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Air Purifiers: SHARP IGA10J $99, Philips AC1215/70 $299, Breville LAP150WHT $219 + More @ Various Retailers


Please feel free to add more deals or detail. In stock products only please.
Revised based on the availability.

SHARP IGA10JW Ion Generator Air Purifier (White) | Red | Black - $99 Out Of Stock
- Recommended Room Size - Up to 10 m² | Air Flow Volume (m³/hour) (High / Low) - 102 / 72

Breville The Easy Air Purifier LAP150WHT - $219 - Please Check your local store for pick up availability
Or try BigW - $199 -Not Available For Delivery, Pick Up Only
-Room Size: up to 25m² | Air Circulation 92m3/h

HoMedics TotalClean 5-in-1 Medium Tower Air Purifier - $219 + Free Shipping with Club Catch - Out Of Stock Or Try Countdown Deals - $279
- CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) numbers for room size of 17.2 m²/185 FT2

Philips Air Purifier Series 1000 with VitaShield IPS Technology AC1215/70 - $299 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- Superior Purification that can be applied to max 63m² room. CADR (cigarette smoke) 270 m³/h

SHARP FUY30JW Air Purifier - $299 - Pick Up Available @ MEL
- Recommended Room Size: 21 m²

SHARP AIR PURIFIER FPF30JH - $299 - Pick Up Available @ MEL
- Recommended Room Size: 21 m²

Breville The Easy Air Purifier LAP300WHT - $329 - Please Check your local store for pick up availability
-Room Size: up to 40m² | Air Circulation 169m3/h

Sharp Air Purifier KCF30JW - $399 - Pick Up Available @ MEL
- Room Size: Under 25m2

Philips Series 2000 Air Purifier AC2887/70 - $499 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- 25-79m² room size | CADR (cigarette smoke) 333 m³/h

Sharp Air Purifier FPG50JW - $599 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
Room Size: 26m2 - 40m2

PHILIPS SERIES 3000 AIR PURIFIER - AC3256/70 - $799 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- Room size: up to 95m² | CADR (cigarette smoke): 367 m³/h

SHARP KCA50JW Air Purifier - $799 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- It takes approximately 20 minutes for the KCA50JW to clean a room of 38m2 size at the maximum fan speed.

SHARP KCA60JW Air Purifier - $799- Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- Dual Action of PCI and HEPA filter will purify the air in the area up to 48m2 and keep up to 34m2 at a comfortable humidity level with the new humidity function.

Below products may be required long waiting time
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3 - $275.45 with code PARRY or $260.95 with code POLKA (eBay Plus) @ eBay gearbite - No Pick Up Option Available | Pre-Sale
- 32-48m² room size | CADR (cigarette smoke) 400 m³/h

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro - $379.95 with code PARRY or $359.95 with code POLKA (eBay Plus) @ eBay gearbite - No Pick Up Option Available | Pre-Sale
- 30-60m² room size | CADR (cigarette smoke) 500 m³/h

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  • Don't you think Arovec air purifiers are fake? There is no much info on their website, not even ABN or location.

    • Yes they are alibaba rebranded fake purifier

  • -1

    Are these useful for everyone, or just hay fever allergy sufferers. Is there a benefit for normal people.

    • +3

      The small particles from bushfire smoke are dangerous for everyone. Not just asthma and respiratory problems. They also trigger heart attacks and other illnesses not typically associated with smoke.
      Eg https://www.smh.com.au/national/is-bushfire-smoke-bad-for-yo...

    • +2

      They would be useful at the moment because of the bushfires - based on some comments above, it seems like everyone is buying them (e.g. pushing up prices and going out of stock).

    • +1

      Generally, when there is no bushfire smoke or dust storms (relatively rare for all Australian cities), the air quality in Australia is very, very good (especially outside of Syd/Mel), so these are not really required for most people.

      That said, I got one (in Canberra due to the thick fog smoke for the past month) and justified it because I have cats, so it will help get rid of cat odours and allergens for visitors who are allergic :).

  • As an asthmatic that hasn’t really stopped coughing since the bushfires started, would this help? If so; what would be the recommendation?

    • Yes. Also, perhaps you could consider wearing a mask when you're outside? I don't know anything about the correct mask to purchase though (also might be over the top as I don't know how severe your coughing is).

