I bought one last year for Christmas/nye, and dropped it. Spurted everywhere.
      This year, i bought a bitburger, and it went flat 2 beers later. That was after 40mins. 1st beer was all froth.

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        regarding the froth, we buy a small amount of clear plastic tube that fits over the tap. then this fills from the bottom of the glass. no more froffy beers

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    It'd be unAustralian not to buy this.

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      Or South Australian, seeing as we can't

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      Angus Young doesn't drink at all. Bon Scott choked to death on his own vomit. Can't think of a worse product for them to sell really

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        I saw some ACDC endorsed Sav Blanc not too long ago which seemed even more inappropriate.

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          cheateau le chunda

      • They don’t have use it make money off it.

  • is the keg got a lid that can be refilled?

    • No once emptied that’s it carnt refill

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      you can refill them with liquid but it's a massive hassle

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        so do you need to refill from the tap hole or need to make a hole on top?

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      If its similar to this design then yes.
      Interested in this myself to fill them up with home brew, but never tried it.

      • what type of alcohol do you homebrew and how do you do it?

        how much cheaper is your homebrew?

        BTW how is the taste compared?

          1. Type? A bit of everything from ginger beer to mead to cider to wine. I have not tried much "normal beer" yet as its more complicated. Or at least it can be if not using a pre made can.

          2. How to? search on youtube for the type you want to make, there are heaps of info out there.

          3. Price? depends a lot on the type you are doing. My ginger beer only cost me some sugar and yeast, as i grew the ginger.

          4. Taste? That's the beauty of home brew, make it to your own taste! I put chilli in my ginger beer, makes it firey hot and gingery! not many would like it that hot, but i love it!

        • I personally spend about $35-40 in consumables on a brew and that makes 23L of good craft quality ale. It can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it, depends on your goals. A basic decent brew to replace swill eg. basic Coopers tin homebrew might cost only $20 or so. Same with the taste, it's up to you. Overall it's not hard to make something good. Controlling the temperature is a good deal of the difference between okay and good brews (different yeasts produce different flavours at different temperatures) so brewing in winter or in a spare temperature controlled fridge helps there.

  • If this is the same keg from their Oktoberfest then it's horrible. Too effervescent. Don't super recommend but the novelty of having a keg is pretty fun.

    • if it's just foam it's too warm or you arent pouring it properly. fully open or fully closed, not half way

  • Silly question but once opened does all of it need to be finished in one day as in for a group of people or can one person drink it over a few days (I'm assuming there will be a loss of fizz and also taste as in Pepsi/ coca cola)

    I'm not a beer drinker, was thinking of gifting it to my dad, who drinks a glass of beer at lunchtime

  • Hope better than the AC/DC Back in Black Shiraz, which is a flop.

  • -1

    Don't recommend this piss, especially in a 5L keg… RateBeer 5/9 - Untappd 2.97

    • +1

      It's $27 for 5L…

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        5L of still water is 4$.

      • +1

        ALDI sells full strength Rivets for 28 dollars per case of 24 cans 365 days of the year

        • And rivet is 2.4 on Untappd…

          Don't get me wrong, I get around them both, just saying that for the price, don't expect your local brewer's IIPA for flavour…

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      Australia's best selling beer is no better

      • +1

        That's hardly surprising; I've tasted Great Northern.

        • Yeah tastes like cats piss.

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        carlton dry > great northern

      • Great Northern is Australias best selling beer?

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    I'm not downvoting BUT am curious why so many upvotes?

    $27 for 5L of beer isn't overly special - few reviews on the beer but those that are about say it's below average. Seems the keg or AC/DC endorsement is giving it a bit of a novelty rise.

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    Dam Queensland

  • Isn't the beer spelled with a C as in Carlsberg? Or is this an "inspired by" type like Hugo Moss or Emporium Armani?

    • Or ray bins

  • Damn you Aldi. From Adelaide.

  • I asked a store manager in SA, turns out they want liquor but it's the SA government that's not allowing the sales.

    • Well yeah, alcohol is banned from all supermarkets in SA

  • Can you put this in the fridge?

    I would like to chill it first before having it…

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    For sydneysider: no stock in Rydalmere; at least 6 left in Eastwood store - bought one from there. Thanks op.

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