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ALEX Drawer Unit, White $99 (Normally $120) @ IKEA


ALEX Drawer unit, white currently $99 Normally $120

Not sure if its at all Ikeas tho

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    • $79 in brisbane ikea as well

      • None in stock according to their website so maybe all gone. Can anyone confirm?

        • I bought the black one b4 new year at Logan Store and there were quite a few.

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    I'm using two of these as "legs" to go with Ikea wooden kitchen bench top for my desk setup. Loved it!

    Nice and solid drawer.

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      same, with the linnmon desks

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        linnmon is great value

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          I got it as it has the corner desk bit, as that is my requirement, would like the timber look but then miss out on that

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        Be careful with the Linnmon. They're not the sturdiest (made of paperfill in honeycomb formation) and is prone to warping/sagging. Depends on how much weight you're putting on it and whether you have legs supporting it

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          Unless you standing on them. I have no issues yet

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            @asa79: Yep. Had mine for 3+ years now. Still looks brand new.

          • @asa79: For a 1-2 monitor set up, the Linnmon should be okay if you have the middle leg support. Again it really depends on what you put on it and whether you like to lean on / put your body weight on your desk.

            A good alternative would be to get the Gerton. The Gerton is made of solid wood and is more expensive.

            This guy does a pretty good review of the Linnmon and breaks it apart to show you what's it made of -

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          I can confirm that Linnmon sags, With just my computer and monitor on it after a while I had to support it in the middle.

          • @misu p: guessing you didnt use the middle support for a 2m bench?

        • They definitely do sag yeah. My last workplace gave us Linnmon desks with a 3 monitor stand which would eventually sag the desks, after 9 months or so.

    • is that the Karlby?

      can't seem to find it online anymore

      • Yes it is. I went online few days ago and couldn't see it too. I wonder why?

      • The Karlby is currently out of stock. I've been told that they're restocking around end of Jan/early Feb

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      You and 10 million YouTubers.

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        You're right. Got the idea from Youtube and make some changes.

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        Yeap Guilty, I have however found a way to add cable management which many other YouTuber's have not ;)
        Take a Rack Server cable tray, cut it down, then use right-angle brackets to mount it to the underside of your Bunnings Kitchen Benchtop. came out a treat!

        • which bunnings benchtop did you use?

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            @impoze: I think this is the one. It's the Acacia Solid tops, usually just found in the isles. I have 2 of them, my Brother copied and did the same and so has a few friends. Can Guarantee they're not laminated like the Bunnings Category says, as I've drilled through them to route my speaker wires.

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          Hey! That's a really good idea to tidy up the messy cables!

          Where will I be able to get the racks from?

          Would you mind sharing?

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            @Nigelwsk: its in the description of the video but here:

            • @HKS: Cheers mate!

              Is that exactly the same as what he was using in his video?

              Can't really tell if its jet black in the pictures from the site.

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                @Nigelwsk: looks to be, he said its what he used.

                • @HKS: hey yeah sorry that link was the cheapest I could find for a decent length. I work in I.T. so just got it off a mate haha, but that's what you'd be looking for. Being Enterprise style parts it really depends on what's in your town, but you might be able to find something similar, I just wanted to give people the idea mainly that you can clean it up :)

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                    @camshandez: i use the ikea one atm and its ok but not great, i like your idea more.

            • @HKS: Here's the link to the manufacturer, they have various width sizes and free C&C too.


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          I literally built a Ekbacken desk last saturday lol. Wanted something sturdy for the monitor mount & ultrawide.

          For cable management i mounted the Signum cable tray on the underside. No need to hunt then cut down a server-based tray.

          • @f0x13: Yeah I did consider using them, I just wanted to be able to fully hide the cables as much as possible, and that desk (at the start of the video) sparked the idea.

            • @camshandez: IKEA does sell a wire under-desk cable organiser too, and it's really good. Like $12?