      • It comes and goes. I bought the Honeywell ones for the days when its real bad.

        • P3 or n99 mask. I'd recommend one of the fabric ones from amazon (Cambridge co or Base camp are good). P2 only filters 95% of particulates - that's like allowing 5% of the crap straight into your lungs. P3 or n99 block 99.97% of pm2.5. Disposable paper ones are ok but they don't provide a good close fit. Ok if you're not moving much (eg at a workshop) but not so good if you're out and commuting.

      • +1

        P2 mask,but the fit is critical, needs to be tight and sealed around the face. If you have a beard it's pretty much useless, apparently.

        I can't believe how many people are at the beaches, check out webcam on coastal watch.


        • It's weird seeing people exercise and out and about with kids without any protection. I have a pm2.5 monitor and would have a heart attack exercising without a mask right now.

          • @bargainshooter: Not weird. They are just using their lungs as free HEPA filters for you. Give them 2 thumbs up.

  • Does anyone know of any air purifiers big/powerful enough to do the whole house? Or are multiple smaller units in each room a better way to go?

    • +3

      Smaller units in each room. Just check the specs for what they reccomend.
      You can move them to the room you are currently.

    • +1

      Generally not. Best off buying one unit per room. Safer to but a higher capacity model than what you need as it'll be more efficient at cleaning the air

  • +2

    If the bushfires are brought under control by end Feb, there will be a massive sale of air purifiers as the huge stock from China arrives.

    • +1

      We can only hope. I'm holding my breath until then

      Also I wouldn't sub eBay plus don't even try to make me pay for plus. Freaking eBay plus can rot

    • +1

      We have hazard reduction burns anyway, so you will still regularly get exposed to ultra fine particles even if they don't smell as bad.

      • +1

        And there’s always next year. With climate change we’ll be lucky if this is the new normal.

      • Well there's no stock for the Xiaomi. I'm not paying Gearbite if they ain't delivering

    • Unlikely that stock will be arriving from China in Feb. Since Chinese New Year is early this year, so if stock were to arrive it would arrive early Feb as mid jan till early feb pretty much all of china will be shutdown.

  • I've bought the Phillips 5000 via phone - last piece of stock from a random shop in Sydney. Waiting for it to be delivered. No idea how it will go but pretty much everything is sold out so I got massively ripped on price.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/510969 What I ended up finding. For a longer term option InovaAir. They also make commercial grade units, so you know they should work well. Not cheap but Australian owned and made. Shortage. Hopefully the one I have ordered comes in the next 2 weeks at least.

    • All air purifiers have the same tech. All it is a fan and a hepa filter slapped on it within a nice looking enclosure. You can easily DIY an air filter for $80 .

      What makes the difference is fan power in watts and filter type and quantity, key is to look at the specs of each air purifier to decide optimal one

      • Suppose you think a Corolla is exactly the same as a Ferrari. They both have motors slapped with a body shell over it. Your being very simplistic, and then you say there is a difference. Not everyone want what looks like a cheap fan with a filter taped on it sitting in their living room 24/7. Just saying.

      • Not really.

        Mine all have UV lights to kill bacteria. Some have electrostatic filters, and others have TiO filters and ionizers.

        Only the simplest of purifiers only have the HEPA and carbon filters.

  • Where are you Sydney peeps buying air purifiers? Tried a few links above and nothing in Sydney :( particularly keen on the Breville smart air.

  • I bought TrueSens Medium few days ago. I am in Sydney and can clearly see and smell smoke today. Our balcony is wide open. I would have thought that the air quality is pretty bad, but the purifier shows 6. Actually it hasn't shown anything more than 8 in the last few days.

    What do you reckon, is it broken?

    • Our balcony is wide open

      But you closed windows and doors?

      • Windows are open as well. Just wanted to measure air quality and it is 6-8. I can smell the smoke actually.. Weird!

        • Should be able to measure between 0 and 500. Are you sure it is set up correctly, whats the reading if you put the sensor pod outside?

          • @klonky: I am not sure if I actually can set up the unit. It is plug and play device I think.

            Close to the balcony door the reading spiked to 13 for a minute and then dropped to 6 again.

            Only when I switch on the aircon and it starts circulating air in the room, the reading goes up to 12-13. But it lasts for a couple of minutes and then back to 6-8.

            Any suggestions?

