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Boost Prepaid $129.99 | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* @ Cellmate


A further $3 price drop on this deal from our friends at Cellmate.

  • 80GB data.
  • 12 month expiry.
  • Unlimited calls & text to standard national numbers.
  • Unlimited international calls & text to 25 selected countries + 1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected countries.
  • Stream Apple Music data free.

Update: Back in stock, thanks to 123bargain

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  • I realise this is a new customer only sim - but whats the cheapest option / provider / other sim to port out and back again on

    Am already a customer on the same plan, seems a waste to recharge for $27 more!

    • Just get a free telstra sim :) Its a bit of a hassle to port between Telstra a boost though

      • What’s involved to do. I might buy one for porting out at the end of the year.

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      Free Telstra Sim or free Optus Sim

      I think you need to recharge the Optus sim though

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        I think you need to recharge the Optus sim though

        Not if you activate it through Optus Live chat :)

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          What do you tell them to get them to do it

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            @deme: Just go to http://yesopt.us/chat2us , and initiate a chat session… They’ll then ask for the SIM number which is on the sim kit, and they’ll ask for some ID (mandatory, happens even if you do it via self-service channels) and then they’ll ask if you want a new number or are porting in from another provider (most likely you’ll be porting in or it defeats the whole purpose of this) - they’ll subsequently activate it, it’ll have $0 credit though, so won’t be able to make/send calls/SMS’ while you are on Optus Prepaid.

            • @DisabledUser329746: After activation how long does it stay active for without recharging?
              I saw in an article that the numbers are thrown back into the pool after 6 months if you don't recharge. What does your say?
              Been thinking about porting over my Amaysim numbers so I can continue to use them for verification and 'sketchy deals'

    • I used a 4.90 for 1 month catch connect sim and used Optus for a month.

    • What’s the best price for just the recharge (with similar inclusions as this deal) in the existing Boost number?

    • Coles Voucher @ $135. Might be one still on classifieds here.

  • As an existing Boost customer this can’t be used for a recharge right?

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      Doesn't look like it, given past comments. I'm already with boost and wouldn't mind buying this for use later in 2020

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      Any issue for you porting out to another carrier for a month? Catch is $4.90 less Cashrewards for 30 days, with 40GB.

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      Hello. Yes You are correct. This can't be used as a recharge

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    Most of Officework in Melbourne is out of stock now and no longer able to order online.

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    Can I buy it now and activate it in March?

    • @Cellmate, same question - can I buy two now but not activate until March / April?

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        The ones sold from other providers last until 2021, so I expect waiting until March/April will be fine with these.

        • I got 2 from OW today with April 2021 expiry.

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        Hello. Yes you can definitely buy now and activate in March or April
        The aim starter kit has an expiry of more than 1 year.

        The plan starts from the date of activation and not the purchase date.

        We would appreciate your business and support.

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      Hello. Yes you can definitely buy now and activate in March.
      The aim starter kit has an expiry of more than 1 year.

      The plan starts from the date of activation and not the purchase date.

      We would appreciate your business and support.

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    Thank you

  • +1

    Thanks. My previous one is running out in March.

    • This isn't a recharge though.

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    No more stock available.

    Pls mark deal out if stock. Thanks

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      Still showing in stock for me

    • +1

      @mirz - Why don't you mark it expired? lol….

  • any good deals on the 150gb+ plans? My Catch plan end in Feb

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    Hey.. tried Code BOOSTARSE but didnt work?? got one anyway :)

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    I ported from a Telstra number in less than 10 minutes.

    • I ported from an Optus number in about 10 minutes on a Friday evening.

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        Oh, you party-animal!

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    Thanks for posting this great deal TA. I’ve been waiting & watching for a deal to take the place of my $120 Optus prepaid plan that is very quickly running out, so this came along at just the right time!

  • Anyone on Boost care to share their experience with them?

    • +1

      I'm from Sydney and been using for last 7 months, service is amazing and 4g is super quick. Boost runs on the Telstra network so I'm not surprised. The bonus international calls are awesome too!

      • Thanks! Just pulled the trigger.

      • I have a question about the international calls. Odes the person on the other side of the call get charged if they only have a standard plan in their country (one with no international calls at all)?

        • I would have thought few countries charge to receive calls but can't be certain.

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            @constipated: I've just heard horror stories growing up of people getting thousand dollar phone bills due to international calls so just want to confirm before putting that burden on friends and family

            • @AlmightyBeing: I'd like to get this confirmed too…

              • +1

                @beebul: Not sure what sort of foreign provider would shaft their clients like that. But the person with the story needs to chase their end for more details. Its nothing to do with Boost, Cellmate, or Australian providers.

