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Netgear Orbi RBK50 (AC3000) Mesh Wi-Fi System $335 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The Orbi RBK50 (top model) mesh wifi system is currently $335 shipped & sold from Amazon Australia at the moment… Quite a good price, especially when it is still being sold for $528 at Officeworks

The lowest ever price this one has sold for (on Amazon AU at least) is $329.95 on December 23, 2019 - it went out of stock quite quickly then as well..

I own one of these myself, it has been rock-solid and as a result of getting it there are literally no black-spots at my house.

However, do keep in mind that a WiFi 6 version of the Orbi is supposed to be released in Australia in Q1 2020 - it's already been released in the US, but for $700 USD, so expect it to be quite pricy. Plus, from what I've read, until literally all your devices support WiFi 6, and it becomes mainstream there's not much point in becoming an early adopter.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks OP. The price is sharp but I can’t get passed Wireless 1 doing it for $299 a few months back.

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    I got one during that Dec 23 sale on Amazon and it just arrived last week. Super happy so far and resolved all my main dead spots. Speed is great too - 4K Netflix over wifi without issue. Highly recommend to anyone on the fence about buying these.

  • Thanks, been waiting since Boxing Day and happy with this price

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    Highly recommend this one. I Invested on dual band routers, prior to this, with powerline extenders ,and I still got better results with these.

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    This is a fantastic product and great price! I purchased this during Christmas and paid bit more than this price but love it! Gets all of upstairs with no drop in speed!

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    Why would you need this :\ how big is your house..!

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    FYI: Anyone with Ring devices needs to be cautious. Orbi and Ring don't pair up well, and it's been a known issue for a while now. There is a workaround but it does come at the expense of reduced speed all over. Overall I'm happy with my Orbi considering my NBN connects at less than 40mbs, but had I access to better speed tiers I'm not sure I'll accept the trade off to get it playing nicely with my Ring devices.

    • What exactly is the problem? I have both and so far they are working fine fortunately. Just want to be aware of the potential issue in case it comes up one day.

      • The issue is with live view. Bringing up live view doesn't work immediately. It takes several tries as there is an issue with the Ring devises waking up. Answering motions works fine though.

        If you definitely don't have an issue do you mind sharing what version of Orbi, or anything related that might help me figure out if they've fixed this with newer hardware versions?

        • In that case, I do have the same issue where it takes a while (30s+) for live view to come up (or sometimes doesn't come up at all). That explains the behavior then.

          • @muddrex: I get live view almost instantly now, with a workaround I found. It might reduce your network speed but not everyone experiences the same issue with speed. You have nothing to lose by trying it I guess as you can switch back worse comes to worse.


            See post #2 and start from step #7. You'll hopefully see it working right away. I started with step 7, but your more than welcome to start with step 1, I just couldn't be bothered for the advanced technical skills required to telnet etc.

            Let me know how you go.

        • No problem with live view here, either with the main Ring App or the Ring Rapid app. I'm using an Orbi RBK50 with a Ring Pro. Ring Pro is hardwired unlike regular Ring so perhaps it doesn't go to sleep?

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            @misterchan: Yes, I think this only effects Ring Battery products. Not the hardwired versions.

            • @ih8un: Yes, I'm using Ring 2 specifically so that I don't have to deal with the wiring, got a 2nd battery with my qantas points.

              Thanks @ih8un, I'll give that a try and see.

    • Yep, same here. I have both Orbi and Ring and they work perfectly well.

      • How about live view? Does it wake up instantly? Do you have wired or battery Ring products?

    • Just got my orbi and setup was a breeze. Both my ring doorbell pro and ring chime pro connect seamlessly. Also the range is pretty insane. Works down the street…

  • Does anyone know how much these are from TGG Commercial? If it’s higher, will they price match/beat?

    • It’s higher. Just go to officeworks if you want a match.

      • Thank you

  • Thanks for the post. Seems to have back to $499.00

    • +1

      looks like “jack-ed” also works at amazon ;p

    • I ordered as well this time didn't sit to think too much

      but still it's a bit crappy of Amazon to pull such trick.

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    the price is &439 - how do you get $335?
    prime only?

    • +1

      For same reasons Jack got job offer from Amazon recently :D

  • i have a single story house would the rbk20 do fine or just all in and buy this

    • the RBK20 package for $280.29 should do fine for a single story.

      The main difference with this RBK50 is the router and receiver units are bigger with stronger reception. Also this RBK50 units have more ethernet ports and both units have USB for sharing files.

      RBK50 has faster backhaul wifi speed but it doesn't matter if the package only has 1 satelit

  • Shows as $439.00 for me - must have expired?

    • Looks like there’s limited quantity at $335. I have one sitting my cart at $335 but when I click on the link from this deal again, the price is $439.

      • Damn been waiting for this to be a good price for a while.

  • The Range on the RBK50 is FAR superior to Google Nest wifi, but the initial setup process can be a hassle.

