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25% off Pet Insurance Premiums for The Life of Your Pet @ Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance


Hi everyone,

Bow Wow Meow is currently offering a 25% off for life promo - running from now until Jan 31st 2020 for pet insurance.

Perfect for both dogs and cats and seems to be one of the best deals around at the moment. Ideal offer for this time of year too when people receive pups and kittens as Christmas prezzies!
Check it out: https://bowwowinsurance.com.au/?utm_source=promo&utm_medium=...

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Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance
Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

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  • If someone gave me a pet for Christmas, they would be taking it home with them.

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    • What if someone gave you a kid?

      • or a Tuba?

      • @nightelves what colour?

        • Whatever colour you want it to be mate.

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    OP, what do you say to Choice's assertion that pet insurance is shonky?:

    On another note, friends of the family just bought a puppy from a show dog's litter and it tragically died 2 days later from aspiration. The puppy was insured by the breeder as part of the package before it was handed over so the family is expecting the purchase price and the vet bills to be covered. It will be interesting to see if the claim is successful.

    • The Bow Wow team is very proud of the difference we are making to thousands of Aussie pet owners every day, paying out over a million dollars a month for claims made.
      We are also proud to have been voted Australia's number one pet insurer by pet owners, and we strongly believe that pet insurance is a worthwhile investment for pet owners who may be concerned about the future costs of their pet's health. We therefore do not agree with Choice's assertion, and strongly dispute it. I hope this helps.

      We are sorry to hear about your friend, that is indeed a tragic story. We hope that they are reimbursed by the breeder, who we believe should be accountable.

      From the Bow Wow team

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    yep, pet insurance = rip off (regardless of provider.)

    • We are sorry to hear that you feel that way. We can assure you that thousands of Aussie pet owners see the value in pet insurance, and are proud to be paying out over a million dollars a month in claims.

  • Hey OP - I'm already with Bow Wow Meow, is there anyway to apply this on my insurance policy? I don't want to have to cancel and apply again just to take advantage of this for life :(

    • Hey there, thanks for insuring your fur baby with us. The promo is just for new policies, but if you send us an email with your policy number, we will have a look at what we can do for you. The best email to send it to is [email protected].

      • Slightly disappointed, but I just sent an email. Hopefully will get a good result!

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    YMMV with Pet insurance. Our dog has had 10's of thousands covered by our pet insurance. We are so thankful that we never had to think twice about whether we could afford to get a cancerous lump removed or could afford the treatment for his allergies. I'm sure there is a piccy of our dog in their dartboard in head office :-)
    PS We aren't with OP's insurance.

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      Pets mean different things to different people. Some people think their dogs are just garden ornaments to take for a walk once or twice a week, while some people think of their pets as practically children. If you don't plan on looking after your pet then you aren't going to consider paying thousands of dollars over the life of your pet for insurance cover, you'll probably just get it put down if it gets sick.

      Leaving my personal feelings out of it, pet insurance makes sense for some people, but not others.

    • We are glad to hear that pet insurance has been worthwhile for you. :)

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    Yes YMMV. My cat had an ulna fracture and without insurance it cost me about $1,000. With insurance it would have been just under $1,500. If I had insurance the premiums over the life of the cat would have been $325 times 15 years plus 20% of the inflated bill due to claiming on insurance..i.e $300. About $5,000 in total…not worth it. I'll continue to self-insure.

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    FWIW: Woolworths Pet Insurance basic level cover is competitively priced (similar to BWM basic) but covers ongoing treatments for things like cancer - which many insurers don't cover - including BWM.

    Like car insurance, pet insurance isn't for day to day maintenance, but it's to cover major incidents. Don't get suckered into paying a fortune so that part of your pet's check-ups are covered. Rather, just make sure it covers you for the things which could cost you many thousands of dollars.

    • Hi Macrocephalic,

      It is inaccurate to say that Bow Wow Meow does not cover cancer. As long as it is not a pre-existing condition, cancer is covered under all of our illness plans and we will continue to cover it for the life of your pet, as long as you maintain your policy. We believe we have the best products on the market, and are proud to have insured over 80,000 Aussie pets and been awarded Best Pet Insurer for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 by Aussie pet owners.

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    As a current BowWowMeow customer I can honestly say that you would be better off putting the premium amount into a bank account each month rather than giving it to the insurer. They pay 80% at best and only then on the limited number of aspects of treatment that they insure

  • My dog broke his back in three places trying to jump over a very high fence. His tests, surgeries, medications and other treatments came to $15000. My pet insurance, not the one above, covered it. No problems. I would have still paid if I had no insurance but it would have sent me broke.

    • @itwasnotme who have you insured with?

      • Pet Insurance Australia

    • We are sorry to hear about your dog's accident. That is a serious vet bill, glad to hear that it was covered and we hope he has recovered well. :)

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    Or just reduce your premiums for everyone by 25%.

  • I am currently paying $550 with woolworths and my quote with BWM came to $750 for the same silver package.
    I also think pet insurers are a RIP off but if I had no option to look after my dog in case of sickness or accidents I would possible prefer to die. Every year I get an increased 10% premium and I look at him and I ask if I have to keep paying. The answer is always yes.

    Something I really hate with pet insurers you always have to serve the waiting period again if you change between them.

  • I knew within two weeks of getting my dog I would have to get pet insurance. He was so active and accident prone. Has paid off. Not all dogs would need it, I guess.

    • We agree it's best to get it young. Puppies especially are extremely accident prone and then you know you'll be covered for life!

  • Hi Op, appreciate the follow-up comments you've been sticking around for. I'm currently with PIA and my puppy has had cruciate surgery and also was diagnosed with hip displacia - am I right to assume I can't switch to you because, due to what is now a pre-existing condition, you would exclude cover (despite insurance being in place from before the event/diagnosis)?

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