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SoundPEATS Truengine SE $48.45 Delivered (Was $56.99) @ AMR Direct via Amazon AU


Looks to be the deal promised by rep in previous deal:

SoundPEATS Truengine SE - $48.45 delivered (15% off)
*Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC and AptX codec (Note: Does support AAC despite not being listed in the item listing)
*IPX5 waterproof (sweat and rain resistant)
*5-6 hours listening on a full charge
*Charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times
*Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and micro-USB cable

Review here:

Sold by AMR Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Don't forget cashback through CashRewards (3.5%)! :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    I have these in my ears right now.
    Worth it at that price.

    Separation is really good, included eartips are poor though; I'll be investing in some foam tips soon for better seals.

    • G’day mate, do these have the ability to be connected to two devices at the same time?

      • +1

        Don't think so.

        However they DO present 2 audio interfaces, 1 for high quality, and one for Calls only; so perhaps if you paired one to each? But I've never tried.

    • +1

      What foam tips you recommend that is not as expensive as the earbud itself?

  • Can anyone comment on this vs Galaxy Buds? I am thinking of selling my brand new galaxy buds (free from the past promo) and get this instead. Thanks!

    • +1

      i cant speak for these specific models however i purchased some of their other ones and none ever lasted, one of them magnet died so you couldnt charge them and i had to get a refund from amazon others had pairing issue's or one would just drop and stop working. I got sick of it, got given the older beats buds (with the cable connecting each side) they were good no issue's very comfy and secure, i now have the galaxy buds and they are good but cant wear them for too long the fit hurts my ear (i have small ears so it's pot luck which are comfy which arent) .. aside from that i'll never go with the the cheaper brands .. its just a personal experience others will like have better luck than i have.

    • +2

      I broke my Galaxy Buds a while back and ended up going with the Bomaker Sifi buds, fits my ear and has a constant tight seal, soundstage is really good for the price also.

      Was going to go for these but some of the reviews threw me off..

      • I now have the Bomaker Sifi,Soundpeats Trueengine SE and Galaxy buds as well.

        Dont buy the Trueengine SE.Getting static noise in background and is uncomfortable as well and bigger in size than the other two.

        Bomaker Sifi sound quality is as good as Galaxy buds for less than half the price.Its tiny and has a small case just like galaxy buds.As for durability and reliability only time will tell.

  • According to this https://www.scarbir.com/guide/best-sounding-wireless-earphon...

    Tronsmart Spunky Beat is the best under US$25 and one of the best under US$50 as well.


    • Yeah, Spunky Beat and MPOW T5/M5 are very popular, and probably a better option for most people.

      SoundPEATS Truengine SE is meant to be 100% bass though - so more for the true bassheads! (Put it this way, I use basshead orientated headphones/earphones WITH a bass boosting amp / hardware EQ that adds a further +11db to bass! aha) :)

  • Daaaamn, I literally just received these from this exact seller yesterday at full price and have been using them all day.
    At least they've been great so far.

  • So if I am not wrong, it will cost a total of $44.82 after applying cashback (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/514679) ?

    • I believe cashback is on ex-GST price. And I’m not sure whether the cashback is applied before or after the extra $2.

      I get $44.91 (or $44.97), by my calculations.

  • i recommend Sabbat E12 Ultra yeah they are like over $89 but worth it , they are the real deal, has anyone used them and recommend better for around that price range let us know

    • The reviews around seem to be mixed. What can you compare these to?

  • Do they stick out and look weird?

  • About to click on these but thought I'd see if a fellow runner could comment on suitability for exercise/running?
    Was going to buy the Anker wireless as a point of reference (though I also looked at the more expensive Plantronics too before deciding to try something cheaper)

  • +3

    FYI - I've been using these TrueEngine SE for the last few days. Before getting these new ones, I've been using the older TrueEngine model (aka Syllable S101 that was mentioned in the review https://www.scarbir.com/tws/soundpeats-trueengine-se-dual-dr...).

    These TrueEngine SE have good sound quality, low latency (tested with Netflix, YouTube, and PUBG), ability to use each earbud independently, and they're relatively cheap.

    The TrueEngine SE microphone seems to only to work on the side that connects to the phone first. Irrespective of the phone call environment, the call quality is mediocre - tested them in an open office with tile flooring (with and without the radio playing in the background on low volume) and a closed office with carpet flooring (with and without the radio playing in the background on low volume). The mic picks up a very warm tone of your voice, and the call is audible on both earbuds.

    Side note: I wonder if the mics are supposed to work on both earbuds at the same time…

    These TrueEngine SE has a balanced sound as compared to the older TrueEngine that had more bass.

    The TrueEngine SE case is small, light, plastic build, and quite basic with no buttons. A few features that I miss from the old TrueEngine is the matte metal base of the case (a nice weight and feels a bit more premium), the dark-see-through top cover to see if the earbuds are charging, and the button on the back to check the battery level of the case.

    TL:DR - it's not bad for listening to music, playing games, streaming video… but don't get it to mainly make phone calls.