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20-50% off RRP Everything @ Supercheap Auto


Just found out about this deal from SCA staff.

Discount off regular retail price. Excludes gift cards, tyres, services & shipping & handling charges. Sale available online 24th January, 2020 or unless sold out. Sale available in store and online 25th January 2020, or unless sold out.

Similar deal to the one run last year though it was 20-60% then.

Hoping there will be a good cashback deal to go with this.

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto

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  • Will this be online as well? Or in-store only?

    • I'm wondering that to.

      • IIRC all these sales are both online and in-store.

        • ok, Thanks

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    both forms of trade

    • im lookin for a steering wheel cover, what material yall think

    • been trying to vertically integrate my business to no avail: Horizontal females always win.


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      ITS CUZ

  • Thanks, need butane

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    Is it going to be supercheap !

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      Lol @ someone negging you for that comment

  • Is this the cheapest way to get butane?

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      If it's not listed anywhere cheaper it is.

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    Where are the deals like

    Export Wet Look Tyre Shine $1.99 (Limit 6 Per Customer) @ Supercheap Auto

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      Isn't $2 the normal price for the Export range?

      • Ha! More like $4 or $5.

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    Just found out about this deal from SCA staff.

    I hope they weren't bulltishing you

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      Why would they bulltish him?

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        bulltish needs to be taken VERY seriously…

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          ahhh… that's crap :-)

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        Because they couldn't spell bullshit maybe.

  • Good timing. Need to buy a few accessories for my Rola roof platform.

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      Meh, only 20% discount on Rola, same as earlier this month.

  • Excellent. I had to buy $100 worth of tools there over the weekend to complete a job so should be some credit coming my way

    • I bought some things yesterday, so do I go in with my receipt and ask for credit if things are now on sale?

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        You have to be a club member - it gets applied to your account automatically

    • Yeah this is good. I bought some brake pads. Next minute I see 18 bucks in my account.

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      I just bought a bunch of stuff thinking that the instore sale was today. I am a club member, I used my card. Will I get store credit automatically?

      Club Plus Price Promise
      If a product you’ve purchased goes on special within two weeks, we’ll credit the difference direct to your Club Account.

  • -1

    Thanks for the reminder, I had to contact SCA because of their policy. The employees were not offering price beat and only price match. SCA policy is to price beat and I was only offered price match after I asked several times. No worries head office sorting it out now..

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      Not sure why you're getting downvoted on this. Their claim is Price BEAT. It wasn't until i read a random comment on the ozbargain forums about this, went into Supercheap and when i mentioned their pricebeat guarantee they only matched the price. Only after i asked aren't they guaranteeing to price beat that they knocked the price down further than the competitor. I should say chipped the price down as they took $1 off.

      If they are going to match then they should say that. Then you can decide if it's better for your to buy from the competitor that is offering us an original bargain or SCA who will match it.

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    REEEEEEEEEEEEEE just bought $50 worth of stuff yesterday.

    • shit so did i one hour ago. $66.70 of stuff.

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        u can probably return it/cancel order?

        i opened my stuff already

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          You guys should hand back your Ozbargain badge. Buy again tomorrow and return it with your old receipt.

        • Just buy it again for the discounted price, then return it using your old receipt

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            @Gnosh: If you are a club plus member they give you store credit if it goes on sale within a set time frame, can't remember how long it is though

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      are you club member if so you will get credits

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      you should get credit back if you're a club member.

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      If you're a club member you should get the difference back, I've got back so much in store credit this way as I always seem to pick the worst time to purchase stuff.

      • Funny thing I did put it on my club member card and I've had it for 3years and that's the first time I remembered to do so. So how does it work, I'm assuming that the credit will just appear automatically tomorrow and I can login to my SCA club account to check.

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          The credit doesn't last long though - 30 days iirc?

  • will this be 1 day only?

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      Friday and Saturday online.
      Saturday in-store.

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    This is what I have been told from a SCA staff member

    Club card means if you buy something for $50, and it goes on sale within 2 weeks it will automatically add credit to your card of the difference in price.

    I have been told the card membership works untill you stop using it for an extended amount of time, (They told me they think it is 2 years of inactivity).

    The credit is only avaliable for 28 days

    $5 to sign up and you get credited $10 once you do.

    Add email notifications so you know when you are credited.

  • Awesome. Been waiting for this to repurchase brake pads which didn't fit and got refunded. Hopefully these are 50% off like the 2 for 1 deal I got last year.

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      Looking forward to having brakes again?

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        Look, you can't be suprised, his username checks out

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    Just got the email, 40% off Bowdens. Been waiting for this!

    Online 24th and 25th, Instore 25th only.

    • Can you screen shot it?

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      Time to get some more bowden.. i got some with autobarn during their 30%

    • Pity SCA has such a small range of Bowden's stuff :(

      • any recommmdation on must have bowdens product?

        • big green sucker, wait for the $19.99 deals its an absolute killer!

          i love the leather stuff also

        • I wish I could, I have about 60 of their products and all brilliant.

