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Fosters Cans 6 x 375ml for $9.99 @ Dan Murphy's (Free Membership Required)


Have a Captain Cook at this. Nollsy would be all over this like a 16-year-old on their first date.

Oz' favourite lager - back when you could buy a pack of Winnie Blue's for less a fiver - is now on sale an Uncle Dan's. Might be okay with some spag bol, but I rather some warm custard that this

See ya later like a baked potato - hooroo ya nobs

ps - even the passion pop is on special for missus

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • +10

    I’ve had liquid laughs in bars and I’ve hurled from moving cars

  • +18

    Cheers cobba

  • +28

    This for me and passion pop for the missus

    • +8

      their on special so added it in for you and your luv

      • Cheers cobba. Worked a treat!

    • +4

      It's dirty dishwater. I guess the positive is that they recycle it for a Premium

  • +6

    WAS good, then changed recipe for export, tastes like cows piss

    • +39

      I'll have to take your words for it, not knowing what cow piss should taste and not about to find out for myself. Which specific breed of cows do you find more tolerable and does the taste vary with grain vs grass fed cows?

      • +17

        asking the important questions…

      • Not if you drink the cow's piss of a waygu with a BMS of 10+

      • +6

        Each to their own, I've had A2 cows piss and wasnt half bad

      • Now you're all takin the piss

    • Taste like Cow piss….Damn, so not for the Vegans then……

      • +3

        Actually, it's the animal-free substitute for cow piss, so yes, vegans should be more than happy to drink it!

        • Fosters is probably not vegan any more (it was for a while apparently). A lot of beer is made with fish bits.

  • +13

    The favourite lager that nobody drinks

  • +15

    This beer is owned by the international brewing group AB InBev of Belgium

    Struth - it’s open slather when it comes to selling off this country.

    • -6

      What's your point? Most of other beer breweries are owned by Japan.

      • +22

        My point is nothing Aussie is Australian anymore

        • +40

          I have to admit, this is probably one "Aussie Icon" I'm happy to let anyone else have.

        • +19

          Coopers πŸ˜‰

        • +16

          Still got AFL mate… no other country would touch that with a barge pole

        • +2

          Nothing stopping Aussies from keeping business here, oh wait, lack of money…

        • Gage Road?
          Matilda Bay?

          • +1

            @R4: Matilda Bay is owned by CUB/AB InBev too. Gage Road is a good one, though.

        • +2

          700 breweries in Australia. Many Australian owned.

          Ask for indie beer.

        • Well, we did get Vegemite back at least.

        • +3

          Even Aussies aren't Australian anymore

    • Not anymore. Asahi bought it from AB last year

    • If someone wants that stuff let em have it. No one here drinks it.

  • +1

    Beauty bonza mate, this is a bloody ripper deal!

  • +29

    Thanks my English cousin is coming to visit soon, this will make him feel at home.

    • +21

      Don't put it in the fridge then…

      • +1

        They have cold beer nowadays

        • +9

          Loophole: Room temp = 3 deg

    • Scotland is England is the only place I see them.

  • +28

    Cheers, I've found this is the most efficient way to make sure mates bring their own beer.

    • hahahahah, it's actually a great idea

    • Life hacks! I'll pick up a six pack & hide the good stuff.

  • +3

    Ahh, just like making love in a canoe.

  • Private life
    IPA can s better

    • +4

      I bloody love private life, but I prefer 4 pies more!

  • +2

    Wow. I thought they stopped making Fosters 30 yrs ago

  • +10

    Love how people in the UK think this is our standard beer

    • +5

      You can also buy it at Walmart in the US

  • +1

    Does this rate higher or lower than VB?

    Asking for a friend.

    • +10

      Both similarly trash macrolagers.

    • +10

      This tastes like cows piss (apparently). Vb tastes like donkeys piss. So I'm not sure which is worse…

  • +14

    Wait, so you get paid $9.99 for drinking this?

    • +1

      Danger money

  • +12

    $9.99 for a 6 pack?!? What a rip off!
    Iron Jack was the same price for a whole carton last night :P

  • +2

    Be the first person on the planet to drink a Fosters in the year 2020.

    • +2

      Lol be fair….. First in OZ more likely….

  • +2

    Only 4%, need to go to europe to get the good stuff.

    • Some of the non Colesworths bottlos have the proper full strength Fosters in Australia which I assume is being brewed closer to the true recipe for it.

  • +1


    Somethin wrong, yank?

  • +9

    This isnt UKBargain

    • u fookin' wot m8?

  • +11

    The beer I thought Australia drinks, before I moved to Australia.

  • +3

    upvote for the description LOL

  • (profanity) it, I'm cutting out a fosters badge and I'm replacing my commadores Chevy badge with it.

  • +3

    No one in Australia actually drinks Fosters do they?

    • Yes.

  • +1

    Fosters… It's Australian for Cat-P***…

  • As Australian as bloomin' onions!

  • +1

    At this price and quantity, I feel I want to try this famous beer no Aussie has ever had. But at the same time, I don't.

    I feel conflicted. Will I feel less Australian if I take the plunge? Arghh

    • +1

      Tastes better on the way back up.


  • -1

    It's not that bad. I had it in the UK on tap.

  • -1

    Australian for beer.

    • English for Australian beer.

  • +1

    I'm sad that this crap is still marketed across the world as Australian Beer :(.

    No one in Australia drinks it!!! It's bloody horrible!!!

  • +1

    Any good for cleaning driveways?

  • +1

    Fosters and Passion Pop? Just in time for Straya Day!

  • +1

    If I want to vomit I can do it for free and put my fingers down my throat !
    Would not drink this if they paid me

  • Good old Fosters beer. Haven't seen one for years and I actually thought they stopped production.

  • -1

    Not a bad beer but not as good as VB. Still prefer drinking this than that fancy craft stuff.

    • username checks out

  • Oz' favourite lager - back when you could buy a pack of Winnie Blue's for less a fiver

    I distinctly remember those days, and you couldn't actually buy Fosters at any of the bottleshops or bars I frequented?

  • Must be doing something right to be our biggest export.

    • I've been to Newcastle, there's no way we're moving more beer than coal.

  • +1

    Why would you pay for this crap? I thought you have to be paid to drink it.

    • +2

      Haha yeah, I didn't know this was still being made/sold in Australia. Last time I saw it was in the USA a few years ago on a billboard and the slogan was, 'Fosters. Australian for beer'
      I thought huh, it's not even sold in Australia anymore, but obviously it is.

  • +1

    Cheers mate.. look forward to ripping a few tinnies of fawsters later with the misso. By the way, that lawnmower you borrowed last Easter.. you don't mind swinging it around this weekend hey? I don't really care, just the misso is chasing me hard to get it back.. cheers thanks seeya thanks mate cheers have a good one

  • Guaranteed half the knobs complaining about the taste of VB/Fosters exclusively drink 150 lashes and Stone & Wood…. LOL

    • 150 Lashes is barely craft

      • Exactly

  • +2

    No one in Australian drinks Foster's. The only time I tried it is when I visited London, because hey, why not? It's very ordinary beer. Just plain flat tasting. If people honestly think this is "Australia Beer" then advertising agencies have pulled off one hell of a con job. It's like thinking Budweiser represents the USA.

    • but budweiser is from the czech republic, whats it got to do with america?

  • +1

    This is as Aussie as a Big M….

  • I'm drinking one right now for the first time in my life. Honestly, it's not that bad. Tastes like any other average beer.

    Bloody ripper of a deal. Cheers mate.

  • +2

    Dan's gave me a whole carton of 24 for $10 πŸ˜‚

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