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[QLD, NSW] Euromatic Bladeless DC Tower Fan $50 (Was $179) @ Bunnings


The perfect solution for keeping your room cool all summer long, the Euromatic Bladeless DC Tower Fan offers 9 speed settings, 8 hour timer, and soft touch control. It comes with an easy to use remote control and both fixed or oscillating functions.

  • 102cm tower fan
  • Brushless DC motor
  • 9 speed settings
  • 8 hour timer
  • Digital display with soft touch control
  • 2 Year Warranty

Thanks to Pricehipster

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  • +1

    refresh my memory, DC is the one to go for? or is it AC ?

    • +7

      DC is apparently the one that is more power efficient.

          • +1

            @CocaKoala: Did see a 40cm DC Smart fan at Bunnings on sale or clearance for $79.

      • +2

        And quieter…

        • +7

          Indeed, these barrel fans need to spin super fast to Generate the same amount of airflow as a standard petal blade fan, the result, noisy AF.

          Still, they have their advantages. Great saving.

          • +2

            @ash2000: brushless motor is much much quieter then a brushed motor, even its spinning much faster.

            • +9

              @samelight: The noise is usually less about the motor and more about the noise generated by the airflow.

              Take the blades off a regular pedastal fan running at full speed and its virtually silent.

              • -5

                @ash2000: You are conflicting with yourself. If they "generate the same amount of airflow" and "[…] is more about the noise generated by the airflow" why would one be noisier?

                • +5

                  @bio: No. Im talking about the amount of air that actually reaches the user.

                  Compared to traditional fans, Barrel fans force air under pressure through a small outlet, noisy.

              • @ash2000: it depends on how u use it, design of the fan, and the quality.
                if u use it at night in a low speed mode, all u can hear is the sound of the motor not airflow, a quieter motor means a lot.
                im not saying this one is quieter,in theory it should be but when u add "quality" into consideration, then its hard to tell.

                Take the blades off a regular pedastal fan running at full speed and its virtually silent.

                thats a very bad example, one of the main reason for a noisy motor is the unbalanced blade, it wobbles and make noises.

                and in the case of a full speed, i don't think u will notice the difference,
                coz they all very noisy, u won't care a few db noisier.

                • @samelight:

                  thats a very bad example,

                  Oh, sorry!

                  I frequently offer bad examples, that I will admit, but "very" bad? Phew, that's a kick in the guts!

                  • @ash2000: It’s a very bad example because if you take the blades off a pedestal fan, you lost the whole function of a pedestal fan. 🤣

            • +1

              @samelight: If noise is the only concern, there are plenty of high quality, brushless DC motor fans on the market.

              These barrel fans look very pretty though. So if you don't want to look like a poor person, cooling yourself with a pedestal fan, these are the way to go.

    • -1

      I usually go for Marvel or Dark Horse.

  • Seems like a good deal. No stock in Brisbane

  • +48

    Only stock in QLD and NSW

    Store Stock Message
    Alexandria 8 In stock
    Balgowlah 8 In stock
    Bankstown Airport 17 In stock
    Bonnyrigg 15 In stock
    Castle Hill 9 In stock
    Coffs Harbour 16 In stock
    Eastgardens 3 In stock
    Glendale 12 In stock
    Greenacre 11 In stock
    Heatherbrae 13 In stock
    Kingsgrove 8 In stock
    Lake Haven 10 In stock
    Lismore 12 In stock
    Maitland 19 In stock
    Marsden Park 19 In stock
    Minchinbury 14 In stock
    North Penrith 16 In stock
    Nowra 15 In stock
    Orange 13 In stock
    Port Macquarie 12 In stock
    Rydalmere 1 Low stock
    Shellharbour 6 In stock
    Tamworth 21 In stock
    Wagga Wagga 18 In stock
    Wallsend 10 In stock
    West Gosford 12 In stock
    Store Stock Message
    Brendale 12 In stock
    Browns Plains 23 In stock
    Bundamba 12 In stock
    Cairns 26 In stock
    Caloundra 12 In stock
    Capalaba 10 In stock
    Gympie 17 In stock
    Hervey Bay 14 In stock
    Loganholme 1 Low stock
    Mackay North 10 In stock
    Maroochydore 4 In stock
    North Lakes 16 In stock
    Paget Mackay 23 In stock
    Rockhampton 17 In stock
    Rothwell 18 In stock
    Smithfield 8 In stock
    Springfield Central 13 In stock
    Toowoomba North 12 In stock
    Townsville 36 In stock
    Underwood Compton Rd 17 In stock

    • +4

      I stand corrected. Thanks iShibby

    • How do we get the stock availability?

      • +9

        Using this genius stock checker that I can't remember who created so I apologise for that:


        • -9

          this ain't accurate

          • @tempura: Might need to refresh it but it's pretty bang on

            • -5

              @iShibby: how can you say it's pretty bang on? have you gone to each store and see the items yourself?

              • +14

                @tempura: Yep, took fooorrrreeevvvveeeerrrr but totally worth it

                • -5

                  @iShibby: don't tell fibs; people don't appreciate that.

                  • @tempura: Soz, in my experience whatever Bunnings I've been to based on the above stock checker have had that amount in stock. Sorry it can't be more acurate for you.

        • +2

          Thanks Its a better tool to at least know the numbers.

    • +1

      Castle Hill is sold out. I picked up the last (Demo) one… apparently someone came in 10mins before me and bought all the ones that were left. Leave some for the rest of us guys! :P

      • Damn you Broden!

