[NSW] Living in San Souci/Kogarah - travel to the city?

San Souci is apparently known for being a beautiful place to live, with scenery, serenity, and close proximity to beaches. But I hear the travel convenience is horrid. The 19km journey to the city takes up to 50 minutes on the train, and driving or bus is much worse given there are only a few roads leading in and out of the area.

Does anyone have any experience living in or around here and travelling towards the city? How bad is it?


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    Live there. Train from Kogarah (closest station) is 25 mins. Bus to Kogarah around 10 minutes, factor in waiting time etc 50 minutes all up is about right.
    Getting to the east is relatively quick.

    Are you planning on moving here? Where are you at the moment, and do you know anyone in the area? I'd be happy to meet/speak and answer questions etc.

    PS its sanS souci - french for no worries mate! :)


      Yes, planning on moving, but nothing for certain yet. It's more of a dream at the moment. I'll be buying a place/signing rental agreement sometime in the next few months, but I'm still tossing up on which area is best. Something about Sans Souci really pulls me in even though it doesn't meet some of my other criteria. I feel like it's cleaner and less chaotic version of Bondi.

      I'll be driving thru to look at a few open houses over the long weekend, happy to meet up if you're nearby, although I wont have a lot of time to spare.


        Unless you are in Bondi Junction next to the rail line, commuting on the busses can be frustrating.

        I commuted to the city from Carss Park for most of 2016. It was 30 mins walk for the 2.5km to Allawah station ( a good way to start/finish the day) and 40 mins on the all stops train. From Kogarah it would be a bit quicker.

        I started /finished early and usually got a seat but in peak times it can be difficult.

        Bondi and Sans Souci have few similarities.

        Would I live again? Probably not. Lived in Ramsgate until I was 8, then Bexley/Kogarah from 21-28; Carss Park 36-55; Carlton 55-56 so I know the district well.

        What amenities are you looking for?


          Wow, so basically your whole life in the same 15km radius?

          I'm easy with amenities. I've never lived anywhere central so I'm used to needing a car to get to the shops. As long as there are accessible Woolies and Coles nearby I have everything I need. For nightlife or socialising I usually attend dedicated events with friends, usually around the CBD or back out West.


            @SlavOz: It's been a long life.

            Also lived in Sylvania Waters, Randwick, Glebe, Zetland, Yowie Bay & Erskineville.

            There's usually parking within 500m of the minor stations (Allawah & Carlton) so if you tend to drive that makes it quicker.

            If you drive then Ramsgate or Brighton are better positioned than Sans Souci (IMO). Otherwise I'd look closer to the rail line & closer to the CBD. Rockdale is suprisingly good in parts


              @brad1-8tsi: Hi, I took a drive down yesterday to look at a few places. You're right - Sans Souci seems like it's out of the way, and almost needlessly adds extra travel times due to questionable road designs.

              Brighton and Rockdale were definitely much better. They didn't seem as busy and were instantly accessible to the M5 or train stations. I'll definitely keep these areas on my list too.


    If you want to live in san souci its best to drive, i have family there with kids, and they say they would never have moved there for public transport, kogarah to city is relatively fast by train.

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      If aforementioned 50 minutes journey to the city is accurate, I don't know how I feel. I used to live in Mt Druitt - all the way out in the cracktown of the West, and that journey on the train (about 45km distance) could be done in less time.

      I may be able to look past it if the area is as clean and cruisy as people say.


        It won't take 50mins from Rockdale/Kogarah as there are occasional semi-express trains from those stations . You could even look at Wolli Creek.

        The trains out west are very good if you are near a major station. I live at Erskineville and work Parramatta. It's 40 mins home to office, slightly quicker coming home

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    Sans Souci is nice, but not in the same league as the eastern suburbs beaches or shire beaches for people who like beaches. The bay will always be a lesser cousin.
    Kogarah to town is a normal commute, but the extra bus/interchange makes it a bit tedious.
    When I was growing up it was always a bit of an old persons place, where you might downsize to a unit, and not have to commute.
    These days I think it is a bit more routine family style place, but most of those people would be likely to drive to work, and as you say, the traffic exceeds the roads.
    It is certainly a safe and quiet sort of location, but not really super desirable in terms of “hot” suburbs because it is too far for the trendy people, and a bit inconvenient.
    If you had the kind of job that meant you weren’t commuting to town, it would be a nice place to bring up kids, as it is well established with good community facilities.

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    What's the racial stereotype of this area? Asian/arab?


    Yea nah its just okay the beach is mediocre you have to swim in the shark net areas so its very limited and it gets packed.
    You have to drive every where the buses are limited. Parking is bad most street are tight and with no parking or limited parking. Heaps of units in one place.

    It gets packed in summer and parking is even worse. Closest station would be Rockdale depending on what side you live on of Brighton but i don't think you can get parking around Rockdale. The train ride is less than 30min to the city.

    Rockdale Plaza is fairly close and that has a Woolies and Aldi and a Big W.

    Ramsgate and Brighton have a coles but i think Coles at Brighton is small.

    If you are young the night life is okay every thing is open till later its mainly restaurants and Coffee shops. Heaps of Serbs and Macos and other eastern Euros around Brighton and towards Hurtsville.

    Every one is different but personally i would rate Brighton worse then Bondi beach for trouble makers and hero's.

    You could try Eastlakes? Its a bit of a ghetto but the old days are long gone. The area is fairly safe as most of boys are moved out or locked up lol. Closer to the city but it still has crap public transport but you can get a bus from Botany rd or Anzac Parade easy enough. Coogee beach is like a 10min drive just parking is crap at Coogee also lol.


      Thanks…one of my main criteria is proximity to the city but also something semi-quiet and clean, away from heavy traffic (I'm a light sleeper and I have asthma).

      I was interested in Sans Souci/Brighton area because they seem to have a lot of quiet backstreets away from busy roads. I don't think Eastlakes/Botany would be suitable, unfortunately :(


        semi-quiet and clean, away from heavy traffic

        But then the public transport is rubbish and everyone needs to drive? Seems to be causing the problem you are trying to avoid.


          Touché, but the hope is that lack of public transport would simply force those who rely on it not to live near these areas, leading to less traffic and density. That's always a long shot though.

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