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Boost Prepaid $100 | 6 Months Expiry | 60GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Telstra 4G | @ Boost Mobile


A great alternative to the 12 month 80GB deals for those that don't mind the shorter expiry with less data. Enjoy :)

  • Unlimited Calls & Texts in Australia to Standard Numbers.
  • Unlimited International Calls & Texts to 20 Countries.
  • 600 Standard Minutes & Texts to a further 35 Countries.
  • 60GB Data with 6 Month's Expiry.
  • Free Apple Music Data Streaming.
  • Utilises Telstra's 4G Network.

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  • +9

    This is the standard price though?

    • +2

      I believe it's a new pricing point?

      • +7

        Nope, i've been doing this one 3x times now, 60GB for $100 over 6 months aha

        • -1

          who needs postpaid now when we got prepaid like deez

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: I don't understand why people are paying big dollars on postpaid plans. The other Boost plan is $135/year, just over $11/month!
            This should cover most normal users.

            • @1st-Amendment: i guess Postpaid also comes with long running benefits as well, discount tix, early promos etc.

            • @1st-Amendment: oh yes i remember my initial reason for me now, it was for minor 'identification'' purposes with my name and address, as i live with parents their names are on everything, instead of having to give something more serious like my passport

      • They introduced this plan the same time as the 1 year $150 for 80GB. I guess the $150 is the sweet spot for most so it's mentioned and advertised more

      • +3

        I believe it's a new pricing point?

        Nope, I've been on this plan for a year now. It's the normal price, there is no saving…

  • I've yet to port mines over. Is it hard? Does porting over automatically cancel my postpaid plan? How long does it take? To anyone on it, how has the service been?

    • I port mine from Kogan, and it took less than 30 minutes. Haven't noticed much difference with the service yet.

      • I port mine from Kogan, and it took less than 30 minutes.

        I ported from Vodafone and it took about a week.

        • Jeezus while a week was porting was your existing service down for the week?

          • @SaberX: The old service still worked until it was ported.

    • Mrs is on it, port takes a bit of effort, they need to Port you to a prepaid plan first, then boost can Port you out

      Service is as good as Telstra

      Price is better considerably

      You need a blank sim so you have to call boost and get them to post one, the ones you buy in the shops are no good

    • My wife and I both ported over from Telstra postpaid. It's a little bit of a pain because you have to call Telstra to change over to prepaid first, but the entire process was completed in less than an hour for each of our numbers.

      Overall a lot smoother experience than I expected and had read about.

      P.s: we didn't need a blank sim: they just ported our numbers over to the 12 month Sims that we had bought

    • +1

      I just ported from prepaid catch connect plan. After getting email confirming it was in progress, didn’t hear anything for 48 hours. I then went on live chat, and they were able to do it in 5 minutes. Pretty poor form that I had to chase them up.

      • I've ported over 100 times and my one and only port Out of Catch Connect was one of my worst.

        YMMV, but beware.

        • Same here, they just wouldn’t release the number and I lived without mobile network for over a week.

          • @allenhori: Same, six days I think with zero service as the port was stuck in cyberspace lol.

            Never again.

    • You can port numbers over easily, porting mines is tricky though.

      • Porting mines?

        • +1

          I've yet to port mines over.

          From monchee.

  • +4

    Everyday price. Bet this post disappears.

    • +4

      Don't see the point of this deal when I picked up 80gb/365 for 130. If you really need the data go for the Optus $150/120gb 365 which is way better value, or one of kogans plans.

      But since its really niche and can't be replicated as cheaper elsewhere it says up, little loophole in OzB rules but usually people on comments speak up :)

      • If you really need the data go for the Optus $150/120gb

        That's on the Optus network though… Not going back there.

  • +1

    I think they should do $200 for 1 year with at least 120Gb data.

    80 Gb it bit less and 240gb is quiet a lot

    • +1

      But that's what this deal is??? (120gb for 12 months for $200)

      • yes need to buy it every 6 month though

        • +5

          And? It’s probably better, as things can change so you can move to a different plan if needed.

          • +1

            @fozzie: yeah thats the other thing.

          • @fozzie:

            And? It’s probably better

            At 6 months, you lose your remaining data when you top up… $120Gb for $200 would work out better for many people.

    • I think they should do $200 for 1 year with at least 120Gb data.

      I'd prefer that too because at $100 for 60Gb, you lose your data when you renew it at 6 months…

    • +4

      So….. Deal killer but still using boost?

      • +4

        I beg your pardon?

  • +4

    unless you need overseas calls Optus $150 for 120gb deal is cheaper

    • Optus $150 for 120gb deal is cheaper

      But an inferior network…

    • It's a pitty I want the overseas calling, but appreciate the link

  • I preferred it when providers limited the data usage each month. If you inadvertantly use too much data in a month it was good to know your data cap would be renewed next month.

    • +2

      What phone do you use? Most allow you to set a data limit.

