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Boost Mobile Recharge 12 Month 80GB $135 / David Jones Gift Cards 10% Bonus Value @ Coles In-Store


Apologies for the lack of screenshots. Offers were emailed to me with no pics.

Boost is the same as this deal and includes a $2 SIM. If you can get hold of discounted Coles gift cards, would make the price even more attractive. Enjoy :)

  • 80GB total data.
  • 12 month expiry.
  • Unlimited calls & text to standard national numbers.
  • Unlimited international calls & text to 25 selected countries + 1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected countries.
  • Stream Apple Music data free.

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      • i dont see any recharge pricing on their site

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          150$ for 80GB 12months expiry

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    Should I buy this now, or just wait and buy it at some point in the next 11 months, hoping that the same deal will come along?

    (seems a bit silly for me to hand over $135 now, when I don't need the product until late December…)

    • This offer come every month from Coles and more frequently on eBay and other sites.

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        on eBay and other sites.

        The ones 'on eBay and other sites' does not apply to existing accounts, only new ones.

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          i should cut it short: This offer come every month from Coles

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        eBay deals are usually SIM packs which require you to be a "new" customer. Voucher deals (like this) only seem to occur at Coles at the moment and occur every few months.

    • That’s what I was contemplating as well. Still have 11 months on current plan. I’m guessing there’ll be more discounted recharges offered this year and the data offered may be better by then.

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        If the data offer is better, then when you recharge you'll get the better data offer even if buying the voucher now.

        • Thanks. That’s good to know

      • i really doubt the data offer will increase. Recharges come up evey so often that i wouldn't be buying one now if i was only 1 month into my present 12 mth plan

    • Phone deals are always cheapest around black Friday to snag the years new Xmas present phone owners.

    • My advice would be to buy this now if you don't give a shit about data. But if you're eager to find something better with more data. Then keep an eye on ozbargain. The problem will be that you might forget or miss out if you're not paying attention. I don't think you will see many deals much cheaper than this for a recharge. They're mostly starter sims.

  • not related top the boost deal: my elderly dad complained about buying $300 of yearly credit on vodafone. About a month later, he received a text saying his credit was expired. I'm thinking he clicked on a popup of some sort, that pretended to be a telco.

  • Are there any issues with porting from jb hi-fi Telstra plan? My 12month contract finishes this month.

    • Apparently so. Probably better off porting to a different network (anything but Telstra retail or Boost) for a month, then porting to Boost.

      • It need not be for a month, even 1-2 days will work. I was on Telstra postpaid initially then, I was ported to Teslta prepaid ( done by Telstra themselves as part of closing my post paid service) then to Amaysim (this was suggested by Telstra staff) and then to Boost.

        • No waiting period, but if you've paid for the month, may as well take it (given multiple MVNOs will give you the first month for 5 bucks, extremely good value).

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    For those asking, I just purchased one of these a few days ago, and the expiry is listed as 2021-10-20, so ~22 months :)

    • Thank you !

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      Coles deal would be 40 cents cheaper for those who can get 4% Coles gift card via Suncorp

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        And it's a prepaid sim vs recharge for those that care.

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          Recharge is always better as you can use it as an existing customer.

          Coles deal is a lot better than the prepaid sim card as it never runs out of stock and you earn flybuys points + meet the spending requirement for points offers.

          • @highdealer:

            meet the spending requirement for points offers

            Really? That's good to know.

            • @sween64: Officeworks price match is 5% off and you don't need to wait nonths like you do with cashback.

              • @DisabledUser17524: But do Officeworks sell recharge vouchers? If they don't, then you'll have to wait for a SIM pack deal and hope OW have stock.

          • @highdealer: Thanks. I should be getting 3000 bonus points for a voucher bought this week and at least 2000 bonus points for a voucher next week (for my Dad).

    • that's not a recharge though

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    Where can I get discounted coles gift card??? Thanks

  • I'll pick this up now that my circles.life intro is over.

    Will pay with flybuys dollars via Coles credit card bonus.

  • Can I pay for David Jones gift card with Coles gift card?

  • Is it me or the starting time is stupid? 21 Jan 11:30pm–28 Jan 11:30pm

    Technically not starting till tomorrow

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      Because you’re in Adelaide … the OP is ahead of you, being in Melbourne

  • Just a question for those in the know:

    If one was to purchase a 45gb 28 day expiry (currently $20 online), then recharge with this voucher at the end of the 28 days, would the unused data then be rolled over to be used in the next 12 months?

    I.e. Buy $20 sim with 45gb data to use. Use it for 27 days with 40gb left at this time. Then recharge using this voucher and then have 120gb to use over the next 12 months. Total cost - $155 for ~13 months.

    • Unfortunately, no. Boost 6/12months plans don't support data rollover. So you can't rollover data from a 28 days plan into them, nor can you rollover when you recharge. They don't even support auto recharge iirc.

    • When I recharged with the 12 month expiry on the last day of my 28 day one my existing data did roll over. This was about 10 months ago so might not work anymore. Good luck.

      • I think the condition to roll over data is you need to recharge before the plan expires. So if your plan is expiring tomorrow, you can recharge today or tomorrow to roll over the data.

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    going oversea for 4 months and I wish to keep my number.
    What would be my best option for long expiry?

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      Probably ALDI mobile PAYG.
      $15 minimum prepaid recharge and any unused credit expires after 365 days.

  • Can someone please explain the 10% bonus on David Jones gift cards

      • So you're saying that David Jones gift cards can be used for Coles purchases?

