Where to Get a Genuine DJI Phantom 3 Battery That Won't Cost Me $200+?

Hi All,

Does anyone know where I can get a genuine DJI Phantom 3 battery that won't cost me $200+?

I know it's an old model so it seems difficult to come by new parts.



    No point investing in a redundant technology. I have Phantom 2 and the next dollar I spend on a drone will be towards the latest generation (or one behind for saving).

    Otherwise see (?)


    Not sure they fixed the fly-away issues for Phantom series, which is also another reason I want to move on from this one.


    Fly-away issues?

    I didn't want to spend too much on getting a P4 or anything better as it is my first drone.


      Although denied by DJI, there were quite a few cases where the placement of the antenna or something related to navigation got confused for at least the P1 and P2 models, such that they literally flew away despite input from the controller.

      Something on the lines that their return-to-base or whatever became confused.

      I remember riding my bike along a trail and there were a few posters seeking rewards for return of their 'fly-away' drones.

      If first drone, seriously, just get a cheap china one and see if you like it, then step up. DJI Spark is/was a good start to the more advanced drones and about the cost of two replacement batteries (at RRP) for the P2 above series.


        I think you've misunderstood, I've already got the P3. I'm just looking for a spare battery.


    DJI had supply issues when they discovered internal corruption issues. I believe it was to do with their Phantom range. That and the 3 is discontinued. You will find them hard to find.

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