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[VIC] Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Purifier $859.99 at Costco Epping


Just a PSA as these are sold out everywhere and normally retail at $899. There were about 15 in stock at 10:30am.

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      Where is here? I called a bunch of JB's, Harvey Normans and Good Guys and except for 1 display model was told they all had no stock.

      Edit: Also according to this guy it's sold out at Costco Moorabbin with no new stock coming soon:

  • Wish we had stats for comparison to these:

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      It would be good to have an actual scientific evaluation of the different purifiers.

      A quick non scientific difference between pure cool Dyson and biggest Breville (500):
      Breville is louder at full speed but quieter at lowest speed. Dyson has better display, better sleep mode, better reporting. Dyson can be used as a fan. Breville also uses UV light (I don't know how much is actually does within air purification). Dyson is much better for night use. Dyson doesn't vary fan speed as much, it's quiet annoying with Breville.
      Overall, Breville would be reasonable for continuously running when air quality index is low (fairly good air quality). Dyson is better when air quality is worse. With current smoke Dyson is much better. As Breville is $540 and Dyson (cool only) is $700 the price difference may be worth it for some people, especially if it needs to work at night. Going up to heat model of Dyson… well that depends if you want the heater, and how urgently you need a purifier.

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        Anything that isn't just a fan intake with filters is a gimmick.

        You only care about three things:

        1) Well rated HEPA filter
        2) Well rated carbon filter (design can make a lot of them useless)
        3) Unit doesn't have significant leakage of dirty air through intake (this will make it way less efficient and take way longer to clean your air, as the unit will only really clean X% of what it passes through).

        You can't determine those without researching each unit you're interested in.

        "pre filters" are just meshing, they just stop large debris from entering, like your aircon mesh. They do not do anything else, the carbon and HEPA do all the purifying.

        "UV light" is junk and can be more harmful than it is good.

        "ozone" is literal death, do not touch anything with this word in its marketing.

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        Choice magazine has a review starting and have released initial results.
        The Dyson seems to be a very poor performer.

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      So you can't think of any use cases where a portable fan and heater with purifier filters would be useful?

      Have you compared the benefit of any particular separates to Dyson? Is that comparison valid for a variety of use cases for a variety of people? Are you making an actual informed statement?

      • When the temperature hits 30+ degrees, I know what people will choose between ‘cool’ fan and an air condition.

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          One is a sleek looking portable devise that plugs into any power point.

          The other requires an internal unit, an external condenser, plumbing and electrical works to the mains…

          It's like comparing apples to Megatron.

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          Why compare a purifier to an air conditioner? This Dyson is a purifier, with a benefit of a fan and a heater; completely different uses.

          If one wants to get an RC A/C, and then get HEPA or MERV 16 filters, plus strap on activated charcoal filter then RC A/C would be comparable (with added benefit of cooling). Then also make sure you get a couple of RC A/C with all of those filters so different parts of the house are covered, because you can't move them around.

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          My wife still prefers using the Dyson over the air con even though we have both, probably for the direct air / heat. Only when the temperature goes over 30 inside do we generally use the air con, but even then, this is relatively rare for a 2 story house.

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        Well, the fan function isn't any better than a regular DC fan for 1/10 of the cost. The same could be said about the heater. The only saving grace is the air purifier, but as I mentioned below, you can get a standalone air filter for less than $400 for a good one.

        The only use case I can see with this fan is if you are really tight on space and don't have space for a standalone heater, fan, air purifier. Also, living in Melbourne, I've rarely needed to turn on the heater one day and fan on another. It's usually heater from Mar-Nov and fan for late Nov to Mar. So I store the heater or fan away when needed. That's just me.

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          1 fan
          1 activated charcoal filter
          1 True HEPA filter
          1 Pre-filter
          1 duct tape roll
          Some cable ties or screws

          Attach HEPA filter to the intake of the fan
          Attach activated charcoal filter to the HEPA filter
          Attach pre-filter to activated charcoal filter
          Seal any gaps between fan intake and filter stack

          A manually controlled air purifier with no reporting. This will be the cheapest option.

          Also buy:
          A heater

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      If you looking for air purifiers, there aren't many choices out there in stock at the moment.
      This thing works and for bonus it can heat.
      This is NO air conditioner. But it can do proven job of purifying and heating.

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          I need it like right now, not two weeks later. I'm in Canberra

  • I'm a Dyson fan boi for their portable vacs. However, very disappointed with the airflow of this unit. Feels lacking in power. I regret buying it. It's OK but not worth the price tag IMO.

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    Qantas store has 20% off sale now, ends 10 Jan
    HP04 in black, comes down to about ~$745 with minimum 2000 points used.
    HP04 in silver is sold out…

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      Yeah, someone linked my post above. The biggest problem with these is the same as all other purifiers at the moment… SOLD OUT across most of Australia and definitely not available in Canberra…
      I like to be able to move the device around my house as I use different rooms… The RC A/C doesn't have the same effect even with the two filters now in place.

    • Pretty awesome price but delivery date is like 28th, by then hopefully no more bushfire smoke in CBR

  • Frustrated and given up on this Hp04 overprice fan purifier!Just returned Hp04 to TGG & got refund.

    Did all the troubleshooting Dyson CS asked me to do. Makes sudden high pitch whistle noise in middle of the night. Smart phone app connectivity is unreliable and works 1 out 10 times.

    Dyson Rep at the store mentioned this is a know issue and had lot of returns! Dyson customer service has been a let down and advise not to buy from Dyson directly. They will ask you to bring back to the service centre at Taren Point for inspection and could be around 1-2 week if it's over 45 days from purchase.

    You would expect a $800+ product to have at least basic function of fan to be working!

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