      • So it was you ! I called up and they said someone took the demo one too !

  • Didn't Aldi have an identical looking model on sale a few weeks ago? Anyone who purchased one from Aldi have any views/reviews on it?

    • My local also aldi had one in the clearance area, v was still $150

      • Bought one from Aldi for $150, lost the receipt, can't return now. Faaaarrrkkk!

        • +1

          Other types of proof of purchase include:

          a credit or debit card statement
          a lay-by agreement
          a receipt or reference number given for phone or internet payments
          a warranty card showing the supplier’s or manufacturer’s details and the date and amount of the purchase
          a serial or production number linked with the purchase on the supplier’s or manufacturer’s database
          a copy or photograph of the receipt.

    • I bought the Aldi one and returned it. It barely moved any air. Coming from the Vornado it was a step back.
      Maybe this one in Bunnings is better. At least it costs $50 instead of $150.

      • Which vornado model did you have?

        • any tornado is good: bigger a room - bigger a fan

  • +1

    Anyone have experience with this fan? Can't find any reviews.

    • +1

      The good thing about bunnings is, if you don't like it, you can return it. Keep the packaging.

    • +3

      I bought it at $140 as it was $10 cheaper than the Aldi version last week but will be returning it. Very easy unit to control and the remote is simple to use but noisier than expected and the so called whisper quiet sleep mode setting is the same as the lowest speed setting for both fan speed and noise. The guy from bunnings was very helpful and said it should be very quiet on the lower fan speeds which is just not the case, could be a faulty unit but either way will be returning it.

    • +2

      I bought two today from Bundamba and they are ok for $50.

      They are relatively quiet but to sleep with it on then you would have to turn it right down unless you are ok with sleeping with a low noise from a motor.

      Not very powerful is my only observation, I don't think they would be good if you wanted to have it blow across your bed at night. It basically throws air out about 1m and is not suitable for a larger area fan.

      It is far better as a personal fan for a desk or while seated in front of the TV.

      I am taking mine too work where it will blow air from shins to shoulder whilst seated.

      A good price for $50 if you want a close up fan, otherwise go for a normal pedastall fan.

  • Anybody used one, any good?

    Similar one from Xiaomi over $300 of course this one no smart


  • Looks to be the same fan as the $200 dimplex


    • But this one come with a remote though?

      • +1

        Both have remotes.

  • Look at the SKU, USD 53.90 - USD 63.90 in alibaba. So it seem cheap, not sure on the quality tho.
    It does have 2 year warranty. Dimplex only has 1.


  • +1

    Ive been looking for reviews, and choice did a comparison. They rated the Kmart fan better than the dyson bladeless.
    Kogan have a smart bladeless for $149. Ill see if they pricematch.

    • What were the loudest fans out of the ones reviewed?

    • I thought they said it moved as much air as the Dyson, not that it was better than the Dyson

  • +1

    Is this the one with the fan blade at the bottom…. So if U have allergies your will be sneezing crazy as the dust flies around

    • Lol yeah, I believe so

      Great on carpet

    • So if U have allergies your will be sneezing crazy as the dust flies around

      That is a very good point, after checking the real thing I decided to pass. Especially after using my Xiaomi.

  • Appears to be no stock in the W.A Stores

  • Can I plug in a smart plug and turn this on and off with Alexa?

  • only one remaining at alexandria. just the demo one

  • Just picked one up and the Euromatic tower fans are way better in my opinion.

  • A bit off topic, but is there a fan out there that is also an air purifier? With all the smoke issues, having a fan + HEPA filter makes loads of sense. The only caveat is that it can't be a Dyson, which I refuse to buy.

    • +1

      Buy a box fan, strap/tape a MERV 13 or better (but not HEPA as it restricts airflow too much) filter to it.

      The filters are easiest bought from the USA as not much in the way of local suppliers unfortunately.

      • Thanks - ill look into it

  • Picked one up at Marsden Park, still about 8 left.

    • Sold out at Marsden Park now.

  • Grabbed one from browns plains plenty left

  • How's the air dispersion on this when it's not oscillating? Looks like it would have a very narrow column of air.

    • +1

      Just got one from Maroochydore Bunnings. There isn’t any info regarding the air volume on the manual. Once set to max speed of 9, there is a healthy amount of airflow. It is not great but sufficient. The noise level is fairly good, much lower than the old circular Dyson Cool desk fan unit that we got at home. Operated by a remote, the quality of the unit is good. Encased by aluminum, it weights around 3 kilo. I don’t think I will want to pay over 120 dollars for it. 50 is perfect.

  • Thanks nocure.

    My local was scanning at $100 but I showed the website and the staff member marked it down manually.

  • Despite the massive discount, is this actually going to outperform a tower fan for the same price?

  • +1

    Picked one up at Bankstown Airport at noon. There were about a dozen left. The price sticker still showed $140 but scanned at counter correctly at $50.

    Testing it and felt it noisier than my expectation. The air band is also narrower than a normal pedestal fan. Guess my missus will have a final say if we’ll keep or return.

  • The perfect solution

    O rly?

  • +1

    Picked on up and compared it to my tower fan. It's a different kind of loud. The tower fan sounds more like wind while this sounds more like a fan whirring at the base. Works well but if you're looking for a quiet bedroom fan then this isn't really ideal.

    • this sounds more like a fan whirring at the base

      Also suck all the dust from the floor to you.

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