        • That used to be a thing in the US some 10-12 years back when receiving calls wasn't free during day time (e.g. 7pm to 7am was an exception) except the calls were from the same network. I am sure things would have changed there as plans got cheaper and cheaper.

    • +1

      Great once you are up and running but getting there can be an experience. Any issues and you will be dealing with a call centre manned by operators with poor English and limited intellect. Ask to speak to a supervisor to escalate issues and the line "conveniently" drops out (same situation on multiple calls). One of the worst customer service experiences I've ever encountered.

  • good price…what's the expire date? one of my household Catch Connect end in may and think of getting this.

    • +1

      Hello. Are you referring to the expiry date of the starter kits?.

      If yes then the starter kits have an expiry of more than a year

      • @cellmate, when will this promotion ends? cheers

        • +2

          Hello. As of now we don't have an end date however if we do go out of stock we will check with our warehouses on Monday and try and add more stock.

          Friends if the product goes out of stock please subscribe to the product and get notified as soon as we add more stock

          • @Cellmate: Thanks for this, any estimate on delivery time for metro Sydney?

          • @Cellmate: Hi, it is now out of stock, can you please add more stock ASAP

  • Is boost good for suburbs outside of the city in VIC?

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      • If i get this, and after one year i recharge again ($150). Can I still use it?

        • These are starter kits, so you would need to port out of Boost (e.g. to Optus) and port back in to Boost with the starter sim all while keeping your existing mobile number.

    • Without being specific of a street or postcode… This is the best you can get, full telstra network.


  • Can I call officeworks and get the price match and have it delivered to my house?

  • Noob question, can I keep my existing number?

  • Thanks, purchased a SIM to replace Catch Connect in Feb.
    Does anybody know what information is required to port out Catch to Boost?

    • +1

      Name. DOB.

      • Thanks

        • +1

          Make sure it's identical to what you gave Catch. For example if you used a middle name then keep it the same.

  • Can this prepaid SIM use while overseas to receive text?

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      If you’re heading overseas then grab a $5 or $15 Add-on. You’ll be able to make and receive calls and texts while you’re overseas.

      • Thanks for the heads up

        • +6

          You don’t need any add-ons to receive text messages whilst overseas. Works just fine without them. Only needed for sending text messages, and making/receiving calls.

          • @tightarse: Can the add-on be umm added on at anytime as I’ll be travelling overseas later in the year.

          • -1

            @tightarse: Hi @tightarse, sorry for randomly replying to one of your posts, but because I'm in the UK (returning back to OZ next week), I'm blocked from PM's. As a Cashrewards Rep are you able to tell me if Woolworths Mobile offer of 365 day Long Expiry (Pre-paid) would qualify for the $50 Cashback. I posted this in another thread and others have suggested it wouldn't. Many thanks,

      • Does it include data for using overseas?

        • +1

          No, need to use an add-on.

          It's better value to use a dual-sim phone and buy a local sim when in country overseas, and keep this one in for receiving texts (e.g. banking).

  • How do I port my existing Optus number to this? - as in can I do it when activating or do I need to contact customer service?

    • You can do it yourself when activating the sim. It gives you two options - one to keep your existing number, the other to activate the number in the sim

  • Can anyone advise if Boost 12 months is 365 days or only 28x12?

  • Is boosts service the same as telstra basically? Been with telstra my whole life and I spend a fair bit of time in places where there isn't great reception, so would like it to be similar at least.

    • Boost has access to the Telstra 4G network but not 4GX so may have some reception black spots in regional areas - https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Mobiles-Tablets/What-...

      • Actually you are incorrect. Boost uses Telstra retail network which is identical to Telstra. Perhaps you are thinking of MNVOs such as Aldi mobile, Woolworths mobile, Telechoice which use Telstra wholesale network which is more limited particularly in regional areas.

        • Thanks for the correction. Good to know. Yes that’s what I’m thinking of.

        • Thankyou. So I shouldn't see any change in reception?

        • @constipated No he is correct in saying Boost does not use 4Gx speeds.

          I just Googled, from a discussion in another thread. Boost gets a throttled or similar form of 4Gx. It uses the 4Gx frequencies so gets better coverage distance from a tower, better building penetration, but its not full speed.

          So coverage should be same, just slower. But its not identical.

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    Does this work if porting from Aldi Mobile?

    • Yes. Just did this yesterday for my daughter's phone. Took less than 10 minutes even though the operator said it might take 24-48 hours.

      • Thanks

  • looks like they're out of stock

    • Hello. Apologies for the product being out of stock as we had a tremendous response. Will try and add more stock on Monday.

      Please subscribe to the product and get notified as soon as we add more stock

      Kind Regards

  • +1

    Called officeworks for a price match but they said they are out of stock.