        • Apparently the P2 particles can be there without it smelling. If there is a haze and the air visual app is telling you it's bad, I would be chiding the fires and windows and turning on the air purifier

        • What does the pod actually measure? pm2.5 particulates or something else? Most air purifiers are great at sensing some gases, large dust particles and big changes in the air but aren't very good at pm2.5. The current pm2.5 levels are high (110 ug/m3 in sydney east) but there is very little other pollution from the fires, so most purifiers won't kick into high gear unless set manually.

          • @bargainshooter: It sounds like these is maybe the answer… The unit doesn't measure pm2.5 but something else.

    • I heard most of the units detectors are rubbish.

      Our Ionmax says everything's perfect even when I was putting smoke on the sensor.

    • The sensors on air purifiers are pretty crap, just run it on max don’t trust the sensor

      • Cheers

  • Have had a Xiaomi Series 1 in the bedroom for years, pretty happy with it. Will be getting another one (the new one) for my kid's room when the time comes, good for some white noise which baby's are supposed to like.

  • +1

    I ordered this one on Sunday night from Gear bite:
    Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3

    Arrived today. So far it seems pretty good. Low fan speed is super quiet too

  • What about eye protection? Swimming goggles?

  • +1

    The breville ones are just rebranded Chinese air purifiers , you’ll find the exact same design on amazon us by Chinese no brands

    • can you put up few links ? I cant find any on amazon that look exactly like the breville ones. Thank you.

      • +1

        Here is one of them https://www.amazon.com/LEVOIT-Filtration-Eliminators-Vista-2...

        Breville went to alibaba and rebranded these Chinese filters just like many no brands are doing

        • Same outer appearance, different internal. Your example is 3 stage which lacks UV stage compared to Breville (4 stage). I don't doubt they are all made in China anyway.

          • @Bigboomboom: Keep scrolling there are others than have the UV with the same design, go to alibaba you’ll find them. They come in different specs I’m sure breville ordered their own set of specs

            I contacted about the same and they didn’t deny that the air purifier was not engineered by them

            It’s a rebrand Of Chinese generic air filter not their own tech

  • +1

    I grabbed a Dyson Pure Hot/Cool HP04 rom MYER eBay about a month ago during their 20% off promo.

    Can highly recommend. I’d probably even be willing to say that I’d pay full price for it, it’s been that great (I’ll hand in my OzBargain badge).

    Nothing to compare it to but functionality wise, ease of use through the app and a great auto mode makes it a top choice. Both my son and I are asthmatic and it has really helped us having it.

  • What's the difference between the Xiaomi 3 and the Pro?

    • +1

      Pro is bigger and serve larger room.

      • The Pro doesnt ship with a HEPA 13 filter. I think it has a HEPA 11 or 12. You can put a 13 filter in the Pro though.

        • What filter does the Xiaomi 3 and Xiaomi 2H have?
          What is the difference between HEPA 13, 12 and 11?

          • @congo: The Xiaomi 3 comes with a HEPA 13 filter. I think the Xiaomi 2S comes with a HEPA 11 or 12. However HEPA 13 Filters can be put in 2S.

      • 3 has newer design and may have updated sensor, but I think they are still crap if you rely on automode.

  • Just DIY:

    on a split air con:
    internal unit, use this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/153774388486
    external unit, any aquarium shop will have activated charcoal filter pads, and cheaper than Bunnings like this:
    install it on the air intake (just don't get something too dense, or don't cover the whole intake of the splitty.

    You can also install this on a normal fan, activated charcoal from one side and pm2.5 filter on other.

    the expensive units listed by the Op are exactly doing the same with a fan inbuilt.

    • The pm2.5 rating looks a bit dubious for that paper, but no doubt these filters are better than nothing and a cheap way to retrofit following capabilities to existing fans and aircons.

      • yeah they do seem a bit dubious, from my research, most 'proper' pm2.5's are in S-folds like the car air filters while these ones are just foam pads.
        The other thing to consider is restricting air flow into the condenser and restricting air flow out of the split unit.
        But as you said, better than nothing and perhaps having 2 layers would work well.

        I have purchased both and I will test it out.

      • http://airazor.com.sg/en/home/17-airafilter.html

        Looks similar to this. Though the sheet of paper for this aircon has been tested.

    • By external unit, you mean the condenser outside?

