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Woolworths Mobile Prepaid 6 Month Expiry: 12GB Data, Unlim Calls/Text $50 (Normally $60) + 10% off Shopping Once a Month


I am on the Boost 12 month plan 80GB. 11 months in, I have only used up about 20GB. So I am excited for this offer. Depending on your data usage, this is pretty cheap. About $8.33 per month for 2gb (and unli calls and texts). Telstra network so good coverage. This won't have the international calls and texts from Boost (also something to consider).

Woolworths Group Limited ABN 88 000 014 675 uses part of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile network.

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The referrer and referee will both receive a $10 WISH eGift Card. Referral codes can only be shared after 35 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 10 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • I am about to change over to Boost id love to hear what you think of them? coverage etc..

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      Boost is great to be completely honest. I would definitely recommend them, if you require long term prepaid. It's 'set and forget' since i have unli calls and text and 80gb data. i never needed to complain or contact their customer service team.

      • awesome!! appreciate the reply.

      • ditto, changed to them from kogan and reception/speed has never been better

  • Dear,

    I tried but was unable to find the information about if I purchase this now, how long do I have until I am required to activate it? I just activated the Catchconnect 3 month deal via Groupon.
    thank you for your help

    • Dear, I am unsure of the answer to your question. Sorry dear

    • +1

      Since its Woolworths I'm pretty sure you can go to the store and ask.

  • Also they advertise 10% off your shopping , once a month if Woolworths mobile customer

  • Does this get the same 'full' Telstra coverage as Boost? Haven't had Boost but seen people here speak of it as different. Asking because I had Belong which runs on Testra and the coverage was horrible where I live and since resorted to Optus providers which are much better here. But I have friends on actual Testra mobile who say it is great here

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      No, Woolworthsmobile is on the wholesale deal, whereas Boost is the same coverage as Telstra. It probably would not make much difference either way if you have rubbish Telstra coverage where you are. Of course, it might be your phone, would not be the firsst time thats the issue. I get markedly different Telstra reception on my phones.

      • No the actual Testra coverage is apparently great here, only the wholesale deal coverage seemingly is bad or as you say it maybe my phone too thanks for pointing that out. Now to the serious question, should I risk $50 on this?

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        I have used some Telstra MVNO that's not Boost, their coverage is actually shit, worse than Optus and maybe even worse than Vodafone, I would never ever get Telstra MVNO unless they have "full coverage" like Boost.

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    Boost is great, but like the OP, 11 months in and I have only used about 3GB. I just have no need for all that data. I bought a Woolies 6 month one a month ago and will be porting over pretty soon.

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    If you link this to your Woolworths Reward card you get 10% off a single shop on the second weekend of the month (exc Giftcards etc).
    So if you spend an average of $$83.33 over the six months you'll make back the $50 initial outlay.
    If you already shop Woolworths = free mobile for SIX MONTHS.

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      An up to 10% discount will be applied to eligible Woolworths Mobile customers (Customers) who meet the following conditions:

      1. 18 years old and over

      2. active with Woolworths Mobile for more than 60 days

      3. have recharged Pre-paid mobile plans before credit expiry or kept payments up to date on active Post-paid mobile plans; 

      4. have opted in for marketing preferences; and

      5. have registered with a Woolworths Rewards card linked to the Woolworths Mobile account at least 14 days prior to making the purchase:

    • Does this stack with payment by gift card @5% off?

  • Sorry, but how do I get it for $50? All I see is $60 for a limited time only.

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      discount apply at the checkout

      • Thank you. Is this a secret discount?

        • Website shows it's discounted to $50 instead of $60

          180 day expiry

          Unlimited calls and text (Standard National)

          To move from 30 day expiry to long expiry simply recharge via My Account or the Mobile App

          Limited time only
          Offer ends 31 Jan 2020

          12GB works out to be
          $10 for 2GB every 30 days (data provisioned upfront)

          • @blueyez: Aha. They've now changed it. Yesterday still showing $60. Yet didn't change $10 for 2GB…….. to $8.33…….

  • How long do you have to activate this Woolworths sim once you’ve purchased it? Thank you

    • Often no time limit according to rep at whirlpool but this plan is only on offer until the end of Jan.

      • You mean the $50 price is only on offer til January 31?

        • till January 28th

        • The $60 deal is only available until Jan 31st.

  • Umm so 12GB for $50 for 180 days??

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      Yes. Or for $15/3 months, you could alternate between CatchConnect and Kogan and get 60GB/3 months. So $30 for 120GB every 6 months.

      • Actually works out to $10 for 3 months with CatchConnect after $5 cashback from Shopback.

      • Yeah I really don't see what constitutes this as a good deal tbh

        • Would it be the ability to save 10% off a Woolies shop once a month?

          • @WilkyBoy: I guess that's a good incentive yeah. Just note one condition to receive the 10% off is

            You must have recharge your Pre-paid service before credit expiry or keep your payments up to date on your active Postpaid service.

            • @CVonC: Am I missing something, that just says you basically need an active service which seems like common sense.

              • @WilkyBoy: Yeah I dunno cos the initial $50 cost wouldn't be considered as a "recharge"…

  • My daughter is on a data-only SIM plan that came with a Samsung Tablet via Optus, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the SIM to accept SMS so we can register her for apps like Kakao, WhatsApp and Viber. Does anyone know a way to get SMS on a data-only plan, or should I just buy one of these instead and use it for the phone number/to get the SMS?

    • +1

      The data only sim I have with Optus allows SMS but I have to pay $1 per sms to send (free to receive). My data sim is in my wifi dongle (portable wifi) and I have to go into the wifi settings if I want to see/send sms. I got my data sim back in 2015 so it might be possible that the newer data only sims are strictly data only.

      Edit: Optus has some guides that might help. I don't know what Samsung tablet you have so for example, there's this guide.

    • +1

      I can't figure out how to get the SIM to accept SMS so we can register her for apps like Kakao, WhatsApp and Viber.

      I just did a search, and https://www.textmagic.com/sms-pricing/ looks like it can receive SMS messages for you, with an Australian virtual mobile number. Says receiving messages is free. Haven't tried them myself.

      Do the apps want to receive the SMS directly, or do you just have to receive a code and enter it into the app?

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    dont forget use woolworths gift card for 5% off throgh cash rewards

  • +2

    Btw, You can't use egift card to purchase any ww prepaid kit.

  • Does 10% work with staff discount?

    • Does staff discount work on gift cards? WW Prepaid Kits are treated like gift cards that'w why gift cards don't work any more as per this comment

  • Do they have voicemail or a message to text feature for people leaving messages? Thanks

    EDIT: Looks like it's voicemail, not that horrible message to text feature that Belong have :)

  • Dumb arse question..I will get this deal..where do I put referral code..

  • With the 10% off shopping part - if I'm the primary card holder and get this for my parents - how do i ensure we get the 10% off the shop because we have different surnames? Or do i need to register a rewards card in the mobile holder's name?

    • +1

      I don't know first hand but in the FAQs it says that you need to enter your Woolies rewards number into you Woolies mobile app or account and link them.

    • More info on 10% off shopping - https://mobile.woolworths.com.au/offers/10-off-your-shop Looks like it's on the 2nd weekend of the month only, on purchases up to $500, you have to be a Woolworths Mobile customer for over 60 days and have to link Woolworths Rewards card to mobile account at least 14 days prior, etc, check T&C's in link.

  • Can you roll over banked data from a monthly plan onto this?

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