    • +2

      Yeah, that's great for when you can't take responsibility for your own actions.

      • +1

        or when the laptop you're tethered to decides to do an windows update in the background….

  • +1

    There's been a lot of Boost promos. How come?

    • +2

      To get more customers… I think they call it 'marketing' or something like that…

      It's a technique some companies use to grow their business.

  • +6

    It would probably work out cheaper to sign up to belong:

    Buy a $40 sim (which can be found for $15), that gives you 80gb when you sign up (use a referral for $20 free) Then second month leave at $40 recharge for 40gb. So that’s a total of 120gb for $35. Rest of the year top up at $10, which gives you 1 gb a month. So you get 130gb for $135 one year.

    • +2

      Sounds like a bit more admin work but better value

      • Absolutely, however if it doesn’t bother you it works out good value. Also you only get 2 months of international calls compared to Boost.

      • +1

        Sounds like a bit more admin work

        Literally no more than 5 minutes.

        Source: Family of 4 doing exactly this.

        • Ms Paint, I’m slowing moving my plans over for the family as well. I like the fact you can also gift and bank data. I think Belong is one of the most flexible plans actually and there seems to always be people selling data at 0.35c per gb if needed.

        • +2

          Making my wife do anything more complex than changing phone plans more than once every 12 months is like pulling teeth. I prefer the set and forget boost 12 month plan purely because of the headaches and emotional breakdowns that are avoided

          • @chartparker:

            Making my wife do anything more

            And you can't do it because….?

  • My contract expires in March. How long until i have to register and start using it?

    • +2

      This plan will be available in March. No need to buy now.

      • +2

        It might even be discounted during that time, so no hurry to purchase at the normal price.

  • +1

    Does anyone else have reception issues with Boost? The signal bar on my phone is never more than half full, and I often have no data in shopping malls. Never had this issue when I was with Vodafone. I kinda regret moving to Boost. The port in was a major hassle as well.

    • +5

      All of OzB is on boost congesting the network XD

    • +4

      I would think that was your phone and not the network.

    • +1

      Does your phone do:

      3G 850MHz (Band 5); and
      4G 700MHz (Band 28)

      If not, your phone is the likely culprit.

      • +1

        @willyroo I've got a Pixel 3a. Just checked. It does the above bands.

    • +1

      Same reception issues here and my phone also uses Bands 5 and 28.

    • I changed my Sony Xperia XZ Premium over from Virgin. My signal bar often shows less than half but in real life it seems to work ok for most of the time.
      No VoLT though with this phone which is a pain as it was no problems on Virgin.
      Overall I'm happy I changed to Boost for the savings but I'll likely try someone else when it expires.

    • I actually had this same issue when I was on Telstra postpaid. I have a feeling it's the Telstra network. Southland especially was really bad for it

    • Shopping centres are like faraday cages. It was most likely that Vodafone had a mobile tower close by so the signal could get through. The telstra signal was coming from further away so was weaker.

      Its just bad luck

  • Can you do this with a locked Telstra Phone?

    • +1

      99% of the time. I hope you're not that 1%.

  • +1

    Supposedly these use all of the same towers as Telstra, but my reception on Boost is shocking compared to family members who are on Telstra. Usually I have to go outside to make a call.

  • Was it $120 before? Seems like a good deal for those who want a bit more data

    • +1

      No, it's been $100 for 60Gb for well over a year now…

  • No deal here. This has been the standard price for a while now.

    • Will leave this here for you.

      • +5

        Sure mate, I’ll revoke my neg vote.

        I appreciate what you’re doing, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is the normal price for this.

        This rate has been cheaper/on-sale in the past as per your own post.

        How is this any different to me or anyone else posting general pre-paid rates from every other carrier as deals? It would clutter the front page and, quite frankly, defeat the purpose of this site. We ban sockpuppeting, but are happy for community members to post non-deals? That balance seems off to me.

        IMO posting the normal price as a deal dilutes the message for other people when it actually might go on sale again in the future. See JV’s comments above.

        Of course, I’m bracing for downvotes…

  • If this deal was moved to the forums because it's an everyday price and long running deal then why does this remain in deals?

  • Watch out for boost (And Telstra).If anything goes wrong you might be [email protected]@ked.
    They wouldn’t send sims to a P.O. Box (but their system allows a P.O. Box to be used for postal address) then wouldn’t just alter the address to a residential. They offered a refund but they wouldn’t accept their receipt as proof of purchase. Spent 3 months getting the runaround (even with a TIO case) then I remembered I’d used PayPal. PayPal refunded because there was no proof of service but somehow Telstra /
    Boost are still unaware they have refunded me via PayPal.

    • Are you saying that you can double dip?

      It is good or bad outcome for you?

  • Boost 6 and 12 month plans are finishing on the 30th June. Does anybody know what will replace these plans please.
    We expire at the end of July. And not sure what the next offering will be.?

    • Really, where did you hear this?

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