        • that is pretty cool, i might have to do similar with my set up as my desk is about 5.5 metres run

          • @asa79: Did you secure the top to the Alex drawers or it's heavy enough to not move?

    • (Dumb question) How do you adjust height with it though?

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        Same setup. You can't. If you need it taller you can screw on some short furniture legs that you can find for cheap at ikea

      • there is feet you can add under the unit, or leave out, or getting higher feet from bunnings maybe

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    Although this is technically 17.5% off

    Ikea also currently have a 15% off on all drawers:
    search link

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      do you think you can stack it?

  • Related to this, I assume:

    • Beaten, in the time and details vectors.

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    One of many Ikea inspired workstations, uses the Alex Drawer.

    Just browse the below for more ideas:

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      Two of these plus an Ikea Karlby countertop and you get the upvotes.

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    They're insanely heavy even when empty. Very good quality though.

    • Agreed.
      I've got one full of bare HDDs, cables, chargers etc. IT'S Unmovable. Yet doesn't even squeak. Solid quality!

      IKEA hack: Ram Raid Defense

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      these drawers aren't gonna fall, they're long and short.

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      Really, anything with draws that isn't wall mounted. Anything with drawers that isn't wall mounted will have the same issue, regardless of brand.

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        The height and weight of drawer unit vs the weight of the number of extended drawers and their contents will make a big difference though.

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    It's a very good drawer. Solid and a great substitute to the legs. Well thought out design.

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    Alex drawers with Bunnings top

    • That looks awesome

    • Nice, how did you mount it?

      • Yea, how to mount the top board

    • how much for bunnings top?

    • Looks good, very clean

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        Yeah, clean tiil he started using it…

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    They're the perfect depth drawers for storing socks and underwear.

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    These are awesome, i brought 2x and a kitchen benchtop from as is, massive desk for under #300

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    There's are really popular for battle stations if you get two and put a desk top/work bench on top but they're so shit. The drawers don't even come out all the way, and the tops drawers are so shallow you can barely fit anything substantial in them.

    Not a fan.

    • Which ones do you recommend that come all the way out?

      • … the desktop is all the way out, just put it all on that

      • Not sure, I'm better at complaining than giving feedback but on the other side of my desk is this one

        It's only 2 segments, but they're size adjustable and there's a hole in the back for power cables. I keep one of my power boards in there, my network switch and a whole bunch of other stuff in there.
        But it's pretty good. I'd wouldnt get both sides this one though, one side drawer and one side cupboard style is best.

        Just don't get both drawer sides.

        • I personally like the Alex ones but always interested to see of there is better ones out there

    • I noticed the shallow depth in store and immediately ruled these out. Not a great design if you care about storage efficiency.

      • are you sure you were looking at the right one, these arent shallow

  • PC gamers rejoice! (these are featured on pretty much every gamer's first desk build).

  • These are amazing as a vanity desk, extremely popular within the beauty community. We also use them for our computer desks too. All with linnmon table tops.

  • Thinking of using these under a separate tabletop. Tossing up between these two based on the comments so far:

    Ikea Karlby (186 x 63.5 x 3.8) - $249

    Bunnings Acacia (220 x 60 x 2.6) - $99

    The Bunnings one is cheaper, a bit longer but less thick. No idea about the difference between walnut and acacia but both seem solid from a bit of googling. Should I just go Bunnings based on price

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      I had the same dilemma, ending up getting the Bunnings one. Here's a few things to think about:
      - The Acacia can be cut to length for free, i cut mine to 1.8m and kept the spare.
      - The Acacia has a rougher raw feel compared to the Karlby. To achieve the same feel as the Karlby, you'll need to sand and oil it.
      - The Karlby is laminated walnut(2mm?)with MDF in the middle i think… it will eventually wear out.

      • I went for the bunnings merbau for $129 as I preferred the look.

        Solid wood, slightly thinner than the linmonn

        I did a bit of sanding and one coat of water based varnish and it's looking great.

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