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Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner $247.98 | Combo with Carpet Head $308.99 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, eBay 10% off code to make great discount on this popular vacuum, our cheapest price so far (Do not need eBay plus), alongside the new Carpet Head Roller Combo set also.

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner Soft Roll and Carpet Roll Head Au version $308.99 Delivered.

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction $247.98 Delivered.

Some Helpful Information:

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Carpet Head Demonstration


Brand Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power 400W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction 20,000Pa
Filter Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash One Button to release
Operation Manual English
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee
Warranty 12 Months
Plug AU Plug

We offer 12 month warranty on these products.

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ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • Thanks :)

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    I bought this without carpet head after reading lots of Ozb positive reviews, honestly I am not overwhelmingly happy about it (considering vacuuming purposes), used mainly on timber floors, Used only two weeks now. I feel like it is being overrated for vacuuming, but price wise it is good. Just my experience. I have seen Bosch one on Ozbargain today, not sure how it is compared to this. But I really like Bosch brand for tools.

    • Time to upgrade? 😎

    • The Bosch only came up today previous best pricing found was $500 which I wouldn’t consider,

      It’s still $40 more expensive that this one but I definitely see better value on the Bosch, sold by a trusted aus retailer, 2 batteries, 2 years manufacturer warranty, i thought about buying extended warranty but then I thought It’s a “bosch” that’s how much I trust the brand

      • Yeah I'm tossing up between the two right now… I think the easy switching batteries and the ability to buy other batteries once the Bosch ones die gives it the slighter edge

    • +1

      BTW not sure how long ago you bought it but you can try their "30 days money back guarantee"

    • Can you elaborate on the vacuuming problems?

  • Can we get extended warranty?

  • +1

    I'm super happy with my Dream 9. Bundles nicely with my s50 roborock.

  • +1

    I got mine from the last deal with the carpet head and am extremely happy with it.

  • nice vacuum with good quality. Please make sure to get the carpet head if you need to vacuum the carpet.

  • I have only one gripe with it, hair wraps around the roller wheels in the head and requires them to be popped out to remove the tangle. Other then that it’s a great vac.

    • Doesn't that happen to all VACs with a roller? I've had the same issue with 3 different ones.

  • Link to the carpet head on its own?

    Got the vacuum a little while ago.

  • I was looking through different brands for a new one. I liked the Xiaomi but at the end I went for the Bosch. Good deal, good reviews.

  • Just ordered one. Thanks 😊

  • I can also recommend. I don't know how people say that on hard floors this isn't enough. I Got mostly carpets and it does an excellent job. Indeed it could be more quiet and weight less, but this is not a 600+ vac.

  • Hi Rep,

    Can you please send dimension/size for the package as I will be bringing the vacuum overseas on a plane?


    • +2


  • how does this compare to say a dyson v10 or v11?

    • Check discussion here and Here

      • so it only compares to a v8?

        • -2

          Actually compare with v11.

  • I decided to take the plunge and grab one. Thanks!

  • ah bloody hell I bit the bullet during the last deal even though I didn't have eBay Plus cos the final price was still ok given the history. :P

    oh well

  • Hi Rep, any news when the Roidmi Nex will be available and what the price point will be? Thanks

    • We do not have this model.

      • Thanks Rep, any plans to start selling this model at a later stage? Thanks

  • How does it compare to Dreame V10 now out?

  • Hi Rep, does this Dreame V9 have spare battery ? If yes, how much is it?

  • Hi Admin,

    I checked reviews and it say's it's only 8 Min. Battery time in strong mode.. :(

    • Yes, Eco mode for 60 mins, standard mode 28 mins, max mode 8 mins.