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CSIRO Total Wellbeing Plan #2 $149 (Was $239.40) @ Total Wellbeing Diet


This is a reputable healthy eating/lifestyle program.

TLDR: If you try cancelling your first 100% refundable wellbeing plan, you get offered a heavily reduced #2 plan to keep going.

I hope it helps some looking for a "coupon code".

In full:

If you have completed the 12 wk program (excellent btw) and got a refund, then this automatically rolls over to start charging you $19.99/wk IF you don't cancel on the last day.

BUT! If you do want keep going and do program 2 and pay for it, but also get a discount, then go through the cancel stage until you get to the page that offers you:

"Can we change your mind? Would you consider this deal? $149 for 12 wks"

Make sure you have completed your exit survey and also submitted your plan 1 refund first.

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  • If you try cancelling your first 100% refundable wellbeing plan, you get offered a heavily reduced #2 plan to keep going.

    and a donut ?

    • Hehe. Technically yes. The twb plan suggests not depriving yourself. Key word "a".

  • So does this apply to first time customers?

    How are the meal plans? Do they let you input info like being intolerant to certain foods etc?

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    Yep and yep. It's quite flexible.

    First time users for the first 12 weeks is "free" (pay $199 then get a full refund if you do weekly weigh-reports, a photo and a final short survey)

    At the start you select a program like:

    Healthy gut
    Flexible (for busy/social eating people)
    Protein plus
    And others.

    And meal swapping occurs easily.

    Meal plans were yummy as.

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    This or the Super Size Me diet???

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    Do you get anything physically? Or is it just recipes?

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    With their chairman being from Telstra, if they think their 1.2 billion annual budget is not enough, maybe they should start a phone company.

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      • CSIRO getting into the diet business to generate some extra coin.

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          CSIRO got big bucks from patents that make up IEEE 802.11 or as you might say WiFi.

          Funding science is a bloody good ROI.

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    Hey guys I recommend ss.fitness. It's free and informative. Plus it has lots of quality citations!

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    You can try my cut price “#2” Weight Loss Plan. It involves consuming heavily discounted out of date foods. Your body will do the rest automagically 💩

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      Lol oh dear!!!

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    Gee.. it must be NEW YEAR when all of these 'get fit' deals come out…

    "then this automatically rolls over to start charging you $19.99/wk"

    for what ??

    Honestly - use these $$ and get yourself a gym membership.

    Further - you don't need these 'recipe' plans - just do intermittent fasting - high fat / low carbs - sugars - alcohol.

    There is so much free stuff around - youtube, keto, etc. Start doing something first, get moving, look at your eating habits, before throwing $$ at something like this.

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      exercise has very little effect on weight loss, it's all about what you eat. fad diets like low carb and intermittent fasting have good short term effects but most people fail to stick to them. in the long term developing healthy eating habits is the best way to go.

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    Greets all,
    Interesting 'hack' here to get the discount as I wasn't aware of it.
    FWIW, I am the guy featured on their website.
    I have lost 81.5 kilos in 81 weeks.
    Obviously I am proof that the plan works, so happy to answer any questions you have regarding the plan etc.
    One statement I saw was concerning what you get for the $19.95 per month that you automatically roll over to.

    That is their loyalty plan. Basically you get access to all the online tools - the food tracker, the food search, online recipes, meal plans etc.
    Considering I paid more than that on junk food on a daily basis, the loyalty plan is very cheap.

    Any doubters can check my blog - www.healthjourney.net.au -

    Happy to answer any questions about it.
    For clarity, even though my success story is featured there, I receive no financial gain from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.
    Think of me as an evangelist for them.

    Edit -
    Here is the link to my success story on their site - https://blog.totalwellbeingdiet.com/success/how-terry-lost-4...

    I love inspiring and motivating others to show them that they can lose weight.

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      Hi Terry, thanks for your input. Your journey is inspiring! Are you aware of any of their options more suited towards a meal prep method? I live alone and have a small kitchen - so minimal clean up is ideal.

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        Quick reply as about to go to work.
        Two ways to do the diet.
        - Follow their meal plans
        - Create your own meal plans while following their guidelines (balancing protein across the day to stave off hunger).

        I created my own meal plans.
        Also, you can easily do meal swaps if you don't like some of their meal plans etc.

        The online tools are also awesome. The private Facebook group, the food search and food tracker all work together to help you lose weight safely and sustainably.

        • Thank you

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      Wow cool man. Thanks for contributing!! Yeah I love the non-invasive accountability thing they have going, as well as the consequences of having to pay money to them, haha I loved the refund. Congrats, man!

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    Is it an unhealthy grain based processed food diet like the charlatans at the CSIRO have been pushing for the last two decades?

    Grain based because the CSIRO works for food processors who pay off the Government to have you consume as much unhealthy grain and sugar based crap as possible. (profanity) your health.

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      No, it is a healthy balanced diet with portion control.
      High protein, combined with low GI to make you feel full longer.
      I create my own meal plans within their guidelines. I eat wholegrain brown breads, basmati rice, and low GI pasta (all in moderation).
      I also eat potatoes (classed as a bread unit).

  • Prepare to be bombarded with emails from them if you create an account.

    • It's true haha. I got 50 over twelve weeks! Some of them helpful, half I didn't read.

  • just double checking, you dont get any of the ingredients with the plan do you? just the recipes right?

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      yeah recipes. it generates a shopping list tho ;)

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