    • -1

      i watched a review on youtube apparently the google nest wifi has superior range. but then the satelite speed is more stable (or faster) with the Orbi.

      However, I can't find the google nest wifi cheaper than the Orbi anywhere.

      • -1

        I've had both, currently have the nest, because the orbi refused to connect, I returned it and got the nest. The range on the Orbi is quiet frankly insane but the initial setup… Google nest was ridiculously easy to setup, but the range is… garbage, especially if you're in a two storey house.

        • -1

          Oh that's not what I learned from a review in youtube where the guy reviewed like 5-6 types of wifi mesh system. the google wifi was shown to have better coverage… not sure now

          I didn't have any problem setting up my Orbi RBK23 but I haven't try the google nest so I can't compare.

        • live in a big 2 story and have great coverage with google wifi. i have 3 hubs

    • Is the initial setup process any more different than the RBK23? I have setup that model before and found it pretty straight forward.

    • Not wrong. Never could get my RBK50 setup, it's been sitting in the corner for 5 months.

  • How does this thing work? Can I use it as an extension to my current asus rt-ac68u?

  • we need wireless1 to bring back $299 price :D
    I am sure amazon won’t be able to keep up….

  • Need another one of these but just the satellite, shame they dont sell the satellite on its own

  • +1

    This is one of the best routers you can get. I got myself one, my mum one and my in laws one.
    No one complains about no wifi receptions anymore!

  • +1

    Router is off its tits. Wifi so fast.
    I paid more for this on the weekend just passed and don’t even care as it works that well.

    • I’ve bought 2 x RBK23 for my sister and me and have been very happy with them, so no doubt this one will do well for my mum’s house :)

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    Bait advertising

    Bait advertising takes place when an advertisement promotes certain (usually ‘sale’) prices on products that are not available or available only in very limited quantities. It is not misleading if the business is upfront in a highly visible, clear and specific manner about the particular product ‘on sale’ being in short supply or on sale for a limited time.


    • +2

      Define very limited quantities? (962 clicks) would you expect any other retailer to stock 1000 units of a single router sku?

      • I mean, that's on one way of looking at it, but these deals that sell out in 1 hour are basically Amazon generating heaps of hype for a comparatively small amount of stock by their standards. The fact that 9 times out of 10 these deals are out of stock before I even see them feels sketchy.

        • Mate, people are just faster than you.

          Amazon has heaps of stock, but even they can't be expected to stock an infinite amount of goods.

          • -1

            @fatal: It demonstrates that they are only pricing it this way to get people in the door, not as a genuine price for an item they regularly sell.

            I guarantee you they are not actually running out of stock, merely 'allocating' a certain number at the discounted price. As distinct from a real sale, where you price them at a certain price for a given period of time and sell as many as possible at that price.

  • I have this. I paid $399 at TGG in September and was happy with that, so this is an excellent price.

    The best router I've ever used. The performance is outstanding. I have a fairly large semi-rural property and can get acceptable wifi down at my front fence which is a good 35-40m from the satellite unit. I've also got a Orbi speaker/satellite in my workshop, which is great for Spotify.

  • Thanks for posting.
    Especially to @beingaskhole for the last post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/501170
    Was waiting since Father's Day to get one and got two sets for my small place.
    Just a word of caution - if you're house is constructed out of concrete/rebar (as mine is), the range is unfortunately reduced because of the thick walls.
    We have one per storey of the house now.

  • -3

    Just get at costco, same price

    • Link?

      • It’s not your same model at Costco. They sell the rbk23 model which is the 3 pack. From memory it’s about 370 bucks or so.

    • This is untrue, I wasted my time travelling to Costco based on this advice when I missed out on the last deal. They stock a different model

      • Yeah Costco was selling the RBK23 model (3 units). I was lucky to get there when Costco still have the $339 offer price, and about 2 weeks ago it went back to $370.

        Currently I actually only use the Router to cover all my indoor area while the two satelites were never taken out of the box.

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    Word of warning for anyone ordering the WiFi 6 version of the Orbi from the USA, it does NOT come with 240v power supplies. I was lucky I had some correct spec power supplies (from Telstra Netgear smart modems) lying around.

    It works incredibly well, but just be aware of the voltage issue.

  • oh no, missed out this deal…..looking for Home Mesh Wi-Fi System today

  • Can anyone give me a run down of the perks of using this router? Reviews I found didn't provide much substance.

    • every page and everything you load, loads snappy AF. super fast getting most out of your broadband.
      it creates one SSID for the whole house, and moving around the house is seamless in terms of wifi reception/speed

      • Sounds really cool. I see most people who comment are from either rural, spacious land or houses. Would this ever be beneficial for an apartment?

        • probably not much benefit for an apartment. But i can add the following reasons why I bought it
          1. my existing telstra router wifi keep crashing as i got quite a few devices streaming simultaneously. The nbn modem has no problem keeping up.
          2. my telstra modem has capped upload speed of 5Mbps and I paid for a 20mbps upload speed

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