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[BF] Free Replacement Passports for Bushfire Victims @ Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


If your passport has been lost or damaged in bushfires, you may be eligible for a free replacement. Call 131 232 for more information.

Australian Passport Office
Australian Government
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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For those affected or involved, see the Bushfire Relief event page. You can also use the new front page to prioritise the [BF] tag.

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    What is defined as a bushfire victim?

    • +117

      Had to shake scomo's hand …

      • +4

        I thought no one did that so far … willingly anyway.

      • -14


        • Alert: Toad is from the shire

      • +1

        Well you have to have a go to get a go

      • Had to look at Scomo

        • +7

          That would make us all victims.

    • +2

      Who can get the passport replacement for free is clearly defined.

      If your passport has been lost or damaged in bushfires, you may be eligible for a free replacement.

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    BTW, this is a long-standing government policy and applies to anyone who’s been through a natural disaster. It’s not something specifically offered to victims of the current catastrophic bushfires: https://www.passports.gov.au/passports-explained/how-apply/e...

    • Thanks for link. Good to know DFAT’s following official policy, instead of do-gooder brand promotions.

  • +9

    isnt this a targeted deal? >_>

    • +1

      Targeted deals are allowed. Marking them as targeted however requires a moderator 😉

  • +19

    These are not deals, can't we have a page dedicated for bushfire victims ?

    • Deals for the unfortunate affected by bushfires……

      • +4

        This more of a platform for keyboard warriors and good publicity for businesses.
        If you are a bushfire victim, there are some good communities out there with genuine help.
        When your house got burn, first thing you do is to look for bushfire deal in Ozb? Lol

    • -1

      …and a page for any items under $5, particularly groceries.

  • +8

    No, it’s not a deal or a bargain.

    However, OzBargain is a great platform to share information as such. Those who have replied saying bushfire victims won’t be surfing OzBargain, what else might they be doing? There’s a lot of time to kill. Sleepless nights, I’m sure. I come on OzBargain even when I’ve got no money, it’s like window shopping. It passes time.

    • +1

      Also - If my family or a friend was in a bushfire zone and I saw this while sitting at a desk in the city, I would pass on this information.

  • Added to the Disaster Relief wiki page.

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