          Depends what you want really.

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    Any chance this would apply to 'clearance' items?

    • Did you happen to read the title?

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    Went in today to buy a breathalyser, walking to counter asked if any sales coming up, "20-50% off on Saturday", back on the shelf, $45 saved!

    • +10

      u saved $45 but, u totaled your car on the way home…..

      • zero problem! ONLY speed kills!

  • Any recommendations for car wash, wax/polish for a newbie? We get our new car next month and up until now have only ever drive ten year old cars… Want to maintain this one.

    • +2

      If you're a newbie probably stick to the Meguiar's and or Bowden's stuff. SCA don't sell it but if you needed a good, easy to apply and longlasting wax I'd go dodo juice supernatural.

      The main thing you'll want is a good microfibre mitt and 1-2 buckets with a grit guard so when you do wash it you're less likely to scratch the paint work

      • Thank you! I'll go in store tomorrow and check out the options.

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        Wax is nice and all, but SiO2 sealant like the Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax or Turtle Seal n Shine is much easier to apply and cheaper. Just spray and wipe off or rinse off.

      • Any thoughts on Bowden's Nanolicious vs Wax Wash? I already have a drying chamois (Meguiars) and am looking for a good mitt/sponge and wash recommendation.

      • So i bought the nanolicious wash and it worked well. The only thing is that i notice that the windows/windacreen is not clear when the sun shines upon it. Is this some sort of residue left over from the washing? Am i doing something wrong?

        • I dry my car using the Big Green Sucker after a Nanolicious wash and haven't seen any issues.

          Edit: noticed you have a drying chamois. Should ditch it and use a drying towel like the Bowdens or similar from Car Care Products. I have a Bowdens chamois microfibrre chamois and swapped to the Towel - night and day in terms of drying and avoidance of any swirls.

          • @nafe: Big Green. Although I forgot to give it a rinse since it was brand new. Left a few fibres but other than that it was fine.

            • @Piranha2004: Weird, can't say I've had any issues. Only when it dries too quickly on a warm day before I wipe it down. A quick blast with the Naked Glass cleaner clears that up. I can't remember if I rinsed mine initially as it was a while ago, it's due for another wash though.

              • @nafe: That might be an issue as I was outside and it was fairly sunny so the water was drying fairly quickly. Ill check again in my next wash.

                • @Piranha2004: What i did, i sprayed the car again just before i dried the car so it will have a water screen..

    • +2

      Get some Bowden's Own stuff since they are 40% off now and cheapest it will ever get. Meguiar's is only doing 20% off which is ok, but not the best.

      Nanolicious Wash is ok form what I've heard, and at $12 for 20 washes, it's pretty good. Wheely Clean if you got a lot of brake dust. Big Green Sucker to dry car. 1-2 Big Softie to wipe off sealant or wax. After Glow as drying aid (use it when you don't need to wax or seal). That's the basic I do with my car.

      I rate Bowden's Own a little better than Meguair's and they are made in Aus. It's a good brand to start off without going to more expensive pro-detailing stuff.

      • I am quite new in this area, just bought a new car an trying to keep it in the best condition, so need some direction.
        I did not get the coating on the car, since I think it is abit too expensive so I decided to wash the car more often.

        I actually got some of these bowdens product that you recommended above-
        a big green package- comes with nanowash, shag, big green and small boss gloss, naked glass, bear drop, big softie I think..

        it is quite confusing with so many products on wax or glossing, any recommendation on this one?
        will after glow help the car glossier just like wax? I was interested in getting lazy wax or fully slick

        also, any recommendation for interior care?

        • Lazy wax and fully slick are just spray wax that's good to go on top of existing wax or coatings, but it's not long lasting and you need to apply those after every wash.

          Traditional wax last longer but takes time to put on and wipe off. Si02 sealant is better alternative to wax imo.

          I've got leather seats and Bowden's Leather Love is pretty good. Doesn't leave the leather greasy like other stuff I've used.

          • @Slugoid: thank you for the recommendation.

            Nvm Bowdens website has some information on sealants.

            I will try your cleaning steps.

          • @Slugoid: Fully Slick is not a wax of any kind, it is a synthetic sealant and will generally last longer but will not give you the same depth and warmth as an organic wax will.

            Nanolicious is targeted towards cars with a sealant already on the paint and will boost the protection a little.

            Bowden's Own as a whole avoids using any harsh chemicals and doesn't use SiO2 in their products where meguiars does, plus being Australian owned and operated they tailor the products to our environment

  • +1

    Fair price for penrite Enviro+

  • Store stock. Local manager tells me he has internal memo that limits per person can not be legally enforced. Tells me grab them and run! No rain checks.

  • reckon this is good? SCA 2000kg jack


    for jacking a 2014 forester and 2012 mazda 2…

    • +3

      Should be ok but ALWAYS use jack stands.

  • Anyone have experience with these globes?


    One of my headlight globes died, looking for a replacement. Any recommendations?