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Ozito Electric Mower and Line Trimmer Kit $40 @ Bunnings


Ozito Electric Mower and Line Trimmer Kit, down from $69, plugs into wall (extension lead needed). Found at Bunnings Toowoomba North.

Also available at various locations nationwide from this comment

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  • Nationwide?

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      Usually individual store for these types of markdowns.

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      Very rarely. This is a major issue with these Bunnings deals.

    • Local managers can make sales frenzies. Generally gets people in for one item leaving with a car load full.

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    Ozbargin is becoming ozbunnings

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      Mmm. Ozbargin. The liquor of my choice.

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      Does that mean we'll get cheap sausage sizzle deals?

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    Can anybody provide their input on these?
    My mate just moved into a new housing area, doesn't have much lawn to mow, was going to buy a manual mower. At this price the ozito is cheaper, but with the simplicity of a manual mower I'm still leaning in that direction.

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      this old post has pretty good discussion https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/413548

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      I have one of these
      I obey have a 20 square meter patch of grass so it perfect
      both are plastic feel and not well built (when placed on flat surface the mower is not flat) but does the job, I got it for 60 odd,was gonna get manual mower but bunnings guy said they are terrible

      I always worry about the cord lol

      • I am worried about the cord going under the blades accidentally.

        Does it cause an electric shock to the person mowing grass or electricity travels in the shortest path available to reach Ground(which is through the blades)?

    • For a small yard this'll do fine. I've got one and it does the job, as long as you mow fairly regularly as it struggles with long grass. I'd get this over a manual mower for sure.

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      Have you used an electric mower before?

      I have a similar looking electric mower (but not this mower)

      • electric - no fuel to go bad, starts every time
      • Extension cables required - you get better organised in mowing in a pattern so you don't have to move the cord
      • You can hear the mower struggle with thick stuff, so you reverse back and go slower
      • The catch seems much smaller/steeper angled than my previous model
      • When the catch gets full, the grass seems to clump in two lines - pretty easy to spot.

      If you have a large area or want it to attack tall grass, this wont be for you. but for a nature strip and simple power point access, electric is fine

      • I have the bigger versions of both. The mower I like. The trimmer not so much, but for this price definitely worth it. I have an 800m2 block (minus the house and shed area).

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          You mow a 800m2 block with a 240v? You deserve an award of some type. Not sure if good or bad.

          • @AaronR: Yes, but the actual lawn is only maybe a third of that.

    • 250W for a line trimmer is quite low. It's gonna struggle. Mower isn't much better. But for $40, if your lawn is an easy mow it should be ok.

    • We’ve had one for a few years now, works well for our small yard.
      $40 is a bargain.

    • I have one and a small yard.
      It does the job, but I really wish i went battery. Constantly worrying about running over the cord. you develop a little system but I still dont like the idea of carrying around cord with me

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      I bought one of these mid last year when they were $99 and I thought it was a bargain then. Our grass had gotten really tall and weed filled (thick weeds) and it was what we could afford.

      I was skeptical but it mowed like a champ. Has done since every time and I haven't had to mow as often either. We have a good bit of yard out back and front and you need a long extension cord if this is the case. Bunnings happened to have a really long one on special at the time for about $11. The only criticism is that the tray thingy that holds the grass is a bit flimsy but it does its job. You really only have to deal with it when you empty it out. If you have a large yard get the next version up. I still cannot believe how good it was for an electric mower. We even have steep hilly parts of the yard and it went through it no problem. Wish it was this cheap when we bought it.

    • I got the 1500w lawn mower the other day and really like it. Its extremely light and fairly easy to use.

      I would question 1000w being quite enough for thicker or taller grass as the 1500 gets through it but struggles slightly. So two thirds the power may not be quite enough for thicker taller grass.

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    Haven't seen an electric lawn mower this cheap

  • Looks like there are only two in stock at the store?

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      There were more behind, maybe 6 total.

  • What's the product code?

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    Use this link to check stock across stores

    • No stock in Epping, VIC

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    If only my grass was still alive.

    • Sounds like one less problem to worry about 😎

    • This low power job should have no trouble keeping up with the lawn then.

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    We had this and it was just ok. It ended up smoking and we got a petrol Victa mower which is amazing.

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      Thats a terrible habit to pick up, no wonder it died :-/

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    305mm cutting width

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      So basically a whipper snipper on wheels…. Pointless.

      • I managed to buy a 2x 18v battery powered at the buy back shop for $10. It does about 350m2 on 2 3AH batteries. Cutting with 380mm blade was soft as and likely reason somebody dumped it. Blade is special order A$90 or 11 euro in Europe. Managed to sharpen mine with a sharpening stome then harden the blade and hone it.
        I love it but my son refuses to even try it. He loves the noise of petrol engines. Handle strength is a bit of a disaster but for 10 bucks no tears!

  • I bought this kit for $50. Mower is OK but I got tired of the cord after a couple of goes and switched back to my old heavy petrol mower.

    Line trimmer is still to be assembled and is hanging in the shed lol

  • I got the bigger ozito electric mower, works great.

    • So I assume this one is not the bigger one, right?

      I have the old smaller model have been using it for a few years so far no problem and before that I have the first model and the motor dead after a few years.

      • Yeah this is the smaller model

  • Was it just the two left OP?

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      There were about 5 left after I bought 1 at midday

  • I bought this combo for $99 last year and am happy with it. I think for $40 it's a bargain if you can get one. I carry the power cord over my shoulder so that there's enough ground clearance incase.
    One important note: The line trimmer is crap. I ran out of the line and have a damaged spool. Went to Bunnings to get a new one but they don't stock it.

  • Can I buy it online?

  • Mower meets expectations, no more, no less. I only have a nature strip to mow - but did a much better job than my manual mower.

    Line trimmer is pretty useless. I'm looking to buy a better quality one

  • Just called Bunnings describing the deal, got laughed at by the person on the phone. “ we wouldn’t sell a lawnmower and trimmer for $40”. Any one got a product number?

  • Epping Bunnings wont match

  • Bought one for $35 at Bunnings Rockhampton, QLD. They had 2 left. I figure it's cheaper than paying someone to mow :)
    Wasn't sure if I should post as new deal or not.

  • Small warning, I have used this lawn mower for the past 2 years and the motor has blown out/overheated twice. Have had to get it replaced twice in the two year period… It is possibly a faulty design but can't be sure.

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