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[Switch] Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns 50% off $11.99 @ Nintendo eShop


Lowest price according to deku deals. Already have this game and awesome time waster.

● Remastered for Nintendo Switch with HD graphics!

● 100 all-new quests and more (for a total of over 240 quests)!

● 5 all-new classes!

● Includes the following…

 ○ Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

 ○ Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord

 ○ All-new content expansion: Attack of the Golem Lord! 

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  • +2

    I loved this game on the DS.

    • +1

      So many memories.

      • You are victorious!

    • that version was broken. You could set it up so that you keep getting free turns and the enemy never gets a shot. Other versions got patched but DS didn't support patching.

  • +1

    Oh my God. Insta buy.

  • +4

    If anyone is looking for an excuse to buy this game, The Developer is Australian and their studio is based in Melbourne.

    • +2

      Wanted it, was waiting for it cheaper. Now that I know this, I bought it.

    • Just bought this after reading this comment & then trying out the demo. The art style/presentation is a little lacking but there's good gameplay

  • +1

    this is one of the most addictive games I've ever played. I wish the Switch version was re-released for other platforms. It has a ton of new classes that weren't in the previous release.

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