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[Refurb] Samsung Galaxy S10e (128GB) with Samsung LED Back Cover $649 Shipped @ Phonebot


Hi guys,

We’re back! Have a look at this week’s special. Samsung Galaxy S10e is available with 12 Months Samsung Warranty and is in Grade A condition. The phone comes with fast charger, cable as well as free Samsung LED back cover.

Samsung Galaxy S10e (128GB) [Grade A]$649

• Free Delivery sitewide always
• 7 Days change of mind returns
• Fully tested, cleaned and perfect for gifts
• Paypal, Poli, ZipMoney & All Major cards accepted (SSL secured checkout using square)

All orders are shipped from our reservoir store with signature on delivery. Orders will be dispatched by Monday latest. Please contact 0394626936 (whatsapp enabled) if you have any queries regarding your order or use the messenger icon on the website.

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  • +11

    Seems overpriced considering it's been as low as $719 last month for brand new.

  • +1

    Wanna swap for my S9+ OP :P

    PS. NEVER EVER AGAIN a curved screen

    • +7

      Curved screens are so stupid. They add nothing. But they make having a screen protector a b*tch.

      • Agree! I hate my curved screen

      • -1

        Yeap. Screen protectors don't fit properly, those that do are terrible, screen breaks easier, touch the sides for accidental input when just holding it. Can't see the full video I am watching cause it goes over the side. Just ugh please stop phone manufactures.

    • get the UV screen protectors! they really work. I hated curve screens too until I discovered these

    • This is still 2.5d, like most phones. This will still make choices of screen protectors very specific and hard to find.

  • It's not even worth $399 without 24 months local warranty!

    • No, it kinda is. They would sell out if it was $399…

      But the price is far too high when you can get a brand new one for $719.00 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/508070
      Not a bargain.

    • +1

      Even at $700 it's still one of the best value phones on the market.

      • That's the point I'm making. At $400 this would be a bargain! But at $649 it is not a bargain when you can get BRAND NEW one for $70 more, with another 12 months warranty. It is no bargain when subjective like this - especially when the $719 from mobileciti got almost 100+ votes…this has 3….

        • Can you find it cheaper? Agreed though. Don't think it's worth a neg, just no vote would do. For example, a colleague at work has $600 to spend on a phone. Stretching to $650 isn't too bad, but stretching to $720 is a lot more right?

          • @onlinepred: 10%? I dont think you squabble over 10% when spending $650, otherwise go to JBHiFi and get this (or similar) deal:


            $99 upfront plus $65 per month… $880 over the year with 60gb of data….plus the added advantage of paying it off per month instead fo $650 upfront.

            You can think its a deal - i simply dont (with the above evidence)….hence the voting ability and the power of choice for people using this website.

            or risk it with a biscuit for the dodgiest website and grey import: https://www.bulkshopoutlet.com/index.php?route=product/produ...

            • @XCelR8: Well unless you can find a cheaper deal, then it is a deal right? Otherwise I would be negging every other post on ozb if I personally thought they weren't a deal. There are deals that get hundreds of upvotes that are get 1% cashback on eBay or Amazon. So yes, 10% is huge.

              • @onlinepred: No, not a deal….just because something is the cheapest doesn't mean its a deal. Numerous deals have been down voted for that.

                What if this phone was $718…refurbished when brand new its $719. By your sense its still a deal. When in fact its not, because $1 gets you a brand new phone. Hence the voting system.

                Why are you trying to take away my and the people who use this sites vote? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:voting_guidelines#neg... It's valid.

                • @XCelR8: Forgetting about upfront vs plan (as that is circumstantial financial constitutions that don't mean anything in regards to this deal), please let me know why you think saving $70 for an A grade used phone with a bonus leather case is not a deal. I could get a screen protector and still cost less than buying a new phone. Personally if I was buying the phone for myself, I would buy new paying extra, but you have to accept that surely some people stretched could now buy a much better phone than they were considering. Anyway peace out mate. I can't get this phone cheaper anywhere.

                  • @onlinepred: So i told you where you could get an alternate deal and you choose to ignore it? I told you the reasons why for $70 you could get a brand new phone and you choose to ignore it? I gave you an alternate refurbished (although dodgy as website), you choose to ignore it. I gave you information on when the supplier may not honour any warranty or you will have trouble with their customer service and you choose to ignore it? This is an average price as other people sell it for the same. I obviously can't get through to you as i have provided everything else! But here is a direct link to another company selling it for the same price!!
                    https://ozmobiles.com.au/buy/samsung-galaxy-s10e-128gb-prism... - it is NOT a bargain!

                    Should you have associated in your title - because it sure seems that way.

                    • @XCelR8: Dude, the dodgy one you sent is grey market stock. Anyway, clearly money holds no value to you. Peace! Also ACL will back you up as phone isn't even a year old.

                      • @onlinepred: Again, chose to ignore the link provided. I see from your other posts you can't be reasoned with even with all of the evidence in front of you. You try to cherry pick certain sentences even then you still don't get it.

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