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SIM Only Mobile Plan with Unlimited Talk / Text, 8GB/mth Data for $14.80/mth (No Contract, for New Customers) @ Moose Mobile


I saw this deal when looking for a new sim for one of the kids.

Get 2.5GB + 5.5GB Bonus data for your first 12 months. Hurry! Offer ends soon!

Any experience with Moose?

Woolworths Mobile on Telstra network @ $150 per 365 days for 84Gb data or Boost on Telstra network @ $135 per 365 days for 80Gb data and some included international calls may be safer options for the full year?

The Moose $14.80 8GB Promotional plan is available for a limited time and is limited to new services only (customers can purchase a plan with a new number or transfer their existing number from another provider, but cannot swap their existing plan to this promotional plan).

Customers who connect on this plan will receive 8GB of data (5.5GB of bonus data in addition to their monthly data allowance of 2.5GB) for the first 12 months of their service. After 12 months the monthly data allowance will revert to the standard 2.5GB.

SIM card must be activated within 1 month of purchase, or standard inclusion will apply on connection.

This promotional plan is only available for a limited time. This promotion is currently set to end at 11:59 on 13/01/20, and Moose Mobile may end or extend the promotion at our discretion.

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    Doesn't seem like a bad deal if you use a moderate amount of data, circles $18 for 20gb is still best though imo

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    • Wow that IS good.

      Does circles sell your info or anything to offset costs like Catch does?

      Any bothersome sms's or any such?

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        wait what is that about Catch selling info? Dam I bought Catch a few times

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          Part of their 'deal' if you read their terms and conditions is that you'll be sold to advertisers.

          You can opt out; but if you're too slow, or they drop the ball; once your details are 'out there' they can go a little wild.

          Spam sms, or emails are common.

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            @MasterScythe: There's always a 'catch' :D

            • @BargainKen: Thats why I wanted to know if CIRCLES was the same.

              • @MasterScythe: Circles is Singapore controlled, a bit like Optus maybe.

                Neither make much mention/commitment around respecting customer data privacy to any real extent, so don't count on any protection other than what you might sort of hope for under the local law.

                Maybe one day they will put something on their site that means they do a little more around data protection than they are 'required' to

                • @resisting the urge: Singapore and Australia have … OK….. privacy laws.

                  So long as they don't disclose they DO sell customer data (like CATCH) then odds are, they don't.

      • Nothing I've noticed so far, they don't have a proper voicemail system though

        • Budget Direct as well. Hence, "cheaper" .

      • could you please link to something explaining how to opt out

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  • 8gb for first 12 months then downgrade to 2.5gb/month

    • It's month to month, mate!

      • The benefits end after 12 months have a look at term and conditions

        • +3

          Thats when you port out to another plan.

          12 months is a long time to be able to wait for deals to get better or cheaper :)

  • Bought this yesterday

  • +3

    It's a good offer, but not sure the little bit of extra data is with the extra cost vs boost. Anyway, it's similar. A good way to port out then activate your next 12 month's on boost?

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      Yeah but Optus networks vs Boost's Telstra

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    What about Optus prepaid $150 for 120GB?


    • +1

      I am on the Optus Prepaid Epic Value SIM from last year (think it was the $120 for 60GB deal last year around this time). Turns out I could use a bit more data so in search for more data this year. The plan you mentioned above looks like it suits my needs, do you know if I need to port out then back in to get this deal? Or am I able to simply add it onto my currently SIM?

      • 82gb of data $45 a month; 12 month contract


      • yep, im in the same boat. the website just says for 'new' customers which makes me assume gotta port in and out which is stupid but if someone else can answer otherwise would be grateful. the optus online chat doesn't know jack.

  • Boost gives unlimited standard calls to certain countries. Does anyone know if this includes calls to mobile within that country? I checked Boost website but could not find relevant info.

    • +1

      Mobile call is included. I've been using for nearly a year.

      • Thanks mate.

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    No unlimited international calling. Boost is selling 12 months plan in $135 with 80GB and unlimited calls in AU and internationally.

  • 1G data for $8.80 monthly is pretty good. I need a mobile plan with a bit of data, like 1G a month, anything that is super cheap? Or cheaper than this?

  • -2

    I will not touch Moose Mobile with a ten foot pole.

    When I signed up with them for a trial a few months ago I needed a credit card.

    Then when I cancelled my phone plan trial with them before expiration they still charged my credit card, requiring me to go through the motion of getting a merchant refund through my bank and cancelling my last credit card.

    Stay away from this mob and their racket.

    • To those who downvoted , sign up at your own risks.

      • +1

        To be fair to the downvoters (and I wasn't one), you didn't really list any efforts to rectify this with the provider.
        You went straight from erroneous charges, to 'cancel my card!' from how it reads.

        People here do downvote overreactions in my experience.

        You might have been perfectly civil and discussed it with them, you just didn't mention it.

        • Thanks for the insights.

          I told them I was going to cancel my trial before the end of the trial period.

          They still went ahead and made an unauthorized charge on my credit card.

          I reckoned based on that behavior they could not be trusted to do the right thing.

          So when I saw the unauthorized charge on my credit card statement I pulled the nuclear option , which was to ask for a merchant refund and cancel my credit card.

          By the way , they made it very difficult to change phone service provider from them to another phone service provider.

          I had to jump through a couple more hoops than usual to change from them to a new phone service provider.

          So again , sign up at your own risks.

          And never again will I use my credit card to sign up for any phone service in Australia.

  • Are there over usage fees

    • From their CIS

      2.5GB of monthly data allowance, with excess data usage charged at 1.5c per MB ($15 per GB). Excess usage is billed in KB increments.

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