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Samsung 27" WQHD 144hz Clamp-Type Space Saver Monitor $349 Delivered @ Centre Com (Price Beat $331.55 @ Officeworks)


Samsung 27" WQHD 144Hz Clamp-type Monitor with $331.55 price beat at Officeworks currently $597.

The clamp-style space-saving monitor seems like a good price with free shipping.

Officeworks link


Thanks to BenR31415 from this post. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/513148

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  • Would these work well as a dual display?

    • its pretty much a normal monitor

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      You may have trouble getting your preferred setup. Watch a video review to see how the stand works. There is no left-right swivel, and no height adjustment without changing the distance.

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        Yeah I figured this might be the case. The no swivel is a bit of a deal breaker as you are limited with movement on the dual displays.

  • Would not having freesync be a big deal?

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      This monitor initially launched without Freesync, but it was added in a later firmware update. The one I bought from Centre Com a few weeks ago had the new firmware pre-installed.

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    Its high price of $590+ is all about its design and build :) the panel tech isn't anything better then any other 2k VA 144hz Monitor :) in fact this ones brightness and viewing angles are crap according to the reviews.

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      Can you point us to a better screen for the same price?

      • This monitor is better overall and is only an extra $50

        300 cd/m2 + FreeSync (AMD Adaptive Sync)


        • AFAIK, the Space Monitor a speedier panel than the JG50/JG52/JG54/JG56, which is important for a 144Hz VA monitor. Curve aside, they are otherwise identical. Those are a better buy when they're going for $320 or less.

          If the stand restrictions and benefits work with your setup, this is the better buy.

        • I can't vouch for these enough, I purchased 3 of them from Shopping Express last week when they were on sale for $299. Virtually impossible to beat at that price point.

          • @Ny-ax: But it's samsung, why you want dis

  • +38

    Entered Officeworks, to make my weekly price beat. For this exact monitor, actually.

    "Augh, here comes that (profanity) Custardshot again… Drove all the way out here to save a few bucks", a young worker mutters.

    I hear him, but choose not to make a scene.

    "Haha, I see you have this monitor in stock man. I can actually grab it online for $349 delivered through this deal. You guys need to beat it by 5% haha."

    The puzzled young worker rolls his eyes, but eventually looks at my phone after a deep sigh utters out under his breath.

    "Yeah look by my calculations it's gunna be $331.55, just check it on your phone calculator man.

    It pays to be tech savvy haha."

    He takes me to the counter, I make the payment and head to the door.

    As the sliding doors open, I turn my head back, make eye contact, tip my fedora, and say "Thanks sport".

    "See ya next time a sweet ass deal pops up. You should get the ozb app man."

    I chuckle all the way to my car.

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      Exactly what I do! Justice.

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      There's an ozbargain app??

      • Yes, but it's horrible. AussieBargains has a better layout imo

    • The ultimate chad of Ozbargain

  • Will this be suitable for a corner desk ?

    • Probably not, if you intend to have the monitor in the corner of the desk. You could watch a video review to check out how the "stand" works, but it is pretty basic and sacrifices placement flexibility in favour of a space saving design. Not sure about your particular desk, but you have to have the monitor almost parallel with one of the edges of the desk.

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    Does it have VESA? Looking for a second 1440p monitor but it needs to have VESA mount.

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      No Vesa on this one unfortunately.

    • I am looking for the same. Have you got any leads?

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    I've had this monitor for a few weeks (also price matched Centrecom, but at $400) and I'm happy with it.

    I was nervous about the backlight uniformity since the Rtings review was fairly negative about it, but it's actually really good, not cloudy at all. No BLB, no dead pixels. Image quality is pretty good and personally I only notice ghosting if I'm trying to look for it. Updated the firmware for Freesync with no issues.

    I will say that the gamma shift / viewing angles is/are quite bad. You basically have to pick your poison between this and IPS glow though so…

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    This or the view sonic deal?

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      Depends what you're after. The Viewsonic @ 144Hz locked with the correct overdrive setting will be a better gaming experience.

      The VA panels will have far superior contrast, but the viewing angle on the flat panel like this will suck. If you have or plan to have a dual monitor setup, this Samsung monitor is not for you.

      That being said, the Samsung JG54 (LC27JG54QQEXXY) has been going on sale for this price and lower recently, and that offers a curve to clean up the viewing angle, at the expense of slighter more motion blur (slower response times).

      So you've got three options in this range if you want cheap QHD 144Hz, or you can move down to a speedy IPS at FHD 144Hz with the AOC 24G2 for $220ish on sale. If you're happy to have FHD 240Hz, IPS and VA option are available for those too around this $300-$400 price point, but most are currently 27", which is a tad too big for so few pixels.

      Check out TFTCentral and PCMonitors for more info and recommendations.

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    Good for the price, monitors are expensive though.

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    Does anyone know of a vesa monitor clamp that is similar to this monitors stands functionality? I don't like the gas strut ones. I'd ideally like one that clamps onto the desk and just has height adjustment.

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    So my two cents on this monitor are that it is great. I updated for freesync and only have one slight gripe where the screen flickers on certain games when the fps is at certain ranges. This could be due to my eGPU and external game drive setup running to my laptop however.
    It honesly doesnt make much difference to me anyway and I find it great to play games on. I had very low expectations for viewing angles but they are great as far as my eye can tell.
    This is also handy if u study a lot and like to stand occasionally as u can just tilt the screen right up. It also looks super clean.
    For reference I've had the pg279q in the past and Im equally happy with the end result on my gaming experience on this far cheaper samsung monitor.
    Some tips:
    Check the firmware model in settings and upgrade with the download file on a usb. Then with the usb in open the menu and hold the stick in the i think down position for 5 secs to open upgrade option.
    It needs a mini display port for freesync otherwise gsync option wont even show in the nvidia control panel.
    The mount could probably be installed directly to a wall if desired.

    • I was looking for the PG279Q - would you get this over that or what are your thoughts in comparison? does it look as good as the PG279Q ? I am keen to here more of your thoughts.

      • Display:
        On my model the IPS glow from the pg279q bothered me a bit especially playing darker games like dead by daylight. The built in g-sync works really well though and the on board menu is a bit more feature rich such as crosshair settings. Besides that there's not a whole lot of noticeable difference in screen quality between the 2.
        I love the clutter free look of this samsung. It saves having to use a monitor stand which adds an extra level to dust. the height/distance adjust is good for me too since I'm a bit short sighted I can get the screen a lil closer to my face whilst still having my laptop fit nicely in front and below for dual screening. asus has the great quality conventional stand although a little more gamerish and less clean

        I dont think the pg279q is worth more than 600 nowadays with tech like nano ips displays available. value for money hands down this samsung display if the stand tickles your fancy.

  • it sounded like a neat idea, but only if you have a narrow desk. The further away the monitor is, the smaller it looks.

  • Good thing with buying from officeworks (at least in my experience) is due to their 30 day return policy you can always 'try' it for 30 days and if youre not happy you can just return it as long as its not damaged.

    Also, if you dont have the funds or aren't prepared to cough up the $331 right away, you can also grab a quote that will be valid for 30 days. So win win in my books.

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