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LEGO VW Camper Van 10220 $99, 70668 Ninjago Storm Fighter $40, Technic Crawler $102 Delivered, 31093 Houseboat $22 @ Amazon AU

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  • The campervan is a great build.

    • Campervan already gone

    • Just finished it. Great fun but there are a few missing pieces.
      Great customer service with LEGO. They’ll send the missing bricks in the mail

      • Yes good for missing part, but rarely have I had pieces missing. Just a bit annoying. I have a hippy mini fig as driver. Totally out of scale to car, but cool.

        • Also came with approx 30 extra pieces!

          • +2

            @DisabledUser148723: Or did you miss a whole page of the instructions, because you went rogue.

            • +1

              @Melb69: What? There are instructions?

              Must have forgotten to put those in the box too!

      • +1

        I’ve thought I was missing pieces many many times and yet I have actually ‘never’ actually been missing any - always a wrong piece used during the build accidentally or fallen on floor etc.. and I’ve prob built more than most people.. Genuinely wonder if the pieces are actually ever missing for anyone, but Lego is good about it at least.

        • Amongst other less obvious pieces, I was missing a tyre and a window.
          Otherwise, I would have thought I had screwed up somehow.

          But I gather this is very unusual. And quickly fixed by LEGO when it happens.

  • +4

    This VW probably has a better gearbox than the MY20 Golf

    • The kit has a lot of detail to it from the engine, interior, pop up canopy, front nose detail.

  • Indirectly supports Volkswagon, a business that purposefully set out to poison you and me and everyone in Australia by cheating emissions tests.

    • Dont worry, they didnt poison us much. For such a pissy small market, they don't move that much diesel cars here.

      • Worked out well as it killed off the diesel market for those cars. Only have to deal with the toxic trucks now.

    • Do you feel the same about all the other motor manufacturers who have been busted doing the exact same thing? Mercedes, GM, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Fiat Chrysler and their brands, Renault Nissan etc..

      In the past Ford have also been busted for doing similar. Honda too.

  • Campervan was just back in stock. Or is. Just bought one for $99 is what I'm saying.

    • Bugger - out of stock again!

      • +1

        Looks like it's back in stock again.

  • Camper Van back in stock

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