[NSW] How Do I Pay NSW Ambulance Levy?

How do I pay for NSW Ambulance levy?

What so {profanity} up about Ambulance and Patient Transport Service (PTS) versus Private Health Provider is their complexity.

Do you know that as a NSW resident, there is no limited use of emergency Ambulance and non-emergency PTS, provided that you have Ambulance cover?

But taking an example of BUPA, its Ambulance Cover are split to two:

  • Emergency only Ambulance
  • Premium Ambulance <— you need to take this to have PTS covered and it's capped to $5000 per year.

Then we have AHM, where its Ambulance cover only cover for 1 trip of emergency Ambulance per year.


  • FFS stop making everything italic. There's no need, and you've actually had to go an extra step to add the necessary code.

    Do you have a link to this levy you're trying to pay? You're asking how to pay, then link to an insurer offering the product…

  • so glad I live in QLD.

    • OP's situation is pretty unique in that they have an elderly and infirm family member who's not yet eligible for any tax payer funded subsidies/services and so needs to pay everything either through private insurance or privately.

      Of course, because it's a unique situation, a lot of private health insurance products aimed at the majority of people also (ironically) won't provide the necessary cover.

      • still, unique condition or not, we don't have to worry about levy or fee.
        I know that we pay the service through other way indirectly, but services like ambulance should be a basic services that is provided by government.
        Just like you don't have to worry of having to pay for police when you call them.

        • but services like ambulance

          It is. OP is asking about additional ambulance patient transfer services which aren't emergencies and are really just taxi services essentially.

          • @HighAndDry: same either way in QLD

            Non-emergency medical transport
            If you need to travel to a medical facility for an appointment, you may be able to travel by ambulance, providing you meet at least 1 of the following criteria:
            you need stretcher transport
            you need active management or monitoring while travelling
            you have a condition that would cause you embarrassment or be of serious concern to other people on public transport.
            Ambulance transport for Queensland residents is free of charge.


          This is incorrect. I was recently a patient of nsw ambulance. $1400 bill to be taken to hospital. Mind you i sent to private health and they paid for it

    • do you know that QLD resident (as i was told by Bupa rep) that you guys are paying your Ambulance levy through your water bill?

  • How much does a trip cost?

  • Ever thought of not using ambulances? How many times a year does the grandparent “require” to go to hospital? Transport home is not a medical necessity, so you may struggle to find someone other than yourselves to pay for return taxi trips. Why not an actual taxi? I mean taxis are cheaper, and if it’s just to get them home, that’s adequate. Or are they bed bound and immobile, in which case requiring a stretcher (thereby being on a DSP and ambulance fees are null and void)?

    This all sounds a little complicated for no reason…

  • Get out of health funds that are not Not for Profit

  • Pre existing illness you wont be covered….. sorry