This was posted 2 years 5 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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BWS 10% Cashback (Was 1.7%) @ Cashrewards


Get stocked up and ready for Australia Day!

Cashback is ineligible on champagne and non-alcoholic products.
Cashback is ineligible on purchases made through the BWS app.
You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new booking/transaction/purchase.

Mod 23/1: Now no cap on cashback (was $30 on 22/1). Rep advised it is for today only.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • All categories exc. champagne?

    • Cashback is ineligible on champagne and non-alcoholic products.

    • does Brut get classified as champagne? i.e sparkling wines or only the proper French Champagne?

  • +1

    Cashback is ineligible on champagne

    This is disappointing.

    • +3

      Yeah shame BWS have done that. I guess it's just goon instead.

  • +1

    Lmao, the BWS IT people still have a job somehow.

    Seem like the coding for grab it for $10 is another complete poop show. Unlucky for us it doesn't result in any good deal but I don't doubt that we will get another case of beer or a bottle of whisky for $10 soon.

  • can't use gift card boo

  • Anyone know whether BWS/Cashrewards will honor cashback if paid using Wish GC?

    Term and condition at Cashrewards is not that clear, it said:
    You may not be eligible for Cashback:
    - If a gift card is purchased or used as payment.

    Meanwhile, Cashrewards in the same page advertise payment using Wish GC:
    Want to save a further 5% on your booze? Purchase gift cards at 5% discount through Woolworths Gift Cards, then pay for your order with the cards.

    • +2

      You may not be eligible for Cashback:
      - If a gift card is purchased or used as payment.

      Where did you get that? I doesn't say that anywhere from the T/C i am looking at:

      You may not be eligible for Cashback:
      If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards.
      If your order is not fully completed online or is later changed.

      • -2

        it's just ad at the bottom of the website

        it's got nothing to do with cashback

      • -1

        ya no cash back for gift cards I saw it

      • Yeah I can't see the gift card thing either. Should be all good then?

        Especially if they're advertising the 5% thing at the bottom of the page, seems weird to do that and then not let you use the gift cards.

      • @highdealer I got it from Cashrewards BWS page ( It's on the left hand side (Cashback Tips, then click View More to expand).

  • Bloody hell I literally ordered something last night.

    • +1

      Drink it and order some more ;-)

    • +5

      Just stop, you are just confusing people at this point. Both companies allow you to use gift card as payment.

      Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated

      This is referring to purchasing a gift card from BWS not using it as a form of payment.

    • +2

      Can confirm buying from BWS with egift cards and getting cash back paid out from both Shopback and Cashrewards.

      • Thank you for the info @Akya…

      • Yep, my cashrewards is now showing pending. Cheers!

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