Nintendo Switch - Selling Console with Digital Games?

So, I bought a Switch about 8 months ago because I thought I’d love it. Yet after playing approx 10 hours worth I realise I really don’t have the time…

Of course, I spent quite a bit on AAA title games, digitally.

Is there any easy way I can sell the console with these games? I’m getting confused by what I find on the net RE passing my account details on. I’m not tied to the account and I can easily change the password.

Keen to hear people’s thoughts. If it’s not really worth it, I’ll just keep the console.



    You can keep the games on there and remove your personal info so the next user can play them, but won't be able to transfer them. I doubt anyone would pay you extra for the digital games so can be bundled as a freebie with the console.


    What games did you have on there?


      Zelda BOTW, Pokemon Shield, Super smash bro’s, Mario Kart, Mario Party, DK Tropical Freeze, and a few other titles like Hollow Knight, Child of Light.

      Hard copies I have Witcher 3 and Super Mario Bro’s Deluxe..

      Of course, it has a 128Gb micro SD to support the game files.

      Edit: AND I think I still have a game pass voucher haha… more than $300 it seems! Silly me.

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