4 New Tyres For Toyota Yaris 2012

Hi everyone!

I'm needing 4 new tyres for my 2012 Toyota Yaris 2012 model. Something reliable and good in wet conditions. I'm in Melbourne.

Any bargains or cheaper websites you know about?

Thank you so much!


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      I had Turanza's on my 2009 Yaris and they only lasted about 20000km. They may have been a bad batch as my dad had some Turanza's on his Holden Calais and they lasted ages.
      I have since put Michelins on it. 30000-40000km and still plenty of life left. They also feel very good and stable in the wet.

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    Just get the cheapest BRidgestone. It's a Yaris lol

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    Google tyres - that will get you list of locations near you
    Ask them for quotation on tyers based on your tyre size and compare. (Ask for full price inc disposal, alignment and balancing)
    Go for well known brands for reliability.
    Soft tyres and grid pattern usually help on wet condition.

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    Michelins. Any kind. I find they tend to wear better, whereas other tyres (especially Bridgestones) will get a lot worse as they wear.

    If you're in Sydney, go to Tempe Tyres for generally the cheapest prices.

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    Goodyear Eagle GT3s. Affordable and not too bad but for a yaris most tyres are going to be somewhat similar unless you're taking off from the lights racing.

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    Even Korean tyre brands would do for a Yaris. Try Jax Tyres website, you can put in your rego and it will give you tyres that fit. At least with that you have a guide.

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    What size are they?

    I'm a Michelin fanboy. Long life and good grip.

    Do you have a budget price in mind?

    • Hi brad they are 175/65r15 84h tyres.

      I would like to spend about $50 per tyre if that's possible..i dont really know much about tyres but as long as they are not slippery on the wet road when i hit the brakes. Thank you.

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        Anything around that price will be less than optimal.

        I put Grenlander Colo H01 on the kid's Honda. I have no idea what they are like but the kids haven't complained yet and they have to be better than the bald Toyos they had. A set of those in your size will run about $280 fitted through SCA/Tyroola.

        A known good tyre will be around the $100-$125 mark.

        You have to live with your tyres for 3-4 years so it might be best to spend a bit more rather than spending that time regretting being cheap.

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        Yea for $50 a tyre you're gonna get crap tyres that'll be terrible in wet. Then you'll probably post about it and then have to fork out heaps more for new tyre when your el cheapo ones won't offer any form of warranty or guarantee.
        Just so you can have a quick think Bridgestone are about $140 a tyre for your size.

      • Have you seen the ads by Bridgestone where they say your width of your hand is how much contact the tyre has with the road? Tyres are definitely something you shouldn't skimp out on, especially if you want ones that 'are not slippery on the wet road'

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        I would like to spend about $50 per tyre if that's possible.

        Just remember that no matter how well maintained the rest of your vehicle is and how good your driving/reaction time is, your tyres are the only thing holding you to the road. Like others have mentioned, tyres are definitely not something to cheap out on unfortunately.

        I'm not in Melbourne so I can't help with specific stores, but it pays to do some local research and call your local Bob Jane/other tyre places for the best deals. If you have a Costco membership, their prices can be competitive too. From time to time you'll find on OzBargain the 'Buy 3 get 1 free' specials which might help.

  • Aren't you squeezing the budget to have anything brand name and actually worth asking?

    Reliable and good at $50 for 15" sized tyres usually don't go hand in hand.

    Though if you're not doing anything crazy a $50 vs $100 mark tyre… is the $50 half as good as the $100? Probably not. Is it worth the risk? Up to you.

    Lots of people on the road have subpar non branded tyres. But you don't actually hear about that many accidents blaming cheap tyres. I'm pretty sure there are still australian standards that need to be met for minimum safety benchmarks. Don't let the marketing gimmicks pressure you.

    Get the best you think you can afford.