        • +1

          nah, it's a completely separate offer. if you buy David Jones gift cards from Coles, you get an extra 10% value on the gift card.
          usual amounts are $50, $100, $200 I think.
          i.e. buy a $100 DJ gift card, you get $110 value that you can use at David Jones.

          • @jasnkapadia: oh, thanks! For a moment there, I thought I could get another 10% off.

  • Telstra screwed up on delivering my item.

    Will this work in a tablet?

    • same question, just bought an ipad so would like to know it too

      • yes,boost sims work in ipads

    • yes, boost sims work in ipads

  • Please excuse my basic question: If I am on Lebara prepaid plan and want to switch to Boost using this offer, how do I do it? First buy a SIM, activate, then use this voucher? Thank you for your advice!
    Lastly, is there any roaming I can add to this 1-year 80GB plan?

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      The recharge voucher from Coles should also come with a free $2 sim (check first to see if the store stocks it), which you can activate and port your number onto it. Then once the port is complete, use the recharge voucher.

      • Thank you

  • if im already on pre-paid boost, is it possible to buy this and use it if i already have a sim? is it a risk to spend $135 and for it to fail?

    • Yes, that is what a recharge voucher is for. It comes with a free $2 sim so people not already with Boost can port over and use the recharge voucher; just don't use the sim card.

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    SORRY, why i didn't find $135 [email protected]? I lookup it on the pay-machine, still $150. anyone can tell me why?

  • i tried to find these at Coles in shop, and they didnt know anything about them even after they checked their computer. Impossible to buy!

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      Why didnt you show them from the Catalogue? Page 21

      • Not in nsw metro catalogue.

        Edit, it does come up if you search for it. You scan the $2 sim with the recharge voucher at the machine.

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    I just bought it for 135$ from coles Flinders st store Melbourne. Its available at self checkout machines as a voucher.

    Expiry :April 2021

    • Hi,

      How do you do this at self checkout machines?

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        In the selfcheckput machine, you can look up for boost just like you look up a Banana.

        Other option is to go to a counter serviced by a sales assistant and ask him/her to add a boost 150$ voucher to the sale (but verify that the price shown is 135$)

    • Also where would the $2 SIM be located? I need to get this for the Ms as she will need a boost SIM

      • +2

        On the racks with the gift cards.

        • +1

          Thanks kind captain!

  • What is the simplest process to transfer from Telstra prepaid to Boost ?
    I have a unused lebara SIM with $10 value, should I port from Telstra to Lebara and within the month port from Lebara to Boost.

    • Yes, that's the simplest way. I did this last time, except I used Vodafone as my port out for a couple of days. Was pretty easy since it's all automated processes.

    • Porting went smoothly from Aldi to Boost

  • Can anyone please confirm if coles allows to buy recharge through coles egiftcard???? Thanks

    • +1

      Yes. I went to the self serve checkout this morning and bought 3 vouchers with discounted Coles egift cards that I purchased through Suncorp (4% discount) last night.

      • Thank you wombat1955

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      I did the same as wombat1955.

  • Then what’s the signal difference between Telstra and Boost Mobile? Does Telstra cap Boost mobile users’ speed

    • No difference from a network perspective. No confirmed speed cap.

  • I just got 3 but they weren't packs just printed vouchers ( Coles Blackwood SA ). The guy behind counter didnt know about the pricing and had to look at catalog.

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      Actually you can order one from boost mobiles website at the same price

      • That's a SIM pack, this is a recharge. They're different.

  • David Jones 10% bonus value? Couldn’t find the information, anyone can confirm?

    • You go in store and find the stand with all the gift cards. There should hopefully be $50, $100, $200 gift cards there. Go to the checkout and pay. You will only pay $50, $100, $200, but when you check the gift card balance it will be $55, $110, $220.


      Only thing I am not sure is if you can buy DJ gift card with Coles gift card…

      • As far as I know you could only pay Bunnings Gift Card with Coles Egift Card.
        Anyone would know?

      • Thanks Mate. Bought it and have extra 10% value.

  • Can this not be bought for a new user and not as a recharge? Like with the physical sim kit

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      all you need is $2 sim and ask for $150 recharge voucher.

      • Will they charge extra $2 for the sim?

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          No, in this deal the $2 sim is free.
          My receipt says I saved $17 ($2 from the sim, and $15 from the recharge voucher).

      • +1

        So I don't need to find a card that says $150 on it. My coles was so confused. I just need a $2 sim card package and add $150 at counter?

        • Correct

          1) The $2 SIM will checkout for free
          2) If you're paying by eGift cards, make sure you have one that covers the full amount, and no self-serve attendant intervention needed.
          2b) Go to manned checkout ask to buy the $2 sim and a $150 recharge in the same transaction, then let them know you have two eGift cards to use up.

  • Dj gift cards sold out on first day. No way that wasn't intended

    • I saw some $50 at my local Coles yesterday, but there's not much point telling you that as we live in different states. Try have another look

  • can i keep existing phone number changing to this?

    • +1

      Yes, just like any mobile phone service port.

  • Nice and easy at the self checkout. Only had to get the assistant once I hit pay now, she just hit continue and left.

    Had 20% off coles/myer GCs to use, 1,000 point + 2,000 points + 6,000 (week 1 of 3) flybuys promos and a free sandwich thins.

    Paid effectively $93 for all of that.

    • May I know where to buy a 20% off Coles gift card?