      • yeah

  • Xiaomi 3 will ship today according to the ebay seller. I expect this to be a nice product

  • Ok if anyone is desperate you can buy a HEPA filter and stick it to a fan.

    It won't be as good as a bought unit but it will still do about 80% of the job and more than likely reduce it to tolerable levels. It should get you by until stock arrives.

  • +1

    I am using a commercial-grade purifier from Inovaair if anyone needs photos of it in use or further info let me know (I really benefit from its efficiency).

    • +2

      How have you found the prefilter? How many times have you had to replace it and at what intervals? What model do you have?

      • +1

        The model I have is AirClean E20 PLUS. Living in the Melbourne CBD, the neighbours smoke and there is pollution from cars and buses below.

        This prefilter is a year old and with some simple vacuuming, should last another year. It clears out all smells, dust and whatever other things are coming from through balcony doors.

        I also burnt something last week, moved the filter near the kitchen and it wiped the smell and smoke within 5 min.

        I often use the fan control at max which is "20".

        • +1

          What made you decide to go for the big gun E20?

          • +1

            @nfr: The 100m2, it clears rooms faster to reduce asthmatic symptoms

        • So you haven't purchased new prefilter's and just vacuumed the dust off it. They do recommend replacing them once they get thick with dust, not vacuum them. When its on max is it noisy, like a high fan is on. Also what was the reason why your purchased it and is it performing to those reasons and your expectations.

          • +1

            @Melb69: To alleviate asthma - in my personal account it has worked, owing to being able to sleep quickly and wake up refreshed (real gamechanger for me as I didn't know what to expect)

            as opposed to previously I had always been tossing and turning during the night, whilst unable to find a breath of air, and intermittently waking up in the night with asthma symptoms, and struggling to get up next morning and having a puffy face.

          • +1

            @Melb69: I'll take a photo when I get home. I'll lift the case off and show what it looks like inside.

  • The $99 ones all gone

  • haha, now Australia is also joined this air purifier madness??

    • Not all purifiers work, but the ones that do. Incredibly positive impact in the home.

  • +1

    Kogan has presale on their rebranded air purifier at $189.99 + delivery. Specs looks good for price if you don't mind Kogan

    Also cheaper Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro presale by Kogan $299.99 + delivery

    You may or may not receive it quicker compared to gearbite, as some people have straight up delivery from gearbite whereas others said they don't have in stock.

  • +1

    N.B. Those prices exclude delivery (another $20 for the Xiaomi for me to Sydney).. They do have Kogan first, but the 14 day trial would expire before dispatch so it would cost $99 to get the full year.

    Still finding it very hard to get clear recommendations on what models actually are good. Xiaomi has been pretty trustworthy for me with their other products and the specs look good, so leaning towards that. Just debating getting the HEPA 13 filter for it too (is it worth getting this over the included HEPA 11 /12filter?)

  • Purchased two of the ionmax420s before they seem to have been sold out on Appliances Online. Price matched against Kogan which made it very reasonable.

    They work pretty well and noticeable difference to my wife who is much more sensitive to the smoke than I am.

    However we do have to shut all the doors/windows and make the room as 'closed' as possible.

    The alternative is simply to use airconditioning but that's more expensive than one of these units. The IO420 claims to use 55W of power so running it for a day would cost around 30c..

  • +1

    Got an Ionmax ION420 3 in 1 Replacement HEPA Filter for $30 and did a quick measure and cut to make this with the Seville floor fan I already had. Sealed up well with duct tape and it is pulling air through the filter well.

  • +1

    $275.45 with code PARRY or $260.95 with code POLKA (eBay Plus) via Gearbite eBay.

    Your experience may vary, but I Ordered on Friday 10/1, arrived Tuesday 14/1.

    • I did the same. Ordered on Friday 10/1 and arrived Tuesday 14/1 - they used express shipping in my case.

  • anyone has the list of recommendations by CHOICE magazine?

  • +1

    Bought the Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 yesterday morning from the official Xiaomi Ebay Store for 285. - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Xiaomi-Mi-Air-Purifier-3H/401745...

    Arrived today in Melbourne. Very impress with delivery speed.

    Slightly more expensive than some of the Ebay sellers but wanted it now since the house actually smells like someone smoked inside

  • Just got the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro on the above link with the code PREPARE, got one for 350 delivered